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Before and After…

Before storm season hits, you should check that your insurance policy is current and what it covers. Check if your policy adequately covers your home and if your policy includes the clean-up and disposal of debris. It is important to keep in mind that if your gutters and downpipes haven’t been regularly maintained, you could be unwittingly voiding your home insurance! It is worth getting a professional in to service them before the bad weather hits, providing you with a record of having them serviced. At Gutter-vac Brisbane Central we can provide you with Before and After photos and a Roof & Gutter report, which may be vital in the case of an insurance claim. Better safe than sorry!

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional to Clean Your Gutters

1. Safety 

While it can seem like a good idea to climb up on the roof and clean your gutters yourself, it isn’t.  40% of injuries requiring hospitalisation in Australia each year are the result of falls (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, 2017). Even from moderate heights, a fall can have devastating repercussions. Our Brisbane North Gutter-Vac technicians are trained in working at heights, wear safety equipment and use a fall arrest system. 

2. Time Saving 

At Gutter-Vac, we clean gutters effectively and efficiently using our specialised wet/dry vacuum system. It takes several hours to clean gutters by hand, but with Gutter-Vac, you can sit back, relax and reclaim your weekend. 

3. Roof and Gutter Inspection 

While we are on your roof, we carry out a complimentary roof and gutter inspection. As professionals, we are trained to identify any problems that could later cause problems. These issues could be easily missed by the untrained eye. With a professional gutter cleaner, you get the peace of mind that your gutters have been properly maintained and inspected. 

4. Convenience 

Hiring Gutter-Vac Brisbane North to clean your gutters is as simple as picking up the phone and getting a free quote. We can do the rest! And while we are up there, we can also clean your roof, solar panels, ceiling cavities, chimneys, downpipes and water tanks, eliminating all the stress and fuss.

Our customers tend to stay with us…

Phil’s not usually a name dropper, but did you know that a well-known award winning journalist and ex- Channel 10 newsreader has been a Gutter-Vac customer for about 15 years? At her extensive property, it takes about two and a half hours to clean the gutters. Her service price is extremely reasonable and she has no plans to change operators anytime soon!

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your gutters and prevents water damage to your building. It also reduces the risk of ember attack during fires in your lovely, leafy suburbs!

Could your property benefit from a Preventative Maintenance Plan for gutter cleaning too? Give Phil and the team a call on 1300 654 253 to discuss regular cleaning today.

Don’t DIY…

Recently Phil arrived to do a single-story house clean for a lovely fellow who mentioned that his previous gutter cleaner was 62 years old and had suffered a heart attack while on the roof. Luckily the ambulance arrived in time and rushed him to the hospital – the poor man needed a triple bypass two days later. Turns out the ‘gutter cleaner’ was the customer himself!

This is why he now uses the excellent services of Phil and the team here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane North East. Our proprietary vacuuming system is convenient, safe, and offers superior value. All our operators take safety very seriously, are trained in working at heights and carry a minimum of $10,000,000 in public liability insurance.

So, don’t risk your personal safety – contact us on 1300 654 253 for an obligation free quote.

Gutter-Vac National Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year 2013

Phil and Leanne Valencour were awarded the top gong for Multi-Unit National Franchisee of the Year 2013 at the recent Gutter-Vac National Conference.

Phil and Leanne own and operate four Gutter-Vac franchises:

Congratulations Phil and Leanne on a fantastic result!