What’s in our own back yard?

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What’s in our own back yard?

As restrictions begin to lift in Australia and we find ourselves wanting to get ‘out and about’, plus with school holidays this month across the country, we thought we would ask our franchisees a simple question….

“If we were coming to your territory to visit, what is the one must do activity or sight to see or visit?  Plus…. if it is no cost or budget friendly, even better.”

We were amazed with what was shared and we all started to chat and discuss places we had visited and the favourites that other franchisees were suggesting.  The list was so good, we thought we should share the favourite responses with YOU !

So what is in our back yard?

Thomas Kessel, Midland, Joondalup and Wanneroo, WA

“Go to Hillary’s Boat Harbour.  There are lots of great places to eat.  Get there before sunset so that you can watch a beautiful sunset over the water.  On the great things about being on the west coast is a sunset over the water.”

Jeremy Valencour, South-West and Central-West Brisbane, QLD

“A must visit is the famous O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat.  There are lots of free activities and the tree top walk is a great way to get a new perspective.  We have young kids who love to roam in nature and it is a great way to spend an afternoon as a family.”

Keith Cowe, Mackay & Whitsundays, QLD

“Have to say, no shortage of places to visit and things to do here with so many beautiful spots that are absolutely free to visit.   Finch Hatton Gorge (just west of Mackay) is a family favourite.  There is even a flying fox.  You can’t go past Airlie Beach.  Head to the harbour and watch the boats set sail out to the Whitsundays.  Get away camping to Cape Hillsborough National Park.  Our kids love to camp and explore.  Another great National Park we love to visit is Eungella National Park.  Our kids love to sight a platypus when we visit!”

Sharon Stone, Gold Coast North, QLD

“We love to take our grandkids out and about whenever we can and a great place to visit is the Tamborine Botanical Gardens.  If it is a sunny day – pack a picnic and a hat.  The kids just love to run around and enjoy this beautiful setting.  Simple family fun.”

Brad McMurray, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains, NSW

“We are spoilt for choice with the Blue Mountains on our doorstep.  Our boys love to run so getting them out and about is always a great day out.  The Three Sisters is probably the most famous part of the Blue Mountains and if you haven’t see them with your own eyes, it is well worth the visit.  A place that I believe is worth a stop by is the Macquarie Arms Hotel.  It is Australia’s oldest pub and it overlooks the Hawkesbury River.  Nice way to enjoy a bit of lunch and a cold beer.  Good day outing to get out of the city.”

Greg Ivanov, Toowoomba, QLD

“A great event in Toowoomba is The Carnival of Flowers that is held each September.  It is worth the trip and an amazing event.  Hope they can still hold it this year as it is such a great day out.”

Phillip Valencour, Brisbane North, Central, North-West and North East, QLD

“It is a common spot to recommend, but that’s for a very good reason.  Head up to the Mount Coot-Tha Lookout and get a great view of Brisbane.  There is a café if you want a coffee or take your own.  Simple to get to and well worth the effort.  A visit to Brisbane is not complete without heading up to the Lookout.  If you are local and haven’t been in a while, then pack up the kids and jump in the car and if the sky is blue and clear, even better!”

Steve Hambly, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“Take a walk along Point Cartwright.  Keep your eyes open as you may see a whale which is always a thrill to see.  Finish it off with a BBQ on the Mooloolaba River.  Great thing about Queensland, most nights are perfect for a BBQ by the river.”

Nic Anderson, Northern Rivers, NSW

“Well you simply can’t go past a visit to Byron Bay can you?  Lots of places to stop for a coffee or a cold beer, lots of local eateries.  Head up to the light house for an amazing view from the most eastern point in Australia.  Of course the beach is a must.  And don’t forget the many markets of local produce and artists and products.  Visit for a day or stay for a week.  Plenty of family fun in Bryon.”

Steve Bysouth, Yarra Ranges, Victoria

“A great way to spend the day or even just an afternoon with the family is at your local botanical gardens and the Dandenong Ranges Botanical Garden is a beauty.  Great drive, great location, great way to spend an afternoon.  Keep your eyes open – lots of wildlife and birds to see on a walk.”

Brett Hannah, Upper North Shore and Northern Beaches Sydney, NSW

“Make the effort to get up early and head to one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches Ocean Pools.  It may be early, but the sunrise will make it all worthwhile.  How lucky are we to have this spectacular natural show right on our doorstep?”

