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“A great decision on my part not to balance on a sliding ladder or frighten myself on a roof without safety equipment. It is a long way to the ground and Chris handled it confidently with ropes and roof anchor points, so nobody was at risk of taking a nose dive onto concrete. The photos prove it all, the gutters are really clean now and we won’t have any birds in our walls next season. This might be good information for all people with wood heaters. A house burnt down in the last week because of bird nests in the roof and wall space to close to a wood heater.”

Rowena, Glenorchy Tasmania

Birds are wonderful creatures.

They are so beautiful with their colours and their varieties.

Their song is a delight to be heard…


The noise of babies in the nest at all times of the day, especially at day break is very annoying.

The pests attract pests like bird lice and remain in the cavity in the nesting material.

The birds can fall down into the wall cavities and not be able to get themselves out, therefore dying there.

The nesting material is also flammable.

The comings and goings of birds and their perching on the gutters makes the gutters dirty. They do their business there and drop grass seeds and then you have grass sprouting.

Time to clean the gutters again….

By installing a gutter guard to close off your gutters to the birds you may find that you are not cleaning your gutters as often and the noise you often wake up to is gone forever.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Bird Proofing

But do remember that using fixed guard can increase a gutter clean up to four times as much.

So do your research and get prices on everything prior to installing gutter guard.

  • Price of a gutter clean
  • Price of plastic guard installed
  • Price of fixed guard installed
  • Price of gutter clean with these different types of guard installed

Work out how long in between cleans you need and divide the period into the last cost. Also take into consideration the cost of the initial install over the period you would likely be living in the home.

There is a lot to consider and we are here to help. If you would like a quote, it is as easy as a phone call away or click on the request a quote button and we will get back to you.

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