Is something slithering in your gutters?

There are many species of snakes in Australia that happily live in the bush land surrounding our towns and cities. Due to a lack of understanding and familiarity many people are frightened of snakes but remember that most snakes simply want to get away from you.

Tree snakes and pythons are both harmless and commonly found in gutters and gardens as the weather warms up. If you see a snake, its recommended that you leave it alone and wait to see if it moves on. If it remains nearby or you think its stuck inside a building, you should call a licensed snake catcher to investigate.

Homeowners should be aware that feeding pets outside and keeping chickens and guinea pigs will attract rodents, which in turn can attract snakes. Keeping a clean and tidy garden, and not leaving pet food outside, will reduce the risk of snakes visiting your property. Another maintenance tip for keeping snakes from taking up residence at your place is to have your gutters cleaned regularly. This prevents the gutters from becoming clogged with leaves and twigs – an ideal home for rodents and the snakes that prey on them.

Our technicians can not only help you by vacuuming out the build-up in your gutters, but also with a Preventative Maintenance Plan for keeping them clean and keeping the creatures away! Give us a call today on 1300 654 253.

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