Why are your gutters rusting?

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Why are your gutters rusting?

Gutters are out in the elements and it is only natural that because they are made of metal and exposed to all the weather that over time they will begin to rust, but you can slow this process down with a regular gutter clean.

When leaves and dirt build up in your gutters, along with rain water, this debris breaks down into a nutrient rich mud type of sludge.  It is this sludge that can cause a problem for your gutters.

This sludge will sit on the bottom of your gutters and not wash away.  Over time this sludge along with other debris will build up causing blockages in your gutters which means water will simply sit or pool within your gutter.

All of these things will shorten the lifespan of your gutters and speed up the rusting process of your gutters.

Now, if you have your gutters cleaned regularly, with our wet/dry vacuum system we will be able to remove this debris, including the sludge.  This means water will not sit in your gutters, but simply run through the gutter system, down the downpipes and away from your property.

A simple gutter clean at least once a year could potentially add years of life to your gutters and slow the rusting process.  Replacing gutters can be an expensive exercise so the more years you can get out of them, the better and a yearly vacuum gutter clean would be a wise investment in the lifespan of your gutters.

Fully insured to work at heights

When working at heights, not only should you be fully trained and have all the right safety equipment, you also need to be insured. 

In the event that something drastic or unexpected happened (which we would hope would be the slimmest of chances to happen) then having insurance is a must. 


It is kind of complicated, but to put it simply.  We are working on your property as a commercial contractor so therefore, if we have a fall, it is not covered by your insurances and if we did not have our own insurance, then you could be held liable for our fall (yes we know this sounds crazy) and payable for medical costs and damages or loss of income! 

That’s why we cover our own insurance.  That way, you have peace of mind that we are doing the right thing with the right safety equipment, but also that if something did happen, we are covered by our insurance, not you!

If you are having any trades or contractors come onto your commercial site or your residential home, make sure you check they are fully insured.  You will be good to go with Gutter-Vac, our franchisees are not able to work without up to day and current insurances.

Home Maintenance Tips for Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall, then it is time to do a few things around your home to not only maintain your home in good condition, but in Autumn, a few of your maintenance items are also for your safety.  At Gutter-Vac we take safety seriously, so we hope you find this “checklist” helpful to keeping your home and family safe.

  • Smoke detectors – Autumn is a good reminder, especially at the end of daylight savings time, to give your smoke detectors a check to ensure in working order and to change the batteries.  Such a simple task that we often forget (where has the year gone!), but something that will keep your family safe in case of a fire.  If you have a fire extinguisher, now is a good time to get it checked to keep it in working order.
  • Trim Trees and Branches – Before the winter weather hits, Autumn is a good time to check any trees or branches that may be dead or dying and will fall off in a small storm.  Also look for branches that are close to your home that need some trimming.  Such a simple tip, but will also potentially save expensive damage during a storm.
  • Inspect walkways, stairs, railings, driveways, etc. – Before the winter rains come, do a thorough inspection for potential slip hazards.  Check there isn’t oil or mould on surfaces that if wet, would create slippery surfaces.  Remember to also check for loose railings and uneven surfaces that need to be repaired.
  • Seal gaps and draughts – Check seals on doors and windows for draughts because not only will they let in the cold air, they will also increase your energy bills over the colder months.  Make sure you also check for gaps where possible critters and pests could find a way in and set up camp for Autumn and Winter.  Getting an annual pest inspection would also be a good idea at this time.
  • Check Heating – No matter what sort of heating source you use, Autumn is the time to check it.  Get your chimney or flue cleaned (we can help you with that).  If you have an electric or gas heater, get it serviced and checked that it is in good working order.  This is not only for efficiency, but also your safety as many home fires begin from the heater.
  • Clean Gutters – well, we couldn’t have a list without this item on it, right?  Many people believe to wait until all the leaves have fallen to have gutters cleaned, but it is actually a good idea to clean at the start of Autumn so that you can clean out all the old leaves that have broken down into a mud like sludge in the bottom of your gutters which is what really causes the problems and blockages in your gutters, that with rain, can potentially cause water damage to your property.

So as the leaves change colours and begin to fall, Autumn is also the time to make a few inspections around your home and a few ‘to dos’ to ensure the maintenance and safety of your home. 

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day is only a month away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the spirit of the Anzacs today.  The humble Anzac Biscuit was sent to our troops in the First World War as they didn’t easily spoil and it is a tradition that we still have today.  Did you know you can freeze Anzac Biscuits so why not bake a batch this weekend and freeze so you are all ready for the Anzac Day commemorations.

Anzac Biscuits are easy to make and here is our favourite recipe.  The biggest question is… do you prefer your Anzac Biscuits soft or crunchy?

Enjoy and if we happen to be coming by to clean your gutters in the next month, we would be more than happy to taste test your batch of Anzac Biscuits…. Just to check they taste ok of course!