Norman Dodds, Southern Highlands, NSW

“Sunrise on a winter’s morning can’t be beaten in the Southern Highlands.  Get up early, take a drive and watch the sunrise on a nice crisp – perhaps cold – morning.”

Michael Caile, South & West Gippsland, Victoria

“Phillip Island is the place to visit.  You simply can’t go past the Penguin Parade.  If you have kids they will love it.  Must admit, even us adults love to see those penguins waddle on in each night.  There is also the Grand Prix Circuit to visit, plenty of fishing a surf beaches and the Koala Conservation Centre is a must see.  Even on a stormy winter’s day, Phillip Island is a great place to visit… just rug up”

NOTE:  This was our Franchisees top pick.  How can you compete with those cute penguins?

Andrew Luke, Central Victoria

“Take a drive and visit the Trenthem Falls.  Great little spot to visit.  Then I’d also suggest a drive to Woodend and Mount Macedon which is famous for the ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ story so pack a picnic if you dare!” 

Rob McCabe, Lower Mid North Coast, NSW

“Seal Rocks Lighthouse without a doubt. What a great sight.  Worth the visit.”

Matthew Flynn, Lower North Shore, Sydney, NSW

“When in Sydney, a great free activity is to do the Harbour Bridge to Spit Bridge Walk.  Get great views of the harbour and all the icons of Sydney and it doesn’t cost a cent.  Just put on your walking shoes and you are set to go.”

Michael Downey, Adelaide, SA

“So many places to visit, to eat and of course drink the country’s best wine, but our family favourite is the Star of Greece.  It is a seafood restaurant that overlooks the St Vincent Gulf.  Great food, great wine and a great location. It is just a short drive to the Mollydooker winery as well.  Must visit for tourist and locals alike!”

Therese Dobson, Tasmania

“We are spoilt for choices in Tasmania with so many great places to visit or to take a scenic drive or walk.  Our favourite is the Trowutta Arch on the Tarkine Drive in North West Tasmania.  Great walk through the rainforest (yes, we have those in Tasmania) and you don’t come across the arch until you get to the very end of the path.  The best view of the arch is when you walk under it to the other side and then look back.  Quite amazing natural formation.”

Mina Moussa, Manningham, Whitehorse and Whittlesea, Victoria

“One of my favourites is Westgate Park in Port Melbourne.  Not only great views of Westgate bridge but also the city skyline of Melbourne.  Great spot for a picnic by the mouth of the famous Yarra River and lots of room to let my son run. And if you are lucky – and the salt levels are high – the Westgate Park may be pink!”

Jurgen Martz, Geelong and Ballarat, Victoria

“I’ve got three must visits.  If in Geelong city, then head down to the Geelong Waterfront.  Often activities and events on throughout the year and it is a great place to take your kids… even the teenagers.  Heading out a little, then a drive on the famous Great Ocean Road is a must for every Australian.  Take your time.  I love to take the motorbike out on this one.  Then if you are in Ballarat, you can’t go past Sovereign Hill.  Let the kids pan for gold and learn about the historic gold rush whilst having a whole lot of fun at the same time.  Don’t forget to buy some hard boiled lollies!”

Con Karras, Dandenong, Victoria

“It isn’t a free place to visit, but it is a really fun day out, especially if it is a sunny day, but I recommend the Melbourne Cable Park.  You can do cable water skiing, there is an aqua park for the kids.  There is lots of fun stuff to do and the kids will have a blast.”

Sam McCoy, Coffs Harbour, NSW

“A Family Favourite is the Dorrigo National Park which is only an hour out of Coffs Harbour.  So close yet it feels like you are in another world so is perfect for a day trip.  Whilst out that way, make sure you go to the Dangar Falls just outside of the Dorrigo Township.  Great for a picnic or for the more adventurous – like our kids – take the walk that takes you all the way to the bottom of the falls.  Get prepared to get wet!”

Fiona Fitzgerald, Central West NSW

“The Orange region has so many things to see and do with lots of festivals and events on. It is like trying to pick just one lolly from the lolly store to choose just one thing to do in our area. But you just can’t go paste taking a drive and visiting one (or maybe a couple) of the many wineries in the area. Pair this up with the Wine Festival or the Food festival or the winter festival or even the frost festival and you could have a great few days in the Orange region.”

