Do you have birds on your roof?

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Do you have birds on your roof?

Are birds hanging around the gutters and on the roof?

Having birds in your gutters or on the roof area can cause gutters to not flow properly and potentially cause plant growth.  The usual point of access to the roof cavity, is the corner. When birds sit on the corner of your roof or the aerial, they drop faeces that could contain grass seed which can germinate in the gutters, causing blockages.

If birds can get into your roof cavity, they may create a nest and home. With that you have noise from the birds and their babies and a potential fire hazard from the nesting material. Birds also carry lice and mites and disease.

What can be done to prevent birds from accessing a roof cavity?

Some solutions include:

  • Installing bird spikes along the peaks and ridge lines of the roof.
  • Placing fake predators on the roof to scare off the birds.
  • Spraying a homemade repellent on the areas they frequent. The repellent could consist of dried chilli, water and vinegar.
  • Wind spinners or gadgets that reflect light could also help.
  • Installing gutter guard, once the birds are gone for the season.

How Is Bird Proofing Your Property Helpful?

You may love the sound of birds singing from treetops every morning and evening. You might even welcome little birds visiting your patio. 

But, an increasing number of birds visiting your property is never a good sign.

From health hazards caused by their droppings to the unending noise from nesting birds, there are lots of reasons why birds should not be welcome on your property.

And one way to do this is to birdproof your property. 

If you’re skeptical about the importance of bird proofing your property, here are some reasons to change your mind.

Reduces Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are not only unsightly but can also frustrate your cleaners and drive visitors away. But, that’s not all. Bird droppings can pile up quickly and cause some major damage to the property like discolouration and permanent stains. Bird droppings are also slippery and can result in a dangerous accident if someone steps on them.

Reduce Property and Equipment Damage

It may be difficult to imagine how birds could damage your property. But if an excessive number of birds are flocking to a part of your property, vehicles, or equipment, you will quickly start seeing the problem.

Even if the birds don’t do any damage, their droppings certainly will. Bird droppings can be a huge dampener to the overall curb appeal of your house. If you’re running a business from your property, the damage to the brand image can be too big to ignore. Getting bird droppings removed is another expense you want to avoid adding to your budget.

Unless you want to spend all your money on repairing parts of your property, it might be time you bird-proof your property.

Reduces Clogged Gutters

Another damage that birds and bird droppings can cause to your property is clogged gutters.

The gutters on your property are meant to carry the rainwater from your roof to the drain. But if bird droppings and bird feathers start accumulating in your gutters, it obstructs the flow of water.  

All of these problems can be avoided with one-time bird proofing for your property.

Reduced Health Risk

Not only bird droppings and bird feathers but the birds themselves as well as the critters they carry on their body are all toxic to humans. Pest birds and pest nestings can especially cause deadly diseases in humans by simply being in the vicinity. 

With effective bird proofing, you can keep your loved ones safe from potential disease-carrying birds.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Birds are not silent creatures. They love making noises and will often keep at it for hours on end. Their calls also attract other birds and animals nearby. This eventually leads to a higher number of birds visiting and singing around your property.

The constant sound can not only be hard to ignore but also distract you from work or even rest.

The solution to all these problems can be as simple as bird proofing your property with the help of a professional like Gutter-Vac. Check out our locations or request a quote now!

Gutter cleaning support for women’s refuge in Rothbury

Team Gutter-Vac Hunter Valley recently did a gutter cleaning job for Jodie’s Place, a women’s refuge in Rothbury.

It was such a pleasure for Gutter-Vac Hunter Valley to be able to support Jodie’s Place by providing gutter cleaning at no cost.

Their gutters had gutter guard installed but had never been cleaned before.

Half of the building gutters were full of grass growing under the gutter guard, and all were covered with debris and leaves.

No matter what type of gutter guard is installed, gutter cleaning is still needed, just not as often.

At Jodie’s Place, despite all the debris and grass growing on their gutters and under the gutter guard, the Gutter-Vac Hunter Valley team performed gutter cleaning with the professional vacuum system.

