Gutter Guard Fails.

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Gutter Guard Fails.

We see companies advertising Gutter Guard saying things like ‘You will never have to clean your gutters again!’ and we hate to say it, but that is simply NOT TRUE!

Every day of the week, Gutter-Vac franchisees come across gutters that have gutter guard installed, but are in desperate need of cleaning, in fact, some of them (more than you would ever imagine) have massive plants, bushes and sometimes small trees (!!) growing up and out through the gutter guard.

To understand this, you need to consider how the gutter guard works. 

Basically a gutter guard will keep the ‘big stuff’ out of your gutters.  Lots of leaves, big sticks, branches, debris.  But, gutter guards are not sealed shut – because if they were, then the rain wouldn’t get into them either so the gutters are basically redundant – so they often have small holes or the like to allow the rain in.

This means that what can also get into your gutters is broken down pieces of leafy matter that have been sitting ON TOP of the gutter guard, decomposing to a small enough size to fall through the holes, dirt that is blown in or falls, and remember to the seeds that are blown in, fall in and also good old bird droppings. 

Really, gutter guards form the perfect eco system for growth.  They have all the nutrient rich sludge, seeds deposited, water system and just enough sunlight to grow the perfect plants.

The trouble is, that most gutter guards are screwed or even glued down to our roof line, so when they become blocked, we need to unscrew them, lift them up to be able to get under the gutter guard to clean out the gutters, removing the debris and clearing the blockages.

This will – at a minimum – double the price to have your gutters cleaned and depending on the type of gutter guard and how it is secured, sometimes triple or more the investment to get the blockages removed.

At Gutter-Vac, we use Gutter Flow, which is like a big bottle brush that we can simply place into your gutters.  It works because it allows water to flow though, it keeps the big debris out of your gutters, but when it comes to cleaning time, we can simply pick it up out of the gutter, brush the Gutter Flow off , use our vacuum to clean the gutter and place the Gutter Flow back in place.  So simple and effective.

We have see all types of gutter guard over the years and it actually makes us angry when our customers have been sold a lie of ‘never clean your gutters again’.  In fact, the dollars they have spent on the gutter guard can be astronomical in comparison to just a regular gutter clean!

Yes, there are other types of removable gutter guard, but again are simply ineffective.  Don’t get us started on the foam block gutter guard that when it gets wet, with dirt build up, because one great big block of solid mud that is impossible to remove as it breaks into a million pieces.  Plus it also acts like that green foam florists use for flowers and plants… the perfect base for growing plant matter.

So, if you have gutter guard already installed, but have not had your gutters cleaned, then give us a call as you may have some severe blockages under the gutter guard that you can’t see.  If you have plants growing up and out of your gutter guard, this is a sure sign you need your gutters cleaned.  If you do live in a particularly leafy area, then give us a call on 1300 654 253 and we can come and access your property and give you an honest opinion on what gutter guard would work for you best and what the cost comparison would be between gutter guard with a regular clean (remember, it still needs to be cleaned) or simply more regular cleans to keep your gutters doing their intended job.

Don’t wait for the leaves to fall to get your gutters cleaned.

We are coming into the thick of autumn and it is common to hear customers say they want to ‘Wait for the last leaves to drop’ before having their gutters cleaned, but this could be a mistake… a costly mistake!

When did you last have your gutters cleaned?  If it has been awhile, you might just tip the scales of what is in your gutters because they could already be full and the ‘last leaves of this season’ could push them to the limit, causing blocked gutters so even the smallest amount of rain could end up in your property, not flowing out of your gutters away from your property.

The common myth of gutter cleaning is that it is the leafy matter falling now that will cause blockages in your gutters.  This isn’t necessarily the whole truth.  In fact, when this leafy matter (and all the other stuff that has blown or fallen into your gutters over the last year) is in your gutters for a period of time, it breaks down into a sludge type of mud at the bottom of your gutters.  This sludge not only causes your gutters to rust, it is also full of nutrients so any seeds that are blown or dropped by a bird into your gutters can be the perfect garden bed for plant life to grow, forming root systems and plants that you may not even be able to see growing in your gutters yet. 

