Meet Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania

Down in Tasmania, Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania are making a splash cleaning gutters all over the state, and making a name for themselves as gutter cleaning specialists. Since joining Gutter-Vac back in 2016, they have never looked back, and are continually growing their businesses to new heights every day. We recently caught up with Chris and Therese, to learn why gutter cleaning is so critical in Tasmania, and what the weirdest thing they have stumbled across in a gutter is…

Where does Gutter-Vac Tasmania service, and what services do you provide?

We service the state of Tasmania. We are based in Hobart and we try to book block work in areas, such as Burnie, Devonport and Launceston, and their surrounding areas.

The services that we provide are:

  • Vacuum cleaning gutters and storm water pits and drains
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Bird proofing
  • Gutter Guard Supply and Installation
  • Chimney Flu cleaning
  • Maintenance program for your service

Why is gutter cleaning important in Tasmania?

Our climate here in Tasmania goes from one extreme to another. In Winter, we need to make sure the leaves of Autumn have been cleared from the gutters so there are no blockage problems for the Winter months. Our cold climate is just right for the growth of moss and lichen.

In Summer, we need to be vigilant of the bushfire season. Gutters should be cleared around November and December, to prepare for the hot weather in January to the end of February.

General maintenance of your gutters at least once a year will prolong the life of your gutters. Tasmania can have four seasons in one day and with the winds that we get at times it is prudent to have regular gutter cleaning.

What is the strangest thing you have found in a gutter?

The strangest thing we have found in a gutter would have to be on a job that had mud filled gutters along with knives, forks, spoons and a mobile phone.

What would you say to someone considering buying a Gutter-Vac franchise?

It is a fantastic opportunity to work for yourself and create a business to whatever level you want to take it. There is great support to help you get where you want to be.

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