Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East: Possum eviction in Morningside.

All creatures, great and small, but mostly the small ones. They are the ones hanging out on your roof. Even though Brisbane is a rapidly growing city, just look at Coorparoo and Camp Hill for instance. The big smoke itself still has native wild life residing here – plenty of snakes and birds, and lots of possums.

In fact, the possums have adapted to the new urban environment quite well, they have throwbacks to their historical type homes built with sticks, despite being in a vastly modern and new industrial setting, like the gutter nook of your patio, above your outdoor dining table.

But no matter how cute they are, they can block a gutter with a bed made from sticks and mud. And that’s when you have to ask yourself,

“Do I let the possum live here, or do I stop my gutter from overflowing onto my outdoor furniture?”

Case closed. Here is one that was evicted from Morningside today. It ran to the nearest edge and base jumped to a tree branch and disappeared, as did its living arrangements, all vacuumed up by the best gutter cleaning equipment in South East Brisbane.

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