Do you know what is living in your gutters?

You might be horrified to learn that your gutters are most likely home to creepy crawlies, reptiles and animals, like vermin, snakes and frogs.

The debris in gutters is the perfect environment for insects and bugs to breed. Once these insects take up residence in the gutters, larger predators such as mice and rats come along to prey on them. The vermin then generally don’t move on, and instead live in your gutters and roof cavity. If you have a mosquito, cockroach, ant or termite problem around your home, your unclean gutters may be to blame.

The most effective way to get rid of these unwanted guests, is by having your gutters professionally vacuum cleaned.  Vacuuming cleaning the debris out of your gutters means that you are totally removing the environment that insects and bugs breed in, and thereby the food source for larger animal’s food source. They will very quickly move on once their home and food disappears!

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