Six hidden threats of blocked gutters

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Six hidden threats of blocked gutters

It might be low on the to-do list, but regularly cleaning your gutters is an essential task when it comes to home maintenance.

Why? Because gutters play an important role in funneling water away from your home. And when they’re blocked, littered with debris or in disrepair, the impacts can extend to the very foundation of your home or put your property at risk of natural disaster and the elements.

Here’s a quick insight into the hidden impacts of blocked gutters and why they are a non-negotiable maintenance task every home owner should undertake.

The role of gutters

Gutters are a feature of every Australian home because they perform a simple but essential function…they catch the water from your roof and funnel it away from your property.

For most metropolitan homes this water is channelled into stormwater, but for about a quarter of the population, gutters also catch and divert water into rainwater tanks for domestic use.

In an Australian climate that’s prone to tropical downpours, storms and dry weather, this is no small domestic task. The state of your gutters can affect everything from the quality of the rainwater you drink from your tank to your risk of bushfire and roof leaks.

So, what happens when your gutters are blocked?

Overflow and flooding

Most people first realise their gutters are full when the water overflows during a rain event. This excess water spills onto the ground, damaging gardens or areas beneath. In heavy rain it can also cause puddles and may even see water entering the property.

Roof leaks

It’s important to remember the primary function of a gutter is as a channel. And like any channel, if a gutter is blocked, the water will find a way around it, or simply back up.

When a gutter backs up in heavy downfalls, the water may then flow into the house, damaging everything from ceilings and plasterboard to electrics.

Foundation damage

If water is regularly pooling or flowing around the exterior of your property, it has the potential to damage the foundations which can cause very real, very expensive problems for your home.

Gutter damage

A common problem people encounter when their gutters are blocked or filled with debris is gutter damage, and this occurs for a couple of reasons.
Sediment or leaf litter in the gutters causes water to be retained. Over time, this sees gutter joins corrode or causes gutters to become so heavy they may begin to sag.

Once gutters sag, the problem is compounded with debris and water pooling in the lowered gutters and causing further damage.


Many pests just love a damp environment and their presence can result in both health risks and structural damage.

For example, moist soil attracts termites. If blocked gutters are causing regular pools of water outside your property this offers a potential gateway for this devastating pest.

Meanwhile, pooled water within your gutters or around your home provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Fire risk

In dry and rural areas, full gutters also pose a bushfire risk. This is a particular threat during the hot summer months because dry leaf litter provides the ideal environment for bushfire embers to settle and ignite leaf litter.

Water quality

Around a quarter of the Australian population relies on a rainwater tank as their main supply of household water, and this water is channelled into tanks via your gutters. When gutters are blocked or filled with debris, it not only impacts the water quality, but can also see this valuable resource diverted elsewhere.

Cleaning your gutters

Every home owner should be looking to clean their gutters at least twice a year, but in many cases it’s prudent to check your gutters more regularly.
If your home features overhanging trees, is located in a tropical climate prone to downpours, or is on tank water, gutters may need to be cleaned as regularly as every three to four months.

About Gutter-Vac

Gutter-Vac is a national company proudly offering the highest quality technicians in the gutter cleaning industry. Each of our technicians is equipped with specialised training in Gutter-Vac’s vacuum technology and provides quality customer service with an emphasis on safety.

You can learn more about our services here, or contact us directly to book your next gutter or tank clean.

Did you know . . .

…that we complete a roof and gutter report as part of our service? 

Have peace of mind! Whilst we are on your roof, we carry out a complimentary roof and gutter inspection.  We can make note of any issues such as rusting gutters, cracked tiles, problems on solar panels or any issues that might harm the integrity of your roof and gutters. Property Managers LOVE this service! 

Why? Because they can send this report to the owners of the property to see any maintenance that may need to be carried out BEFORE a problem occurs AND it gives the property manager one more value add to their clients!   Give us a call today on 1300 654 253 to ask us more.