Waiting for the last few leaves to drop could be a mistake if your gutters are already full of sludge, roots, gutter growth.  If the rain comes before winter, then you could be leaving your property susceptible to overflowing gutters and water damage.

So instead of ‘assuming’ that you are going to get the best value for your dollar by waiting for every leaf to drop, maybe you need to give Gutter-Vac a call on 1300 654 253 and speak to your local owner/operator about whether you need to find out the state of your gutters now, rather than leaving them to the end of autumn.

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Did you know that most falls happen off a ladder, not the roof?

It’s easy to think when you’re young and fit that getting up on a ladder to do any job around the home would be easy, BUT…

Ladders can be a dangerous thing.

Sure, the obvious is that you don’t have the ladder on an even surface, but maybe it’s not all that obvious that the surface is uneven.  As you climb the ladder, your weight alone could be enough to make your ladder lose balance, causing you to fall. 

Another safety precaution that is a little less obvious is how you secure your ladder at the top.  Imagine you have your ladder leaning up against the gutter, but you don’t have it secured in any way.  All it takes is a little lean to the left or lean to the right and the ladder will simply slide along the gutter.  Result again is you on the ground.

The last common “danger point” is when people are leaving the ladder to get onto the roof.  What most people do is they will get to one rung from the top and instead of stepping up to that last rung at roof level, they will step up AND over onto the roof.  Combine this with an unsecured ladder on an uneven surface and this is a disaster in the making.

We see people all the time trying to clean their gutters from a ladder.  When you are on a ladder you should always have 3 points of contact – meaning that you are well secured. The very act of cleaning your gutters – without having your ladder safely secured – reduces your point of contact from three down to two, maybe even one. 

It seems so simple doesn’t it? Just grab a ladder and a bucket and jump up and clean your own gutters. But as simple as it may seem, it is also potentially putting yourself at risk of a fall that can so easily be avoided.

Remember, this is not only limited to you climbing up a ladder.  What if you got the teenager down the street to climb the ladder, with a bucket to clean out your gutters?  What if that teenager falls?  Who is going to be liable for the medical expenses and potential damages if they fall?

At Gutter-Vac we pride ourselves on safety.  We are fully safety trained and insured.  So we know how to vacuum clean your gutters effectively and efficiently, with safety as our first priority. 

Don’t risk a fall, give us a call on 1300 654 253.

Gutter-Vac … No personal contact required.

We have found ourselves in different times and social distancing is what we are doing as a nation to ‘flatten’ the infection curve.

Remember that we can still come and do your vacuum gutter clean or any of our services with no personal contact.

In normal times, we are often completing our service for customers who are at work. You don’t even need to be at home.

If you are at home, you don’t have to come outside – just give us a wave from the window!

Check out our video for more information and if you would like a quote (all done over the phone) then give your local Gutter-Vac franchisee a call on 1300 654 253 (local call).

Programmed maintenance for your gutter cleaning – let us help you this year!

Gutter cleaning is something that needs to be done regularly… even if you have a gutter guard in place.

On the first vacuum gutter clean for a customer, we will recommend how often you will need your gutters cleaned.  Generally it is 9 – 12 months, but if you live in a leafy area, you may require more frequent cleaning.

Sometimes if we are not quite sure how often you will need your gutters cleaned – especially if this is the first time you have had them done in years – then we can book you in for your next gutter clean and then come and ‘check’ first to see if they do indeed need a clean yet or if they can wait a little longer. 

We take before and after photos on every job, we hold our integrity high and we only clean your gutters if they actually need to be cleaned.  We would rather you as a long term client that we help for years to come than the quick immediate pay day.

Once the first gutter clean is done for a customer, we add them to our programmed maintenance plan. This means that we will notify you prior to your next gutter clean being required so that you no longer have to remember – or even think about – when your next gutter clean is due.

Imagine that!  Not having to remember once a year to get your gutters cleaned, we will give you notification that they are due so then you can simply reply with a ‘book us in’. 

Our customers love this service because it takes away the thinking and ensures the gutters are being cleaned on a regular basis so that they can remain clean and clear to do their intended purpose of taking the water off and away from your property. 