No job is too hard for our Hunter Valley gutter cleaning team. Gutter-Vac Hunter Valley is proud to support Jodie’s Place.

Under gutter guard growth before job
Under gutter guard after job
Gutter Cleaning at Jodie’s place in Rothbury

If your place needs gutter cleaning, call us today on 1300 654 253

Bird Proofing

Birds can cause a lot of issues to a property and we see them all.  There are many ways you can protect your property from the results of birds plus their nesting behaviours and do this in a humane way that doesn’t cause injury or harm to the birds.

The biggest issue we come across with birds that can not only be dangerous but also costly is when birds get in under your solar panels and decide to nest.  This is not only just birds, but also rodents and possums as well.  The challenge with solar panels are that there are lots of wires and connections and these can easily be dislodged by the birds (or other critters) causing the panels to simply stop working. 

There is a very simple fix to this and it is by placing a specialised mesh (that won’t affect your solar panels) that is clipped safely around the edge to deter and stop birds and critters from getting in and under your solar panels that could cause expensive damage to the wiring of your solar panels.

Did you know pigeon droppings can be toxic and we are often asked to remove them and we have to take a lot of precautions when doing so?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could deter the pigeons from deciding to rest on your property from the start. 

There are many ways to do this and most are with use of specialised mirrors, revolving objects and in some cases specialised ‘spikes’ to deter birds from taking a break and sitting on your property.

At Gutter-Vac we work closely with a company that manufacturers bird proofing devices so that we can install for our clients.  Because we are fully safety trained and insured to work at heights, there are more things we can do than simply provide a vacuum gutter cleaning service to your property and bird proofing is a more common request than you would first assume.

So if you are having issues with birds or you simply want to protect your property (such as your solar panels) then give us a call and we can discuss your needs and find the best solution for you and your property. 

Call your local franchisees on 1300 654 253.

Birds can be a real problem when they nest in your roof

While most people love to hear birds chirping, it can be a little annoying when the symphony begins at the crack of dawn – making a weekend sleep in impossible. It’s even worse when birds are nesting in your roof as baby birds are particularly noisy. 

But nesting birds aren’t just inconvenient.

The nesting material becomes a fire hazard, while birds bring lice and mites into your roof cavity to create a potential pest problem.

We can provide the solution with a gutter guard system that prevents birds from entering the roof at the gutter line.

Bird proofing is also a good idea if you have solar panels.  It’s common to find birds and possums nesting under them. Again, this creates a potential fire hazard, an increase in vermin and possible damage to your solar panel hardware.

If you look after your roof, your roof will look after your home.

To prevent problems with birds, possums, lice, mites and possible fire hazards in your roof, call Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches on 1300 654 253 for a free, no obligation quote.

Another Happy Bird Proofing Client in Hobart

“I’ve had problems with starlings nesting in wall cavities by getting in through the colourbond roof where it joins the gutter. My house is double storey and all the quotes from other companies involved erection of scaffolding to install their product which would have added thousands on to the quote. The Gutter Vac quote was less than half all other quotes including cleaning of gutters and installation of the gutter guard. The job was completed in about 3 and a half hours, just using a ladder. I got a report on the condition of the gutters with photos and the Gutter Vac guard product is easy to remove and replace for ongoing maintenance.”

Peter, Berriedale Tasmania

When the pitch of the roof is too steep for us to access, we use our ground workers system to clean gutters.

We can install gutter guard, as long as the ladder reaches the gutter. We use an outrigger stabiliser for the ladder which allows us access to the gutter without it leaning on the gutter. This makes the installation process much easier as the gutter is not being pushed in from the weight of the ladder.

We use a staymesh plastic gutter guard for easy removal when it is time for a gutter clean. It is cost effective at the time of installation and then on every gutter clean thereafter.

Installing fixed gutter guards is costly at installation and then can be as much as four times the cost of a gutter clean without guard when the time comes for a clean. On a job where one would work from a ladder, fixed guard would be considerably higher than this.

It really pays off to do the research and the maths of installation and future gutter cleans.

