The Pros and Cons of a Permanent Gutter Guard

Gutter guards are a useful maintenance tool. They come in many forms, from a simple mesh over the gutter, to long brush-like concoctions with bristles attached. Permanent gutter guards are also available now and quickly gaining popularity. Made from lightweight metal, these are permanently affixed to the top of your gutters. 

Permanent gutter guards do come with some advantages but have considerable drawbacks too. Here’s a list of both to help you decide if a permanent gutter guard is the right solution for your gutters. 

Gutter Guard Pros:

Reduction of Foliage, Litter, and Debris

Permanent or temporary, gutter guards prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging your gutters. They keep your gutters clean which in turn reduces some of the maintenance work required when compared with open gutters.

Allowing Water to Flow Smoothly

With the debris and pests out of your gutters, the water collected inside is free to flow through the gutters and into your downpipes. It keeps your walls, doors, and ceiling protected against water damage.

Gutter Guard Cons:

Difficult to Clean

Despite getting a gutter guard affixed, your gutters do require regular cleaning. Even the best gutter guard cannot filter out the dirt and sludge in water, which can eventually lead to blockages and mould growth. 

One obvious drawback of permanent gutters is that they’re permanently affixed. This means you cannot remove them when you wish to clean your gutters.

Perfect Hiding Spot for Pests

Since the guards are permanently affixed, they also become a suitable hiding spot for rats, snakes, and other vermin

While the pests living in your gutters are a big problem, a bigger issue is these pests getting stuck or perishing inside your gutters. In such instances, you will have to bring in a professional to remove the gutter guards.


Removing gutter guards is fine if you have detachable gutter guards which can easily be reinstalled. Removal of permanent gutter guards renders them useless.

Considering how frequently gutters must be deep cleaned, this can quickly become a very expensive ordeal for the homeowner.

Weighing both the pros and cons, we suggest every homeowner choose a temporary gutter guard over a permanent one.

The Gutter-Vac Solution

An alternative that solves all your problems while still doing the work is our purpose-designed gutter guard, Gutter-Flow. This is a cost-effective gutter guard that blocks vermin and debris from entering your gutters and is also easy to remove.

Gutter-Vac also offers a range of gutter cleaning services for all kinds of properties. Our advanced gutter cleaning services are safe, guaranteed, and convenient. And our professionals are experienced. Request a quote today for your gutter guard installation project or check out some of our other services offered.

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