Gutter Cleaning as Preventative Maintenance

While clean gutters can definitely improve the appearance of your home, they can also protect your home from serious damage. In the event of severe weather, or a bushfire, clogged gutters put your home at serious risk. Embers can find fuel in gutter debris, setting your house alight. Clogged gutters and downpipes can cause water to overflow into your roof and ceiling.

Getting your gutters and roof professionally cleaned can add years to the life of your house because it minimises rust. Did you know that debris left in gutters breaks down and forms a destructive sludge?This acidic sludge causes the formation of rust, which often corrodes gutters past the point of repair.

Did you know that you could be inadvertently voiding your home insurance if your gutters and downpipes are blockedIn the event that something goes wrong, you may not be protected if your gutters haven’t been maintained. The benefit of having your gutters professionally cleaned is that in the case of disaster, you will have evidence of being proactive. 

At Gutter-Vac, we offer a preventative maintenance plan. We do the worrying about maintaining your gutters for you! Call 1300 654 253 or fill out the ‘Get A Quote’ form on the website, and your local Gutter-Vac technician will call you for a chat.

Treat your tank right!

Australia has a generally hot, dry climate and fresh water is a limited and valuable commodity. Collection of rainfall from roof run-off is an ancient practice that dates back over 3000 years! Even in areas that receive mains water, many households collect rainwater in tanks to augment supplies or provide an alternative and renewable source of water. The Health Department guidelines for tank cleanliness state that “In addition to six-monthly inspections, tanks should be inspected every 2-3 years for the presence of accumulated sediments. If the bottom of the tank is covered with sediment the tank should be cleaned.” Scarily, decaying leaves, algae, faeces, and dead animals are commonly found in water tanks that aren’t regularly serviced!  

Using our specialised vacuum system, Gutter-Vac can clean your water tank while it is still full of water, leaving your tank debris and bacteria free. Our trained and qualified technicians will vacuum the floor of the water tank to remove all build-up of sludge and sediment. Our methods are environmentally friendly – they minimise water loss and use no chemicals, so you can be assured that we’re leaving your tank in even better condition than before.

See for more information about water tank use and care.

Is something slithering in your gutters?

There are many species of snakes in Australia that happily live in the bush land surrounding our towns and cities. Due to a lack of understanding and familiarity many people are frightened of snakes but remember that most snakes simply want to get away from you.

Tree snakes and pythons are both harmless and commonly found in gutters and gardens as the weather warms up. If you see a snake, its recommended that you leave it alone and wait to see if it moves on. If it remains nearby or you think its stuck inside a building, you should call a licensed snake catcher to investigate.

Homeowners should be aware that feeding pets outside and keeping chickens and guinea pigs will attract rodents, which in turn can attract snakes. Keeping a clean and tidy garden, and not leaving pet food outside, will reduce the risk of snakes visiting your property. Another maintenance tip for keeping snakes from taking up residence at your place is to have your gutters cleaned regularly. This prevents the gutters from becoming clogged with leaves and twigs – an ideal home for rodents and the snakes that prey on them.

Our technicians can not only help you by vacuuming out the build-up in your gutters, but also with a Preventative Maintenance Plan for keeping them clean and keeping the creatures away! Give us a call today on 1300 654 253.

UV Exposure Adds Up

We usually think of sunburn as something that happens at the beach. But did you know that most Australians get sunburned during day-to-day activities like hanging out the washing, watering the garden, doing yard maintenance or having a weekend BBQ?
We might not think of these everyday activities as needing sun protection, but this incidental UV damage contributes to our risk of cancer. The Cancer Council says that “your skin is like a memory bank – it remembers all the sunburns, all the tans and all the time you spent exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation without sun protection.”
Over time, this UV damage can result in premature ageing, sunspots, eye damage and ultimately, skin cancer. To prevent UV damage and cut your risk of skin cancer, protect your skin this summer and leave some of those outdoor jobs to others. Gutter-Vac technicians follow sun-safe guidelines including wearing long sleeves whenever possible, applying SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen at regular intervals, wearing a hat that protects the face, ears and neck and wearing wrap-around sunglasses.
This summer, if you have outdoor jobs like gutter cleaning, pressure washing or solar panel cleaning, why not leave it to the experts?
Call us on 1300 654 253 and save your skin!