Quite the list isn’t it!  Want to know the best places to go when visiting an area?  Ask a local. 

Where could you be visiting in your area?  Support Small Business and get out and visit the local sites.  Be a tourist in your own town.

We look forward to seeing you out and about at some of our favourite local must visit places …. Right in our own back yards! 

Ladder Safety Tips

I just thought I’d pass on some information and knowledge about ladder use. So if you’re thinking about a bit of DIY work, no problem at all, but do it safely.  If you need to do work with a ladder, there’s a few things you should do.

If you’ve got a stepladder,  make sure the stepladder side clips are engaged properly and make sure you put it on good even footing.  You need the whole four feet on the same plane, the same level. You shouldn’t really have a step ladder elevated to two different levels.

Ensure you don’t go past where it says, “Don’t go past this point”. All ladders have got this written on them. So don’t go past this point and that means you feet. You should never go up to the top few rungs on a step ladder. They’re just not designed for it. There’s a real chance you will fall.

Using extension ladders.  If using this ladder you’re probably going up to two story on buildings, which is not a great idea.  The thing about that is that you have got to have the footing of the ladder secured and you’ve got to make sure it’s on firm level ground and the top of the ladder should be secured also.   It should be fixed to the guttering or fixed to the roof.  So there’s lots of ways of doing that with straps and hooks and then there’s lots of equipment that you can buy to do that. It’s very important that you have your ladder in a secure position, so it can’t go sideways and it can’t come back.  Most accidents on ladders are not when you’re on the ladder or when you’re on the roof, most accidents happen going from the ladder to the roof or from the roof to the ladder.

They say are “People fell off a roof”,  but in a lot of cases, they didn’t . It was where they are going from one to the other, but you know what, quite frankly, why would you do any of this stuff yourself? Why would you get on a roof? A two story roof when you don’t do it for a living or you don’t have the safety equipment that you should use – you’re much better off getting a professional involved. So unless it’s an emergency, I would always recommend that you contact somebody in the industry or does it for a living and get them to come out and do whatever you want done on the roof or off a ladder.

Stay safe.

Gutter Cleaning for Body Corporates / Strata Managers.

When a property has a common roof line or common ground or shared areas, then they are generally under a body corporate arrangement. That is that each owner of the properties (think units and townhouses or villas) will pay a nominated amount each week or month to cover the maintenance and insurances for those areas. 

This obviously includes the gutters and then of course the gutter cleaning. 

Generally the gutter cleaning is budgeted for each and every year to be carried out by a trained professional who of course can not only complete the job, but also do so in a safe manner with full insurance.   That’s why we get the call !

Many home owners – particularly of townhouses – give us a call when they need their gutters cleaned, maybe as they have an overflowing gutter.  This is not something in many cases that you need to foot the bill for.  You do need to get the work approved by the body corporate manager (or strata manager) before getting it done, but often cases, you have already paid for it in your body corporate fees.

We do a lot of work from body corporate managers because to put it simply, gutter cleaning is not really their top priority.  They have a lot of moving parts, a lot of things to organise and take care of on behalf of the owners within that body corporate.  Add to that, they will be managing many – if not hundreds – of body corporate properties.  So gutter cleaning is on their to do list as a top priority.

But that’s why they love to use Gutter-Vac.

They love that we have all of our paper work and insurances sorted.  Takes away many a headache trying to get a contractor to provide all the paperwork (licences, insurances, contact details) that they are REQUIRED to have on file.

They love that we are fully insured and use all of our specialised safety gear.  Peace of mind for them!

They love that we can give them a written quote – before their deadlines!  They need to get quotes prior to the meetings with the owners body corporate committee and if a tradesperson doesn’t get the quote to them prior to the meeting, they are left feeling red faced and will have to wait months, perhaps even a year, for another chance to get the quote approved at the next meeting.

They love that when we say we will be there we are there and if for some reason, such as weather we can’t do the work on the set day, we will communicate with them.  They are never left wondering.

They love that we do before and after photos plus a roof report as this all is great value for them to give to the owners committee to show what is being done plus alerting them of any potential roof issues.  Prevention is always better than cure.

They love that we will remind them when a property is due for its next gutter clean.  As we said, they have so much on their to do list each day … often urgent matters that need to be taken care of asap.  Remember who needs what and when – especially the gutter cleaning – is something that is missed.  We give them a reminder and then they look great to the owners because they are keeping up with the regular maintenance.

