Do you have birds on your roof?

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Are birds hanging around the gutters and on the roof?

Having birds in your gutters or on the roof area can cause gutters to not flow properly and potentially cause plant growth.  The usual point of access to the roof cavity, is the corner. When birds sit on the corner of your roof or the aerial, they drop faeces that could contain grass seed which can germinate in the gutters, causing blockages.

If birds can get into your roof cavity, they may create a nest and home. With that you have noise from the birds and their babies and a potential fire hazard from the nesting material. Birds also carry lice and mites and disease.

What can be done to prevent birds from accessing a roof cavity?

Some solutions include:

  • Installing bird spikes along the peaks and ridge lines of the roof.
  • Placing fake predators on the roof to scare off the birds.
  • Spraying a homemade repellent on the areas they frequent. The repellent could consist of dried chilli, water and vinegar.
  • Wind spinners or gadgets that reflect light could also help.
  • Installing gutter guard, once the birds are gone for the season.

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