Another Happy Bird Proofing Client in Hobart

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Bird Proofing Testimonial Hobart

“I’ve had problems with starlings nesting in wall cavities by getting in through the colourbond roof where it joins the gutter. My house is double storey and all the quotes from other companies involved erection of scaffolding to install their product which would have added thousands on to the quote. The Gutter Vac quote was less than half all other quotes including cleaning of gutters and installation of the gutter guard. The job was completed in about 3 and a half hours, just using a ladder. I got a report on the condition of the gutters with photos and the Gutter Vac guard product is easy to remove and replace for ongoing maintenance.”

Peter, Berriedale Tasmania

When the pitch of the roof is too steep for us to access, we use our ground workers system to clean gutters.

We can install gutter guard, as long as the ladder reaches the gutter. We use an outrigger stabiliser for the ladder which allows us access to the gutter without it leaning on the gutter. This makes the installation process much easier as the gutter is not being pushed in from the weight of the ladder.

We use a staymesh plastic gutter guard for easy removal when it is time for a gutter clean. It is cost effective at the time of installation and then on every gutter clean thereafter.

Installing fixed gutter guards is costly at installation and then can be as much as four times the cost of a gutter clean without guard when the time comes for a clean. On a job where one would work from a ladder, fixed guard would be considerably higher than this.

It really pays off to do the research and the maths of installation and future gutter cleans.

Make an informed decision.

Some things to consider in the equation are:

  • Are you going to be living at this property for the foreseeable future or is it only for the next few years?
  • How much for installation?
  • How much for future gutter cleans?
  • What would the period be in between gutter cleans?

Birds in the roof are very annoying, cause damage and fire hazards. Evicting them will give peace of mind and harmony back to the home owner.

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