Forgetting to get your gutters cleaned can be a disaster because a blocked gutter followed by rainfall can cause overflowing gutters.  The water simply doesn’t overflow onto the ground, it usually flows back over the gutters TOWARDS your property, going into the ceiling cavity and down the inside of your walls causing sometimes serious – and expensive – damage long term.

So, let’s take gutter cleaning off your to do list.  Organise your first clean and then we will remind you for the others!

Call us today on 1300 654 253 or visit to request a free quote.

Solar Panels – Why Clean Them?

As we all become more environmentally friendly and looking to become more self-sufficient, especially with our energy use, there are more and more properties with solar panels installed on their roof lines, but the question is, when was the last time you had them cleaned?

Think about your windows.  You may not be touching them, but they still get dirty right?  The wind and weather leaves dirt and grime deposits or films on them. So to see through your windows you clean them.

Now imagine your solar panels.  They have the same dirt and grime deposits, films or layers building up on them.  You don’t clean them to have them sparkling like a window, but you do clean them to increase their efficiency.

Did you know that these layers of dirt and grime will actually decrease the efficiency of the solar panels to create this “green” power source?  Something as simple as cleaning them will increase their power generating capabilities and ensure that they are doing their job.

Now, is this something you should DIY?

Absolutely not!

Two things….

  1.  Getting on the roof, especially with a hose and water is extremely unsafe.  So easy to trip over a hose or get it caught up.  Then adding water to any roof surface will massively increase your chances of slipping and falling off the roof.  Your life and safety is worth more than saving a few bucks on cleaning your solar panels!
  • Solar panels are technical and expensive.  They are made with specialised materials that need to be cleaned with the proper technique.  Certain products and methods will actually damage your solar panels and render them useless.  Pretty expensive DIY project if you do that.

We suggest that you give us a call on 1300 654 253 for a free quote.

At Gutter-Vac, we have been cleaning solar panels for year.  Not just on domestic houses, but we also clean panels on commercial properties and when we say clean solar panels, in some cases it is hundreds of them on commercial sites.  We know what we are doing.

Why not consider getting your solar panels cleaned along with your regular gutter clean?

If you have solar panels then make sure they are performing at their best and this can be as simple as simply having them cleaned.

Give us a call on 1300 654 253 or visit our website at www.

When did you last look up and see what’s growing in your gutters?

We often don’t look up at our gutters do we?  It is not like you walk out of your house and stand, staring up admiring your gutters or roof line right?  The challenge is… you may not see what is growing in your gutters.

When cleaning gutters, we find all sorts of plant life growing in the gutters.  Sometimes the garden in the gutter is better than the garden on the ground!  We often take photos of the plant life we have removed to show customers exactly what was growing in their gutters and customers are often in disbelief as they simply have never looked up. 

Some of the plant life we have found growing in gutters is more than a small pot plant sized, we have basically found small bushes and even small trees (some up to 2 metres high) growing in the gutter.

How does this happen?

Many people believe that when we clean gutters we are simply removing leafy debris, but this is not the case.  A lot of debris will end up in your gutters, blown in by the wind, breaking down to a sludge type of mud, full of nutrients, watered by the rain.  All it takes is a bird or two to drop a seed into your gutters.  Or the wind blows plant life and seeds into your gutters.  In some cases, it is overhanging trees that simply ‘drop’ this matter into your gutters.

With a little water, the high nutrient sludge in the bottom of your gutter and a little sunshine and there you have it, perfect garden conditions!

Many times customers just simply need to look up and they will be able to see things starting to grow above the gutter edge and this is certainly the time to call us!  Really, it should be before you can see it….  When you can see the growth from the ground, it probably has already established a large root system…. All which will be causing blockages in your gutters, leaving your property or home susceptible to water damage!

So, next time you are heading outside, look up and see if there is anything growing up and out of your gutters.

Not sure?  Give us a call on 1300 654 253 and we can provide you with a free quote.

Did you know we can also help with bird proofing?

Birds can cause havoc on a roof, in particular under solar panels.  Under a solar panel, birds have a nice sheltered area to build their nest, lay their eggs and even rare their young. 

