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Gutter Cleaning in Tight Spots at Blackmans Bay

Pergolas that share the roof guttering can sometimes be near impossible for us to clean.

But it can be done….

With a tiled roof we may be able to pull back the first run of tiles to access the gutter. Where the roof is tin, we are able to undo the first row of screws in the laserlite and lift it slightly.

The above is the amount of debris in the gutter on the other side of the house with the pergola pictured above.

Having the pergola roof run into the house gutter is not an ideal situation for three reasons;

  1. It limits access for gutter cleaning and adds to the cost of the clean due to the amount of time taken to complete the work.
  2. It is a catch point for debris to accumulate and cause blockages.
  3. The house gutter is designed to catch the water from the house roof and divert it away. When you add another roof to it, you are adding another volume of water that has to be diverted away too. While it might be fine in slight rain, it may tend to overflow in the heavy down pours because it can’t cope with the volume of water.

It may seem a great idea to utilize the roof gutter. In the long run creating the fall of the roof away from the house and into another gutter for your pergola would seem more cost effective and cause less issues with blockages and overflows.

Great Experience For This South Hobart Gutter Cleaning Customer

“Great experience. The operator was well presented, polite and extremely efficient. Roofline is a bit complicated but that was not a problem at all. The work was done thoroughly, and everything left clean and tidy. Appreciated the roof and guttering report and will definitely use this company again.”

Anne-Marie, South Hobart Tasmania

Thank you Anne-Marie, for taking the time to submit feedback.

These surveys do two things:

  • gauges how we are performing
  • provides information to other customers as to what to expect with a gutter cleaning service from us.

What Jobs Need Doing In Spring Time?

As the warmer weather approaches, it is time to shed the jumpers and venture outside.

There is a clean fresh nip to the air. The bulbs are showing. Spring is here.

As you look around the house you see that winter has slowed the progress of maintenance to the house. Time to take the tasks in hand and get some work done.

You can do this yourself or get the professionals in. Give yourself the time to take in this beautiful weather by using a reputable company like Gutter-Vac Tasmania to tick some of those high risk chores off the list.

The following are some examples of what you might like to achieve this Spring:

  • Clean walls, eaves and windows of cobwebs
  • Clean gutters, storm water pits and drains
  • Pressure wash or treat footpaths and driveways to clean up any moss or lichen from winter
  • Clean windows
  • Clean solar panels

And on those rainy spring days you could

  • Clean the kitchen; fridge, oven, wash over walls, tiles and range hood, clear out pantry
  • Clean the bathroom; wash over walls, remove dust and grime from exhaust fans, lights and skirting boards
  • Wash or spot clean walls, floors, skirting boards and windows
  • Go through cupboards and declutter.

Want to make some money?

Clear out any items you have not used in the last six months or are unlikely to use ever again. Have a garage sale.

Hobart Commercial Gutter Cleaning Customer Happy with the Service

“I met the staff on site prior to commencement of the work and they were extremely professional and well presented. Work was excellent quality and we were provided a full report and photos at the end. Would definitely use them again.”

Adam, Hobart Tas

Did you know that we complete commercial and residential gutter cleaning work?

Our staff met with Adam and provided him with the necessary paperwork for completing the gutter cleaning on a commercial site. Once the work was done, we completed the report and before and after photos which were sent to Adam for his records.

We recommended that his company maintain the gutters on an annual basis and will send a reminder when this work becomes due.

We have found that our commercial customers value these reports and photos for carrying out maintenance to their properties. By relying on us for reminders, the maintenance managers can concentrate on other priorities.

Gutter Clean Up After Winter

Winter has turned into Spring.

With that comes new life.

The old leaves have shed and fallen to the ground and into the gutters.

It is time to clear away the vestiges of winter. Leaving the gutters full of debris can cause issues down the track.

  • Debris decomposes and turns into a corrosive matter, deteriorating the gutters faster
  • The environment becomes a haven for a host of vermin you don’t want
  • Blockages in the gutter or down pipes could occur
  • Perfect matter for grass seeds, either blown in or dropped by birds, to propagate.
Gutter cleaning Hobart

Gutter-Vac Tasmania provides no obligation free quotes to all areas including Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie and all the surrounding areas.

Take action today and bring your house to life for the new spring season.

Call PH: 1300 253 654 or Click here to submit an online enquiry form

Happy Glenorchy Gutter Cleaning Customer

“We were very impressed by your young men who did the job. They listened, were very respectful and did a wonderful job. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends that are looking for similar work to be done.”

Bill of Glenorchy, Hobart Tasmania

Bill emailed us to tell us what fine young men we have working for us.

It is comforting to us, as employers, to know that we have excellent ambassadors representing our business.

The team clearly appreciate the customer feedback on their gutter cleaning work by the smile on their dial when given the comments.

Minimal Trees or No Trees Around?… A Gutter Clean Is a Good Idea

If you think that you do not need gutter cleaning because you have no trees near you, think again.

Wind carries debris.

Birds drop seeds.

Gutters are the perfect environment for the growth of the vegetation in the area.

Gutter growth of a coastal plant from seeds blown into the gutter

This above property has trees in the vicinity but not near the house and it is close to the beach. Coastal winds blow debris into the gutters, along with sand. In fact, we have cleaned gutters on houses that are on the beach and the gutters are full of sand. This sandy soil is great for any dropped seed to propagate.

Sandy soil provides an environment for grass to grow.

Call Gutter-Vac Tasmania to get your free, no obligation quote, 1300 654 253. We can have your gutters clean in no time. Clean, safe…easy.

This Hobart Customer Is Happy With the Results Of His Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel Service

“I loved the easy online quote process.
Communicating with Therese from the Tas office was a delight. She was very professional and kept me apprised of everything I needed to know.
Chris and the team did an incredible job cleaning the gutters & solar panels.
I appreciated receiving the before and after photos – they really highlighted the transformation.
I’d recommend this service to anyone.”

Cameron, Hobart Tasmania

Wow, it makes coming to work every day a joy when we get feedback from our customers like this. We like to complete every job with the professionalism it deserves and it is rewarding to see it paying off.

Happy Kingston Gutter Cleaning Customer

Having never used an outside source to clear our gutters before, I will definitely be using Gutter-Vac from now. The work was brilliant, and it is rare for any trade person to keep to an appointment, but Tim was prompt.
No mess left around either.
Would definitely recommend Gutter-Vac Hobart to anyone.

Jean-Pierre, Kingston Tasmania

Thank you Jean-Pierre for taking the time to complete the survey. Our staff definitely benefit from the feedback.

It is always rewarding knowing you have done a good job and that the customer is very happy with their gutter clean.