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Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter Cleaning Customer Review

After contacting Gutter-Vac Tasmania we really appreciated the initial advice that was given to us to firstly remove the bird nests/lice problem that we had.  Despite Gutter-Vac Tasmania not being able to complete the job for several weeks, Therese went out of her way that day to find a pest control company that would be able to promptly remove the problematic nests. Then a time was found in the next few days for Gutter-Vac Tasmania to come and install Gutter Guard in the susceptible areas.  Completion of the cleaning of the gutters and the rest of the Gutter Guard was then carried out on an agreed date several weeks later. Thank you for a job well done!

Rae, Bonnet Hill, Hobart, Tasmania

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Those pesky birds are a problem when they can find their way in through the gutters to the eaves. They build their nests, lay their eggs and then you have squawking babies for the season.

The debris they leave behind can be a fire hazard as it dries out and then they return the next season to start over again.

The best time to do something about it is once the babies have left and the adult birds have gone. We can vacuum out the gutter and provide you with a gutter guard that will keep them out. Sometimes we can isolate the area with gutter guard and fix the problem. But the birds are persistent and will try other ways to get in by moving down the gutter line so it may be that you need to have gutter guard in all the guttering.

Give us a call on 1300 654 253 to see what solution we have for your problematic birds.

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