Make an informed decision.

Some things to consider in the equation are:

  • Are you going to be living at this property for the foreseeable future or is it only for the next few years?
  • How much for installation?
  • How much for future gutter cleans?
  • What would the period be in between gutter cleans?

Birds in the roof are very annoying, cause damage and fire hazards. Evicting them will give peace of mind and harmony back to the home owner.

Bird Proofing Gutters Safely

“A great decision on my part not to balance on a sliding ladder or frighten myself on a roof without safety equipment. It is a long way to the ground and Chris handled it confidently with ropes and roof anchor points, so nobody was at risk of taking a nose dive onto concrete. The photos prove it all, the gutters are really clean now and we won’t have any birds in our walls next season. This might be good information for all people with wood heaters. A house burnt down in the last week because of bird nests in the roof and wall space to close to a wood heater.”

Rowena, Glenorchy Tasmania

Birds are wonderful creatures.

They are so beautiful with their colours and their varieties.

Their song is a delight to be heard…


The noise of babies in the nest at all times of the day, especially at day break is very annoying.

The pests attract pests like bird lice and remain in the cavity in the nesting material.

The birds can fall down into the wall cavities and not be able to get themselves out, therefore dying there.

The nesting material is also flammable.

The comings and goings of birds and their perching on the gutters makes the gutters dirty. They do their business there and drop grass seeds and then you have grass sprouting.

Time to clean the gutters again….

By installing a gutter guard to close off your gutters to the birds you may find that you are not cleaning your gutters as often and the noise you often wake up to is gone forever.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Bird Proofing

But do remember that using fixed guard can increase a gutter clean up to four times as much.

So do your research and get prices on everything prior to installing gutter guard.

  • Price of a gutter clean
  • Price of plastic guard installed
  • Price of fixed guard installed
  • Price of gutter clean with these different types of guard installed

Work out how long in between cleans you need and divide the period into the last cost. Also take into consideration the cost of the initial install over the period you would likely be living in the home.

There is a lot to consider and we are here to help. If you would like a quote, it is as easy as a phone call away or click on the request a quote button and we will get back to you.

Nubeena Customer Happy With Their Gutter Cleaning Service

“Thanks Chris & Therese we are so pleased to be able to use your service once again. Everything we asked for has been carried out with courtesy & professionally. Ken & Irene Cowell”

Ken & Irene Cowell, Nubeena Tasmania

Another repeat customer. They used to live else where in Hobart and we cleaned their gutters on a regular basis.

They had problems with birds in their new home. We were able to clean the gutters of debris, lift a sheet of roofing to access nesting material and then install gutter guard for bird proofing.

Thank you Ken and Irene for using Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

Happy Hobart Gutter Cleaning Customer

After contacting Gutter-Vac Tasmania we really appreciated the initial advice that was given to us to firstly remove the bird nests/lice problem that we had.  Despite Gutter-Vac Tasmania not being able to complete the job for several weeks, Therese went out of her way that day to find a pest control company that would be able to promptly remove the problematic nests. Then a time was found in the next few days for Gutter-Vac Tasmania to come and install Gutter Guard in the susceptible areas.  Completion of the cleaning of the gutters and the rest of the Gutter Guard was then carried out on an agreed date several weeks later. Thank you for a job well done!

Rae, Bonnet Hill, Hobart, Tasmania

We greatly appreciate our customers taking the time to complete our feedback surveys.

Those pesky birds are a problem when they can find their way in through the gutters to the eaves. They build their nests, lay their eggs and then you have squawking babies for the season.

The debris they leave behind can be a fire hazard as it dries out and then they return the next season to start over again.

The best time to do something about it is once the babies have left and the adult birds have gone. We can vacuum out the gutter and provide you with a gutter guard that will keep them out. Sometimes we can isolate the area with gutter guard and fix the problem. But the birds are persistent and will try other ways to get in by moving down the gutter line so it may be that you need to have gutter guard in all the guttering.

Give us a call on 1300 654 253 to see what solution we have for your problematic birds.