The problem with this?

Sure, it might be unsightly if you can see them.  Sure, you might get a build up of bird droppings.  But the big one…. Solar panels have wires to connect them up, to allow them to do their intended purpose.  Birds and wires do not go hand in hand and these seemingly harmless birds can cause expensive damage to your solar panels.

We use specialised bird proofing products to protect and prevent birds (and possums sometimes too!) from getting under your solar panels. 

Because this is a job on the roof, working at heights, this is why our customers come to us because they know we are trained and insured to work at heights and get this job done safely for you.  It is NOT a DIY job to take on, that’s for sure.

Birds can be a problem not just for solar panels but for many properties.  They may be nesting, their droppings and in some cases, simply the noise.  There are many human ways of bird proofing (that does not require the killing of birds!) a property and we work with leading manufacturers of bird proofing products and devices so if you have a bird problem, give us a call and we can help you find and implement a system.

Contact us on 1300 654 253 or visit our website at

Pressure cleaning around your property

Nasty paths and driveways can not only build up grease, grime and dirt, they can also build up mould.  These build ups are not only unsightly, they can also be unsafe causing a surface to become slippery.

At Gutter-Vac we began offering pressure cleaning many years ago as our customers, in particular our commercial customers, were asking if we could help them out with this job.  I suppose that is the side effect of providing great customer service… customers want to know what else you can do for them as they like doing business with you!

So many customers try and DIY their pressure cleaning by using ‘wand’ type of domestic pressure cleaners, but if you have ever done this, you will know that often it leaves surfaces looking more unsightly than they did with the dirt and grime!  Why?  Because they leave streaks or lines of application.

For large surfaces, we use specialised whirl-a-way applicators so that we can not only remove the grease, grime and dirt with pressure cleaning, but also leaves the surface looking clean with an ‘even’ finish.

So if you have a path, driveway, carpark or flat surface you need cleaned, then give us a call.  We have also cleaned walls and roofs as well, so give us a call on 1300 654 253 for a free quote and we can also advise you on the best application for a surface as well as the investment to have that done.

EnviroClean – What’s it all about?

Do you have a property that has a lichen, moss or mould issue?  On the roof or walls or even on your pathways?

We have been vacuum cleaning gutters for over 20 years now and we see the state of properties up close and we know the lichen, moss and mould are real issues.

Because we work on the roof and this is a safety issue for the general public and our commercial customers, they have been asking us if we could help them out removing this mould, lichen and moss from their properties and in particular from the roof because we can safely work on the roof and at heights.

About 4 years ago we started the process of creating a product that would remove lichen, moss and mould from a property. 

Why did we look to develop our own product?

Because it seemed that products on the market were all chlorine based and not environmentally friendly.  When applying a product to the roof, you must remember that with rainfall, it will wash the product into the gutters – and as long as your gutters are clean to do their intended purpose – this product will then wash through the down pipes and into the waterways out to creeks and the ocean…. Carrying the harmful chlorine based products.

We didn’t want to put more harmful chlorine based products into our waterways so we went to work to find a way that we could remove the stubborn moss, lichen and mould from properties, but one that wouldn’t be harmful to the environment.

And we did it!  We created EnviroClean.

It took a while as we wanted to not only ensure it is environmentally friendly, but that it would also get the job done!  And it does. 

We did extensive testing for over a year because some moss, mould and lichen needs to have EnviroClean applied and then it needs to be left to do its work over a period of time before you see the true results, so we needed to test all sorts of properties, roof types, levels of lichen and different areas of Australia and in different times of the year.

EnviroClean is now available.

You can use it two ways:

  1. You can contact your local Gutter-Vac Franchisee who can give you a quote and apply the EnviroClean for you.  We highly recommend this, especially if you are planning to treat a roof with EnviroClean.  Working on a roof with a liquid can be unsafe if you don’t have the correct safety gear.
  • You can also order EnviroClean directly from to apply yourself – ideal DIY option for paths and walls of a property.

Come to our website and check out the before and afters to see just what amazing results you can get with EnviroClean…. Without having to use chlorine!