Gutter Cleaning Services for Body Corporate.

Not everyone thinks about gutter cleaning services. For example, people living on the ground floor of a multi-story unit complex are only worried about the gutters at ground level.  Penthouse residents think about the roof gutters, probably not often, but when it’s pouring rain and the gutters are blocked, boy do they know about it.

Every building that inhabits the great people of Brisbane South-East has gutters that need maintenance. There are plenty of unit complexes throughout Morningside, East Brisbane, Coorparoo and surrounding suburbs, and some of these buildings are quite high.

Only Gutter-Vac specialist gutter cleaners are going to be able to access these roof tops safely, and clean out the gutters effectively.  For Body Corporate Managers, Gutter-Vac is the best option because we are one company, Australia wide, with proven ability.

And don’t worry ground level residents, I know you also stress when it’s pouring rain, we also clean out the road gutters, and storm pits if required 😉


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