Many of our franchisees have been working with body corporate companies and specific managers for years.  They have built ups such a relationship and trust that the managers simply email when they need a quote or work to be done… they don’t even have to pick up the phone.

So if you are living in or own a property that is part of a body corporate, no need to worry or pay to have your gutters cleaned, but you might want to check that the body corporate managers are using Gutter-Vac so that you truly can take this item off your mind, knowing that we have got you covers.  

Pass on our details – 1300 654 253 (local call through to your local Gutter-Vac franchisee) or visit www.guttervac.com.au

Semi-retirement no more for Jim!

Jim McFarlane, an experienced entrepreneur relocated from Perth, WA to Albury, NSW after selling his very successful self-made Fire Safety and Compliance business. The idea was for Jim to semi retire and to take a step back from the day to day demands of running a business. 

It certainly didn’t take long for Jim to get itchy feet, and after renovating a house, he was on the hunt for his next business. Looking for something in the service industry, Jim was instantly drawn to the Gutter-Vac opportunity because of the high profit margins and endless commercial business opportunities. 

After completing his training course at Gutter-Vac head office in Brisbane this is what Jim had to say ‘I am 56-year-old man. Gutter-Vac has proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. All of the training was first class and the thing that impressed me the most was the warm professional culture that clearly showed me that Gutter-Vac wants its franchisees to succeed.’ 

Jim is now saying goodbye to semi-retirement as is out building his Gutter-Vac business and loving every minute of it!  He certainly has hit the ground running and is already showing that he will be a leading performer in Gutter-Vac after just 10 weeks in the business. 

Jim can be contacted on 1300 654 253 


Ladder safety when cleaning gutters.

Did you know that more injuries occur from people falling off ladders than they do off a roof?

A fall from a ladder can be just as severe as a fall from the roof, sometimes worse!

Remember years ago when Molly Meldrum was putting up Christmas lights and fell from the ladder?  He wasn’t even very high up when he fell and this left him in a critical state with a fractured skull, fractured ribs and a punctured lung that sent him straight to ICU.

So many people figure they will just DIY clean their gutters.  Even though cleaning your gutters by hand with a bucket isn’t really all that efficient or effective, people think they are saving themselves a few hundred bucks, but what they are really doing is putting themselves and their family into real danger.  What would happen to your family financially if you fell from the ladder and ended up in ICU for weeks if not months?  

Ladders are so easy to lose your balance from.  Many people using ladders don’t even follow simple ladder safety techniques such as working from a stable base and ensuring your ladder is secured to the property.  They then reach too far, climb up or down too fast, don’t wear the correct footwear, try to carry too many items or balance them or they are simply distracted.

A lot of commercial operations from schools to commercial warehouses, have a 1 rung rule.  That is, if you have to go up more than 1 rung on a ladder, then safety gear is required following a set of safety guidelines.

This is why so many commercial companies and organisations get us in to clean their gutters.  They won’t risk the safety of their own staff because they know that need someone trained and insured to do the job and their jobs can be in the vicinity of thousands of dollars. 

Is your health, you families financial stability, really worth you saving a few hundred dollars and risking it by doing it yourself?

Why not give us a call on 1300 654 253 for a free quote… maybe it won’t only mean your get your gutters cleaned, but it is also a pretty good insurance right?

Cleaning gutters on multi-storey buildings. How we do it …

Every day we come across different types of properties where we need to access the gutters so that we can vacuum clean them.  Some properties are new, some are old (even heritage listed), some are commercial and some are domestic homes.  They come in all different shapes and sizes…. And heights!

Working on the roof safely is our number one priority so there are all sorts of ways we can access the roof to your gutters cleaned.

Some properties is it simple as using a ladder to access the roof.  Not only do we secure our ladders before climbing up, we also have a variety of ladder types and sizes.  Not just like a standard domestic use ladder, we have ladders that can be used in all situations and some come with ‘add ons’ such as different feet to make sure our ladder is stable.  We can even use the big grand daddies of ladders that are 3+ metres! 

Depending on the roof and property, sometimes we can access a property from one location and then use our remote drum system to move along the length of the roof, without having to get off the roof to reposition our machinery.  Think like a property on a hill side that is one story at the street level (so easy for us to access), but the back of the property is at least 3 storey’s above a cliff edge with no access. 

