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Gutter Cleaning Brisbane

Safe to say living among the gum trees is ok. Let’s say 50 meters from the nearest one, but still among them. 50 centimetres however, as in directly under them.  Probably not what Don Burke meant.

The amount of debris that can build up like on this particular Carport in Carina, can be detrimental in the long term.  The weight of the debris when it is wet can warp the structure.  Best to keep it clear.

Who better to take care of that than Gutter Vac Brisbane South East, the Gutter cleaning specialists.

Servicing leafy areas like 7 Hills, Hawthorn and Carina where the debris can build up like this is what we do.

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, REMOVES trees in high places.

Being a gutter cleaning expert, yeah, we’ve got that covered. Any type of gutter that needs a clean, we can easily do at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South East. We’re the best gutter cleaning service there is.

Sometimes the only indication that a gutter needs a clean is when a tree is seen to be growing out of the gutter. That’s when you know that, ‘it’s been a while.’

Pulling out the tree can free up all the blockages and then we can clean the gutters out perfectly. Trees can be seen elsewhere too, take a look at this fig tree growing out the side of a wall in Holland Park. It wouldn’t take long for that to ruin a structure. But that is something we can take care of. We have the ladders and the initiative – it took only three and a half minutes to pull it all out, and now the wall won’t eventually crack as the roots grow. We were happy, the body corporate was happy, a big win win for everyone, even the tree got re-planted. Imagine the poor tree, all the other trees around are growing out of the nutrition rich earth, while this one drew the short straw, and has to make do growing out of a wall crack. Outrage!

Just another service we provide on top of being Brisbane’s best gutter cleaners.

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East: Possum eviction in Morningside.

All creatures, great and small, but mostly the small ones. They are the ones hanging out on your roof. Even though Brisbane is a rapidly growing city, just look at Coorparoo and Camp Hill for instance. The big smoke itself still has native wild life residing here – plenty of snakes and birds, and lots of possums.

In fact, the possums have adapted to the new urban environment quite well, they have throwbacks to their historical type homes built with sticks, despite being in a vastly modern and new industrial setting, like the gutter nook of your patio, above your outdoor dining table.

But no matter how cute they are, they can block a gutter with a bed made from sticks and mud. And that’s when you have to ask yourself,

“Do I let the possum live here, or do I stop my gutter from overflowing onto my outdoor furniture?”

Case closed. Here is one that was evicted from Morningside today. It ran to the nearest edge and base jumped to a tree branch and disappeared, as did its living arrangements, all vacuumed up by the best gutter cleaning equipment in South East Brisbane.

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, deals with GUTTER GUARD.

Here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, every type of gutter guard has been encountered. I found a house in Carindale once, that had metal covers over their gutters completely covering them, which basically meant the water flowed straight off the roof, rendering the gutters obsolete.  All fitted gutter guard eventually has to be taken off to clean under it. Up until recently, I thought the black foam gutter guard was the best, but I came across some in Coorparoo that had tuned into a block of sludge with plants galore growing out of it.  It just means that although gutter guard helps, it isn’t a solution. Even the gutter guard needs to be cleaned out from time to time.   

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, Gutter REPAIRS!

Across Brisbane there are gutters, and some of them are rusting. In leafy suburbs like Carina, Carindale, Murrarie, and Camp Hill, there are homes that are needing a bit of roof TLC, and have yet to discover the problems that they have on the roof.

A customer in Coorparoo recently had a 6 metre length rusted so badly that there were more holes than gutter. The fascia board was rust stained and it just looked terrible. With experience in repair work similar to this, a quote to fix it was provided and she rang the next day to book it in. Within a couple of days, the gutter was fixed and looking fantastic, and the fascia got a makeover while I was there too. The customer was very happy with the side of the house looking brand new again.

That’s the benefit of a trusted, experienced, professional; time is taken to do these things. It’s not just about cleaning the gutters, it’s about looking after the customer with everything on the roof. Any rusted gutter or damaged downpipe, cracked tile or pointing, we can either fix for the customer or refer someone who can.

It is just another reason to choose Brisbane’s best gutter cleaning service, Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East.


Gutter Cleaning Services for Body Corporate.

Not everyone thinks about gutter cleaning services. For example, people living on the ground floor of a multi-story unit complex are only worried about the gutters at ground level.  Penthouse residents think about the roof gutters, probably not often, but when it’s pouring rain and the gutters are blocked, boy do they know about it.

Every building that inhabits the great people of Brisbane South-East has gutters that need maintenance. There are plenty of unit complexes throughout Morningside, East Brisbane, Coorparoo and surrounding suburbs, and some of these buildings are quite high.

Only Gutter-Vac specialist gutter cleaners are going to be able to access these roof tops safely, and clean out the gutters effectively.  For Body Corporate Managers, Gutter-Vac is the best option because we are one company, Australia wide, with proven ability.

And don’t worry ground level residents, I know you also stress when it’s pouring rain, we also clean out the road gutters, and storm pits if required 😉


Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East encounters: SNAKES ON A ROOF!

Here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, we consider ourselves to be Brisbane’s best gutter cleaning services.

Part of that accolade is our depth of experience.  For years now we have been on roof tops in areas such as Coorparoo, Bulimba, Camp Hill and Carindale. I couldn’t tell you how many snake skins we have come across in the gutters. But what I can tell you, is that every time we find one in the gutter, part of me speculates “Is the snake still here!”

Now after a plethora of skins, one would easily relax at the discovery of another dried up skin curled around a gutter bracket. As I did today, however, as I vacuumed the skin up with the sticks and leaves and mud around it, something blocked the vacuum.  I pulled the nozzle away from the gutter only to unravel a decent sized Brown Tree snake onto the roof with me. Understandably, I froze. The snake seemed to be totally fine with being plucked out of the gutter by a powerful vacuum, and I appreciate that it didn’t rear up and have a go at me.

I had time for a quick photo before it slid away and off the side of the house. But rest assured, here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, we make sure your gutters are clear of sticks, mud, snakes and leaves.

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, and the Camp Hill Caterpillar!

Our equipment can be a little bit noisy when cleaning the gutters, and a young customer downstairs was a bit concerned with all the noise, so his Mum brought him outside to watch what was going on on the roof.  I was pulling a plant out of the downpipe when behold, an amazing caterpillar was chewing on the leaves.

This was no ordinary insect, I mean, it was like the punk-rock-star of the Lepidoptera family, and thus ‘tools down’ was enacted.  I carefully carried the specimen down the ladder and presented it to the little boy, whose face lit up, even more than mine, by the sight of it. He treasured his new discovery and took it inside. It was a big win-win, for everyone,

Especially the home owner, now enjoying completely clean gutters.