Are You Ready for Bushfire Season?

Australia is one of the most fire-prone countries on earth and bushfires can cause widespread devastation. In the right conditions, a small fire can quickly become a massive one if not quickly controlled. When weather, topography, vegetation and fuel combine to defeat the best efforts of firefighters, bushfires can cause millions of dollars in damage and claim lives.

With bushfire season on the horizon, experts are warning that people should begin preparing early and take steps to protect their home. 

Residents who live in high-risk areas are being urged to take precautions and prepare by putting together a fire-survival plan and taking practical steps around the home.

Local fire services recommend that you have your gutters regularly cleaned to help protect your home and reduce the spread of fire.  It is important to ensure that your gutters are free from any debris, as leaves can act as fuel for stray embers.  90% of homes caught in a bushfire are lost to “ember attack”, where spot fires are ignited by burning twigs, leaves or pieces of bark that are carried by the wind. These embers can land in a home’s guttering and ignite the property if the gutters have not been well-maintained.  It is recommended that all homeowners in bushfire prone areas have their gutters professionally cleaned before it is too late.  

Be proactive and get your home prepared today. Call the gutter cleaning specialists on 1300 654 253.

Meet Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania

Down in Tasmania, Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania are making a splash cleaning gutters all over the state, and making a name for themselves as gutter cleaning specialists. Since joining Gutter-Vac back in 2016, they have never looked back, and are continually growing their businesses to new heights every day. We recently caught up with Chris and Therese, to learn why gutter cleaning is so critical in Tasmania, and what the weirdest thing they have stumbled across in a gutter is…

Where does Gutter-Vac Tasmania service, and what services do you provide?

We service the state of Tasmania. We are based in Hobart and we try to book block work in areas, such as Burnie, Devonport and Launceston, and their surrounding areas.

The services that we provide are:

  • Vacuum cleaning gutters and storm water pits and drains
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Bird proofing
  • Gutter Guard Supply and Installation
  • Chimney Flu cleaning
  • Maintenance program for your service

Why is gutter cleaning important in Tasmania?

Our climate here in Tasmania goes from one extreme to another. In Winter, we need to make sure the leaves of Autumn have been cleared from the gutters so there are no blockage problems for the Winter months. Our cold climate is just right for the growth of moss and lichen.

In Summer, we need to be vigilant of the bushfire season. Gutters should be cleared around November and December, to prepare for the hot weather in January to the end of February.

General maintenance of your gutters at least once a year will prolong the life of your gutters. Tasmania can have four seasons in one day and with the winds that we get at times it is prudent to have regular gutter cleaning.

What is the strangest thing you have found in a gutter?

The strangest thing we have found in a gutter would have to be on a job that had mud filled gutters along with knives, forks, spoons and a mobile phone.

What would you say to someone considering buying a Gutter-Vac franchise?

It is a fantastic opportunity to work for yourself and create a business to whatever level you want to take it. There is great support to help you get where you want to be.

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Why cleaning your gutters yourself is a really bad idea…

While cleaning your own gutters might seem like a job you can do yourself, the list of reasons why you shouldn’t is endless. The major reason why it is a terrible idea is your safety.

Cleaning your own gutters might seem like a small risk to take but the consequences can be deadly. Between 2001 and 2012, there were at least 276 deaths in Australia from ladder falls, with most occurring at home.

There is never a good enough reason to put your life at risk when there are professionals who can climb up on your roof and safely clean your gutters for you. The injuries you can sustain from a ladder fall can be life-altering or fatal, for not just you but your family.

Your local Gutter-Vac team have all the correct equipment, training, and insurance to effectively and efficiently clean your gutters. Don’t risk a fall, give Gutter-Vac a call.

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