We can also use multiple ladders to access from the ground to roof and then use a second ladder to grow from roof to roof levels.   Think about a split level property.

For large commercial jobs (we even do buildings like aircraft hangers and multi-story buildings) we may need to get an elevated work platform like a cherry picker or a scissor lift.  We even organise this for you, so don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Some roofs are simply too dangerous to be on, no matter how well trained you are or how good your safety gear is and in those case, we have a ground worker’s kit that we can use to access the gutters to vacuum clean – all from the ground. We can do up to 3 storey’s high using this method.  It also comes in handy for those little roofs you can’t get on even though they are not even a story high like a garden shed or patio.

So if you have a property that you thought was simply ‘too big’ or ‘too high’ to have the gutters cleaned then give us a call because with our 20+ years of experience, we know all the ways to get the gutters cleaned…. Safely!

Call us for a free quote on 1300 654 253 or request a quote online at www.guttervac.com.au

Winter is here … are your gutters cleaned?

Having your gutters cleaned is such a simple thing to do to maintain your home.  The potential damage that just a small blocked gutter can do to your home or property can be huge.

We all know that the intended purpose of a gutter is to take the water that falls onto the roof of your property and divert it to the drains, away from your home.  Now if your gutter has even a small blockage that will prevent this flow of water, that’s where the problems start.

Most people assume (incorrectly) that the water will simply ‘overflow’ over the edge of the gutter and onto the ground.  Yes, some of the water will do that, but more often, the first way the water flows is over the edge of your gutter BACK TOWARDS your home.  It will overflow into your ceiling cavity, down the walls (inside and out) and can cause significant water damage. 

And it doesn’t have to be after a big rainfall either.  If you have an unnoticed blockage with an overflowing gutter that is not overflowing on the front of the gutter where you will see  it, but only back towards your house, then these small amounts of water, over an extended period of time will really cause serious water damage issues to your home that will be expensive to fix. 

We always get inundated with calls after the first big rainfall because that is when people notice their gutters are blocked and overflowing.  We suggest not waiting for the first big rainfall, it is a part of your maintenance that needs to be done at least every 12 months.

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in years and haven’t had overflowing gutters, then don’t assume you are safe!  Maybe they are not overflowing yet, but maybe this is the year that the build up in your gutters gets to the blockage size!

If is not the leaves that are the problem in your gutters.  It is when they break down and start to form a muddy sludge that sits in the bottom of your gutters.  This sludge starts to create almost like a dam wall or simple build up covering the bottom of your gutter, then covering up the bottom half of your gutter and then continuing to grow layer on layer.

So if you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in a few years, winter arriving is a good reminder that it is time to get them cleaned and don’t risk the potential expensive damage to your home for such a simple task to organise.  All you need to do is pick up the phone, make a local phone call to 1300 654 253 and you will be connected to your local Gutter-Vac Franchisees who can provide you with a free quote.

6 potentially dangerous, and often overlooked home maintenance tasks for the start of winter.

As the seasons change and we come into winter, every year we see potentially dangerous situations that can be solved with some simple and regular maintenance or servicing.

Some of the items are not only dangerous for your home, but also for your family.

What are our top 6 overlooked maintenance tasks? 


Chimney / Flues

Probably the biggest overlooked piece of maintenance that can not only be dangerous, but catastrophic for your home and family.

During the year, you will find that you will have a build-up of soot in your chimney or flue that basically sits on the surface inside.  You can’t see it, but it is there.

This soot dries out and becomes highly flammable.  Imagine a fire starting inside of your chimney or flue.  This can potentially spread to your entire home and no one would want that potential fire damage.

We have even seen where the soot on the inside surface of a chimney has built-up to a point where the chimney could not do its intended purpose of removing the smoke up and out of the fire.  You don’t need or want that.

At least once a year you should have on your maintenance list to have your chimney or flue cleaned and even more so for homes in the southern states of Australia where winter means sitting in front of a roaring fire with a hot cuppa.  Let’s make sure that this is an enjoyable way to spend an evening, not a potentially dangerous one!

REMEMBER:  If you don’t have a fire or a wood burning heater, it is important to still have your reverse cycle split system or your heater serviced to ensure they are running effectively, efficiently and most importantly SAFELY. 


Windows and Doors

The start of winter is a great time to check the seals of your windows and doors.  It may not be life threatening or even hugely dangerous to your home, but it is something not to be overlooked.

