Rusty Gutters in Kingston

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Rusty Gutters in Kingston

These gutters have been installed with a fixed metal gutter guard. There are gum trees all around.

The guard would have been installed to prevent the gutters from blocking with gum leaves and the long stringy bark that the trees shred.

When installing this type of gutter guard where gum trees and other deciduous trees lose a lot of litter, it is a good idea to have a gutter cleaning maintenance program. The litter does not fall into the gutters any more due to the gutter guard. It sits on top.

Gutter guard Kingston

Over time the debris breaks down and falls through the holes in the guard. This is a nutrient rich composition for grass and moss to grow. Birds and wind drop seeds into the gutter and it grows in this perfect environment.

If you go to the trouble and expense of installing this fixed metal gutter guard, you need to put in place a gutter cleaning program. Removing the debris from on top of the guard and maybe completing a spot clean to under the guard every six or twelve months will keep the build up to a minimum.

Having the two go hand in hand and will keep the debris off the roof and slow the break down of matter into the gutter. This will prolong the life of these gutters.

However, if you only install the gutter guard and expect to never have to clean the gutters again, you would be wrong.

Here is a prime example of leaving the corrosive debris to sit in the gutters.

Rusty Gutter from Gutter guard Kingston

The shed had no guard on it and was left too long in between gutter cleans. An annual clean to the shed gutters will slow any corrosion and keep these gutters in good condition for a lot longer.

Gutter cleaning Kingston

Gutter-Vac Tasmania can help you create a maintenance program that is specific to your situation. Whether you have gutter guard installed or not, you should probably be completing regular gutter cleans to your gutters so they do not deteriorate as quickly and you get longer use out of them.

Maintaining Your Property

Improper maintenance will result in build up of debris and materials in your guttering system, this is massively unsafe and causes dramatic damage to your property. Here at Gutter Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches we also offer a roofing guard system which will decrease the maintenance and risk to your property on an ongoing basis. We offer a 20% discount when the roof guard system is ordered with our gutter cleaning service .

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We have an inexpensive approach to cleaning, removing and maintaining your gutter and house health. Most other companies you will find they will blow the debris from your roof all over your garden and property. We use a proprietary vacuum system and remove all materials from your roof and property and dispose of it.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – to ensure you are happy we provide you with a detailed report of the before & after photos. Not only that we will also a breakdown of any potential issues we have identified while on the roof.

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What’s the truth about Gutter Guards?

In this video, Warren Ballantyne (Founder of Gutter-Vac) explains the difference between gutter guards and why a removable gutter guard works best.  If you have been thinking about getting gutter guards, then take a moment to watch this video for valuable information to help you with your decision.

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The features of Gutter-Flow include:

  • V0 Fire Retardant
  • Prevents build-up of leafy matter in gutters
  • Simple installation
  • Ability to remove for cleaning
  • Will reduce risk to your property
  • Allows water flow
  • Deters vermin
  • Will save you money
  • Cost effective installation

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Do gutter guard systems work?

Few people like cleaning out their gutters so the idea of installing a gutter guard system sounds like an attractive option. But there are 4 things you need to consider first.

  1. Even with a gutter protection system, your gutters will still require cleaning!

All gutters need regular cleaning – even after a gutter guard system is installed. In fact, many gutter protection systems make it harder to clean your gutters so be careful about the product you choose.

  • The cost of installation. 

A fixed gutter guard system is usually the most expensive option to install. You could consider using a soft plastic gutter guard product. They are inexpensive but they are a waste of time and money.

However, there is a gutter protection product on the market called Gutter Flow. It works very well and is a moderately priced alternative to a fixed gutter guard system. Get in touch with us, if you’d like more information.

  • The cost of cleaning your gutters after installation of a gutter guard product. 

Before committing to any gutter protection system, do your research to discover how much it will cost to clean your gutters in the future. Usually fixed gutter guard products cost around 4 times more than gutter cleaning with no protection, while push in plastic guards can cost 2½ times more to clean.

With a gutter protection system called Gutter Flow, the cost to clean your gutters is about the same as cleaning them without protection. The benefit is, you don’t need to clean your gutters as often with Gutter Flow installed.

  • All gutter protection systems must comply with Council Regulations. 

Are you required to install ember guards in your area? Ember guards need to be non-combustible with a hole gauge of less than 2mm. None of this will matter if you still have debris sitting on top of the ember guard. Again, that’s why regular gutter cleaning is so important.

Please remember, whatever gutter protection system you use, you will need to clean your gutters on a regular basis because mud, sludge and moss will always build up over time.

If you would like to end the chore of cleaning your gutters, call Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches on 1300 654 253. We’d be happy to give you a free quote.