Anzac Biscuits:


  • 20 grams butter
  • 2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Plain Four
  • 1 cup rolled oats (oatmeal)
  • 1 cup coconut
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Teaspoon Bi-carb soda


Melt butter and golden syrup together.

Add and mix in sugar and flour.

Then add Rolled oats, coconut and mix well.

Add egg and mix well.

Lastly, dissolve Bi-Carb soda in a tablespoon of boiling water and then add and mix well until mixture is stiff. 

Drop in spoonful’s on baking paper on cold tray  in cool

Heat oven to  160 degrees  

Cook for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Leave on tray until cool.  

Is gutter cleaning on your weekend to do list?

You have spent all week at work and you have worked hard.  The weekend comes and you are dreaming about sleeping in, maybe a round of golf or a long bushwalk.  Maybe you want to catch up with friends or you are simply the taxi and cheer squad to your kids sport.  But then….. the to do list comes out!

What should be a weekend of fun, rest and relaxation and time OFF work, you start to write a list of all the things you need to do around the house from mowing the lawn, fixing the mailbox, cleaning the windows or fixing those squeaky doors AND cleaning out the gutters.

Now let’s get serious about this.  It isn’t just a matter of time when it comes to cleaning out your gutters, it is really a matter of safety.

Sure there are many DIY activities you can do around your home on the weekend, but gutter cleaning shouldn’t be one of them.  Standing on top of a ladder, that may or may not be secured property, then leaning out to the side of that ladder to reach out and clean out the muck in your gutters by hand (that will be messy by the way) is an absolute recipe for disaster and that disaster is a fall off the ladder. 

What appeared to be a simple weekend DIY job could actually end up being a mistake that you can’t take back. 

So this weekend, instead of adding yet another thing to your to do list, why not give us a call on 1300 654 253 and speak to your local Gutter-Vac franchisee to obtain a free quote and then spend the weekend doing something you would much rather like to be doing – from golf to walking to simply sleeping – and save  yourself the time and potential disaster of a fall from a ladder and let us take care of your gutters. 

What creepy crawlies are in your gutters?

You have probably never thought of this before, but when you haven’t had your gutters cleaned, you are basically setting up a fast food outlet for lots of creepy crawlies and critters in and around your home.

When leaves, mud and dirt sit in your gutters, they break down to a mud like sludge.  This sludge is actually really nutrient rich with the run off from the roof surface and then also collecting bird and critter droppings and sometimes they contain seeds that then sprout into plant life.  There are many little bugs that like to crawl over and through this nutrient rich sludge which then attracts the bigger creepy crawlies and critters that like to eat the bugs and then the bigger critters that like to eat the smaller critters. 

What sort of critters and creepy crawlies are we talking about here.  From cockroaches and spiders through to mice and rats up to possums, birds and even snakes … yes snake!

Think what it would be like if you were say a rodent.  You could curl up and live in the ceiling cavity of the house – nice and warm, out of the elements.  Then when you were feeling a little hungry, head to the gutter to find some food. 

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t only protect your property from potential water damage, it can also help with pest issues because if you remove the food source, then the critters and creepy crawlies will go elsewhere.

So when was the last time you had your gutters cleaned?

Time to Vacuum Clean Gutters at Schools

The Easter School Holidays are a busy time for us at Gutter-Vac because this is when we clean the gutters at many schools in each and every franchise location before the leaves begin to fall in Autumn.

Schools understand that they need their gutters cleaned BEFORE leaves falls in Autumn as there has probably been a build-up in their gutters throughout the year and they don’t want to leave them get to a blockage point when the winter rains begin. 

The school holidays are also a great time of year to get us to come onsite at the school because the kids are on holidays.  It isn’t a problem to do the work whilst the kids are there, but it is certainly easier for everyone – us and the school if we do the work when the kids are not onsite.  Just from a safety aspect, it makes sense to do the work when the kids are not at school.

Easter is not the only school holidays that we do work in, in fact EVERY school holidays is busy cleaning the gutters at the school campuses. 

If you are Principal, School Maintenance/Property Manager or simply a concerned parent, now is the time to be giving us a call so that we can get the school quoted (free quote) and then booked to have their gutters cleaned.  Remember also that we can also clean solar panels to increase their efficiency plus also pressure clean to remove dirt, grime and mould from large surfaces.

Our top 7 camping spots for Easter holidays

If you love to pitch a tent and take the kids camping at Easter, then now is the time to start thinking about where you would like to go.  We are spoilt for choices in Australia with our many National Parks and beautiful camping grounds right around our country.

Here are some of our favourite picks for camping spots (not in any particular order!)

  1. Horseshoe Bay, Coffs Harbour, NSW

This is one of Australia’s top coastal camping grounds.  With the beaches, forests and ocean all right outside your tent, this is the perfect place for an Easter Long Weekend.  Also great that all the modern facilities of Coffs Harbour are close by, it is camping without being in the wilderness.

