Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East encounters: SNAKES ON A ROOF!

Here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, we consider ourselves to be Brisbane’s best gutter cleaning services.

Part of that accolade is our depth of experience.  For years now we have been on roof tops in areas such as Coorparoo, Bulimba, Camp Hill and Carindale. I couldn’t tell you how many snake skins we have come across in the gutters. But what I can tell you, is that every time we find one in the gutter, part of me speculates “Is the snake still here!”

Now after a plethora of skins, one would easily relax at the discovery of another dried up skin curled around a gutter bracket. As I did today, however, as I vacuumed the skin up with the sticks and leaves and mud around it, something blocked the vacuum.  I pulled the nozzle away from the gutter only to unravel a decent sized Brown Tree snake onto the roof with me. Understandably, I froze. The snake seemed to be totally fine with being plucked out of the gutter by a powerful vacuum, and I appreciate that it didn’t rear up and have a go at me.

I had time for a quick photo before it slid away and off the side of the house. But rest assured, here at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, we make sure your gutters are clear of sticks, mud, snakes and leaves.

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