All that cool winter air seeping in these tiny cracks will increase your energy bills for sure and can also cause things to be unpleasant in your home.

This is a task that can be carried out by yourself or not a hard job for the local handyman to come by and do a check.


Dirt and Dust in your Ceiling Cavity

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or a respiratory condition then this is one to consider as a regular maintenance item on your home for sure. 

In your ceiling cavity, lots of dust and dirt collects.  Even with insulation, that dirt and dust will find its way to sit just above the plaster of your ceiling.  Because this dust and dirt is more microscopic in size, it can fall through your plaster and into your home. 

Now anyone with asthma will tell you that environments with dust is a nightmare for them, so imagine if this is your home?

A simple process is to access the ceiling cavity and vacuum clean the dirt and dust.  This is a really good idea when you are also changing your insulation (which is another great energy saving tip for winter) so that the ceiling cavity is clean before new insulation is installed.

This is not a job that should be done by just anyone.  Working in a ceiling cavity can be a dangerous place with a small space and electrical cables.

Remember too, that there are lots of pests that like to live in your nice warm and cosy ceiling cavity over winter so in amongst that dirt and dust are droppings from pests.  Not really a lovely thought, but the truth so having a regular ceiling cavity clean is good for everyone’s health in your home, but in particular if you have asthma sufferers.


Storm Water Pits and Drains

Storm water pits are the often overlooked part of the water capture and removal of water away from your home system.  Just like gutters, storm water pits or sumps can get a build-up of debris over time. 

If they become blocked, then when that storm hits and the storm water system is supposed to take water away from your home, it doesn’t and this can potentially lead to a mass of water entering your home from the ground level.

Look around your home.  Do you have grates in your driveway or around the perimeter of your home?  Just like gutters on your roof, this ground level water removal system needs regular cleaning to prevent blockages and overflowing water. 

Winter brings with it storms and heavy rain.  Water damage to your home can be disastrous and expensive to fix. 


Trim Tree Limbs and Clear Debris

Your start of winter maintenance checklist isn’t complete unless it includes trimming any trees around your home.  Look out especially for any dead limbs or branches. 

We know the storms are going to come so make sure your home is protected from items that could fall or ‘blow into’ your home. 

If you have large tree limbs or perhaps even an entire tree, never attempt to do this yourself.  Hire a professional cut down any major trees or branches. 


Blocked Gutters

This list could not be complete without a discussion on gutters, right?  After all, we are the gutter cleaning specialists! 

If you are reading this, then you know the importance of getting your gutters professionally and safely, vacuum cleaned at least once a year (more frequent if you get a lot of debris). 

When debris and leafy matter breaks down, it forms this mud like sludge that sits in the bottom of your gutters and that over time is what builds up and blocks the gutters.  It is what holds leafy matter together to form a blockage.

The other problem that is often not discussed is that this sludge is the cause of your gutters rusting.  It also helps water to sit in your gutters, not flowing down and out through your downpipes so it can prove to be costly.

During the winter months, especially after heavy storms, keep an eye out for small sections of overflowing gutters.  During storms, you can have an incredible amount of debris get caught in your gutters, even if they were recently cleaned.  We all know that the debris that causes a blockage in your gutters can mean that water can flow over the back side of the gutter and back into your ceiling cavity, down walls and into your home.

Don’t attempt to remove just a small section of blockage yourself.  Not to scare you, but last year we had a regular customer who decided to climb up the ladder to remove some branches and muck caught in his gutter after a storm in just a small section and he fell from the ladder which caused some pretty serious damage and resulted in the customer having to have several weeks off work.  We care about you and your family, so please give us a call if you suspect you have a small section blocked after a storm.

So if you haven’t done your winter maintenance yet, now is the time to get it started.  Make a list, check the items and remember to hire a professional rather than DIY.


Why Lifestyle Villages Love working with Gutter-Vac.

We have lifestyle villages and retirement villages popping up all over Australia.  You know the small  communities of villas that are for those aged 50+.  A bit like a gated community, but often without the gates, but often with facilities such as a meeting hall, pool, work sheds and caravan parking.

These villages are generally managed by an onsite manager and work much the same as a body corporate where all the residents pay an additional weekly/monthly fee to have the exteriors of their properties, plus gardens, roads and common areas and facilities maintained.

There are a couple of reasons why Lifestyle and retirement villages love working with us at Gutter-Vac.