2. Margaret River, Western Australia

So many places to choose from in the Margaret River region, you are spoilt for choice.  Then with wineries, cafes, beaches and surfing all available, there is plenty to fill your days.  Top this with a sunset over the ocean and only 3 hours south of Perth and you have a holiday camping trip that will be one to remember.

3. Ingar Campground, Blue Mountains, NSW

Only 2 hours from Sydney, this is a great way to get out of the city for Easter, but not spend days in the car travelling.  The Blue Mountains is the perfect way to get into nature with numerous walking trails to explore and to keep the kids entertained.  Make sure you pack something warm as nights can get a little chilly.

4. Grampians National Park, Victoria

Much like the Blue Mountains in NSW, the Grampians are a great way to get out of the city into the mountains without the days of travel.  Just 3 and a bit hours from Melbourne, you can have a great Easter weekend with the family.  One campsite is right in Halls Gap (the main town for the Grampians) and there are many bushwalks, for all levels of walkers that start right in the town. 

5. North Stradbroke Island (Straddie), Queensland

Brisbane’s solution to Sydney and Melbourne’s close by Mountain camping areas is an island.  Lots of coastal walks and replace the mountains with beaches but roaming kangaroos are still on the cards for the kids.  A popular way for Brisbane families to have an island holiday on a camping budget.

6. Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Tasmania’s oldest national park has lots on offer.  From the forest of giant ferns to the Tyenna River through to the must see Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park delivers.  Just 65 kms from Hobart, but beware, the camp area is tiny!

7. 1770, Queensland

Yes, 1770 is a place not a year.  Right on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, 1770 has plenty to offer campers, who if they want to, can camp right on the beachfront!  Water activities are the main attraction from snorkelling, kayaking to fishing.  Just 125 kms north of Bundaberg.

We wish you a very happy Easter and we hope you take care as you travel to your camping location, but once there, have fun, get into nature and show the kids that there is so much to do in the great nature reserves and locations of Australia.

And remember, the Easter Bunny will visit camping spots… just leave him a note or send a quick letter before you head off.

Cleaning gutters on Townhouses and Unit Blocks

When there are several properties on the one space of land with “common areas” to all properties, they will have a body corporate (or strata) in place.  Each home owner (townhouse or unit owner) will pay a body corporate fee to maintain these common areas.

In many cases, this includes roof lines and guttering and that’s where we can help.

Instead of each owner having to manage, maintain and organise the cleaning of their gutters, they Body Corporate Manager (or Strata Manager) will organise this common area cleaning to be done and will use the funds from the Body Corporate levies to pay for it.

This is done with a budget and an annual schedule and so therefore we work with the Body Corporate Manger on the quote and the schedule to ensure the job is done and the owners need never think about having to organise this.

We work with Body Corporate Mangers right across Australia and because we are fully trained and insured to work at heights, it allows them to hire the professionals what is essentially a commercial job, even though it is on a residential property.  We won’t go into the details, but things work a little differently – especially with insurances – when working on a commercial job rather than a domestic job.  Luckily, at Gutter-Vac, we treat both the same and maintain safety and OH&S standards no matter what type of job we are on.

So if you live in a townhouse or a unit block and you believe the gutters have not been cleaned in some time and you’d like us to give you a free quote, contact your Body Corporate Manager and ask them to give your local Gutter-Vac Franchisee a call on 1300 654 253.

Cleaning gutters from the ground up!

Although it is easier for us to vacuum clean gutters from the roof, it is not always possible.  Sometimes the pitch of the roof is simply to great that it is unsafe to work on the roof.  Other times there could be a slight misty rain or even frost or in some cases ice and snow on a roof, again making it unsafe to be on the roof.  Another reason we can’t work from the roof is due to lack of access.  There is no safe way to access the roof space or that there simply isn’t the space to even put up a ladder to access the roof surface.

In these cases, it doesn’t mean we can’t vacuum clean the gutters, we just do it from the ground.

We have a specialised ‘Ground Worker’s Kit’ that allows us to connect up to the vacuum and through a series of cylinder shaped poles, we can work up to 3 storeys below the gutters.

At the top of our poles we have a ‘candy cane’ shaped piece of piping that is transparent.  This allows us to see what is being vacuumed by the machine and what is coming out of the gutters.

To be honest, most of our franchisees can tell by the simple feel of the suction and the guide of the gutter if they are getting it all. 

Even our before and after photos can be done from the ground if required.  Again, we put a camera on a large pole and can take photos before and after the job is done.

We have a few defence force building and local city councils that regulate that all work needs to be done from a ground level and this is where our ground workers kit gets a real workout.

So if you have a property with limited or no access, a steep roof or the conditions are simply not favourable – or safe – for us to be working on the roof, we can still get the job done and vacuum clean your gutters for you.