We usually think of sunburn as something that happens at the beach. But did you know that most Australians get sunburned during day-to-day activities like hanging out the washing, watering the garden, doing yard maintenance or having a weekend BBQ?
We might not think of these everyday activities as needing sun protection, but this incidental UV damage contributes to our risk of cancer. The Cancer Council says that “your skin is like a memory bank – it remembers all the sunburns, all the tans and all the time you spent exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation without sun protection.”
Over time, this UV damage can result in premature ageing, sunspots, eye damage and ultimately, skin cancer. To prevent UV damage and cut your risk of skin cancer, protect your skin this summer and leave some of those outdoor jobs to others. Gutter-Vac technicians follow sun-safe guidelines including wearing long sleeves whenever possible, applying SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen at regular intervals, wearing a hat that protects the face, ears and neck and wearing wrap-around sunglasses.
This summer, if you have outdoor jobs like gutter cleaning, pressure washing or solar panel cleaning, why not leave it to the experts?
Call us on 1300 654 253 and save your skin!

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