Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, and the Camp Hill Caterpillar!

Our equipment can be a little bit noisy when cleaning the gutters, and a young customer downstairs was a bit concerned with all the noise, so his Mum brought him outside to watch what was going on on the roof.  I was pulling a plant out of the downpipe when behold, an amazing caterpillar was chewing on the leaves.

This was no ordinary insect, I mean, it was like the punk-rock-star of the Lepidoptera family, and thus ‘tools down’ was enacted.  I carefully carried the specimen down the ladder and presented it to the little boy, whose face lit up, even more than mine, by the sight of it. He treasured his new discovery and took it inside. It was a big win-win, for everyone,

Especially the home owner, now enjoying completely clean gutters.

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