  • We work safely. 

All our franchisees and their staff are trained and insured to work at heights.  On properties such as lifestyle villages or retirement homes, it is absolutely essential for safety trained and insurance as they are commercial villages and no one can take the risk.

  • It stops residents DIY’ing

When we come regularly, it stops any of the residents, who are all starting to move into their senior years, from deciding to grab a ladder and do it themselves, potentially risking a fall that could be absolutely detrimental to their health.  It really could result in an extremely serious injury, but if the residents know we come regularly, they will leave this alone.

  • We are fast and finish the job!

You might wonder why this is important to a lifestyle or retirement village.  Having people onsite can cause a number of issues including blocking driveways and narrow roads that are within the village.  Access in and out of areas and generally just having work people on site can be a little uncomfortable for those more senior residents.  The one that the managers always tell us is that we actually finish the job!  It seems crazy right, but the number of villages that have told us that a crew came to hand clean the properties and after 3 weeks just left and never came back, not finishing the job, is unreal.  So many villas and properties to do, you need to work hard, fast and get the job done – well!

  • Before and After photos plus roof reports

Because they are managing the properties, having evidence on hand for the workmanship we have been paid for, helps the managers.  Plus it is a great tool to see what has been done.  The other thing is that we provide feedback on any issues or potential issues we may find on the roofs where their regular on site maintenance and gardening crews are not permitted to work.

  • We can do more than Gutter cleaning!

Whilst on the roof we can clean solar panels that will increase their efficiency as most lifestyle and retirement villages are built with solar panels.  We can do pressure cleaning and mould and lichen removal.  This is especially important not just for the appearance of the properties, but especially important in common areas and surfaces to make sure there are not any slippery surfaces that are very unsafe for the retired residents.

  • We are show respect to the residents.

This may seem like common sense, but you would be amazed at how trades people treat the retired and senior residents in lifestyle and retirement villages.  We always let them know in advance we are coming.  We do a courteous knock on everyone’s door so if they need to move a vehicle they can or to simply let them know that if they hear noise on their roof, it is just us and we also let them know how long we will be.

There is a downside to this one… well not really a downside, but we do need to manage it.  We get offered a lot of cups of tea and lots of biscuits, cakes and our favourite… lamingtons!  Some of our franchisees have been known to tell all the residents that at 4pm they will knock off and that’s when they are allowed to eat and have a cuppa with them!  Taking a little time to say hello and speak to a resident doesn’t take much effort from us, but they certainly pass the word to the managers that they love those ‘nice young men/women’ from Gutter-Vac ! 

It is not only lifestyle and retirement villages that love what we can do for them, but also body corporates and any property manager that has to balance getting the work done with the residents on site. 

If you manage a property like this or if you have a Mum or Dad living in a lifestyle village or retirement village/home, then pass on our details.  We would be more than happy to give them a free quote…. And maybe have a cuppa and a lamington too!

www.guttervac.com.au or 1300 654 253

Let’s talk about cleaning ceiling cavities…

Did you know that we can clean your ceiling cavity?

Are you wondering why anyone would want their ceiling cavity cleaned? 

There are actually a number of reasons why including:

  • Replacing your insulation and need to clean out the old insulation
  • A Dirt and Dust clean – perfect for home owners that suffer from asthma or allergies where the dirt and dust drop down causing them breathing issues
  • About to renovate so get a clean slate start
  • Pest and rodent issues requiring a clean after removal

Working in a ceiling can be hot work and is often a confined space, so we like to schedule ceiling cavities in the cooler months – avoiding summer.  Now is the idea time to consider having your ceiling cavity cleaned.

This is also an ideal time to consider if your insulation needs replacing.  Many properties have had ‘blow in’ type of insulation, that without a vacuum is almost impossible to remove. 

Even batts break down over time and you will find that once the batts are removed, there is a huge amount of dust and dirt so it is a great time to get it clean prior to new insulation. 

Now is a great time to replace your insulation before the winter months hit us so that your home is effectively insulated making it more efficient to heat and then cool in summer.

So if you’ve never thought about what is going on in your ceiling cavity, now is the time to give us a call and discuss what you need.  We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote and explain the process. 

For a standard 3 bedroom house, it will generally take about a day to complete this job.

More questions?  Want a quote?

Call 1300 654 253 to speak to your local Gutter-Vac franchisees or request a quote at www.guttervac.com.au