Graham was impressed with Gutter-Vac Knox

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Graham was impressed with Gutter-Vac Knox

Graham a retired IT expert from Bayswater North recently hired Gutter-Vac Knox after strict instructions from his wife not to attempt getting up a ladder and cleaning the gutters himself.

He has kindly completed our online Customer Satisfaction Survey describing his experience.

Timeliness of Quote : Excellent

Timeliness of Service ; Excellent

Telephone Manners & Friendliness : Excellent

Operators Appearance & Cleanliness : Excellent

Property Condition Following Service : Excellent

Overall Service : Excellent

Would you recommend Gutter-Vac to others? Yes

Will you use Gutter-Vac again? Yes

Comments : Very Professional service.

Graham Low – Bayswater North


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Lesley from Selby is another satisfied customer.

Lesley recently hired Gutter-Vac Knox for a gutter cleaning service at her cottage in the hills of Selby and later completed our website Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Timeliness of Quote : Excellent

Timeliness of Service : Excellent

Telephone Manners & Friendliness : Excellent

Operators Appearance & Cleanliness : Excellent

Property Condition Following Service : Excellent

Overall Service : Excellent

Would you recommend Gutter-Vac to others? Yes

Would you use Gutter-Vac again? Yes

Comments :  Thanks Bryan for a great job. I liked the photos of before and after.

Lesley Wilson – Selby


Give us a call today on 0437 910 050 or 1300 654 253 to get a professional and friendly gutter cleaning service at Gutter-Vac Knox.

Peter is one of our happy customers from Ferntree Gully

Peter posted this review after a recent gutter clean of his two story townhouse in Ferntree Gully.

“Bryan did an amazing job at our house in Ferntree Gully. We would recommend him with no doubt. He was genuine and gave great advice.”

Peter Pins.

Thanks Peter for your great review!

Peters gutters were chock a block with leaves twigs and bark from a neighbouring eucalypt tree which meant hand cleaning the build-up lying on the roof and guttering then vacuum cleaning all the gutters thoroughly to leave his roof and gutters clean and ready to do their job before the rains come.

Peter understands the importance of regular roof and gutter maintenance and has asked us to schedule 6mth gutter cleans to maintain his property.

Now is the time to book your gutters in for vacuum cleaning before we get the seasonal change and the rain hits Melbourne. Call Gutter-Vac Knox today on 0437 910 050 or 1300 654 253 to book your appointment.

Gutter-Vac Knox is Cm3 Prequalified

Gutter-Vac Knox has recently passed its Cm3 OHS/WHS Assessment.

Cm3 is Australia’s leading online Contractor OHS/WHS Prequalification system and has been developed to help companies engage the services of competent contractors who have the necessary OHS/WHS systems and processes for working safely.

Being Cm3 prequalified gives our clients the advantage knowing that our health and safety management systems have been pre tested and are at the required standard, and all relevant insurances and licences are in place.

Gutter-Vac Knox also holds current:

White Card (CPCCOHS1001A)     Working safely in the construction Industry

Yellow Card  –  EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Licence.  (Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift >11Mt)

Working Safely at Heights (RIIWHS204D)

Working with Children Checked

Contact Gutter-Vac Knox on 0437 910 050 or 1300 654 253 to discuss how we can help with your Commercial Cleaning Requirements.

What is the Gutter-Vac Difference ?

If you have made the choice to outsource your gutter cleaning, whether it be for a commercial property or your own home there are many choices for which contractor or company you decide to use.

Things you should definitely consider before making your final decision are :

Insurance :  Does your contractor have adequate public liability insurance ? 

Gutter-Vac Knox carries 20M Public Liability insurance.

Safety : Is your contractor safety trained to work from heights ? 

All Gutter-Vac franchisees across Australia are fully trained to work from heights and carry and use all the appropriate travel restraint safety harnesses, Lanyards and anchorage devices.

Workmanship: What are you getting for your money ?

As the name suggests Gutter-Vac vacuum cleans gutters with our high powered specialised wet/dry vacuum system that will remove all the twigs, bark, leaves AND dirt and sludge that sits at the bottom of your guttering. The same standard of cleaning is simply not achievable by any other method. Your gutters will thoroughly cleaned without mess, any blockages will be identified and cleared and your property will be left cleaner than when we arrived . WE GAURANTEE SATISFACTION !

ALSO, all debris from your gutters is taken with us .


Give us a call today on 0437 910 050 or 1300 654 253


Which Gutter Guard works best ?

Australia is home to many beautiful native trees. If you are lucky enough to live amongst these native trees you would be well aware of the trade off. Eucalypts will shed leaves all year round which in turn will create some extra work out in the garden for you.

When it comes to your gutters there may be a need to have some sort of gutter guard in place as cleaning your gutters every month is just not practical. But which system works best and why?

A good gutter protection system will help to keep your gutters flowing in between cleans. And while they will strech out the timing between cleans, you’re still going to have to clean those gutters!

Aviod permantly fixed gutter guard systems as they are difficult to clean under, time consuming and costly to remove and can cause permanent damage to your gutters. REMEMBER, permantly fixed gutter gaurd systems do not mean an end to cleaning your gutters.

Warren Ballantyne the founder of Gutter-Vac introduces Gutter Flow Gutter Guard

Not just Gutter cleaning !

Did you know Gutter-Vac also does solar panel cleaning?

Leaves, bird poop and airborne particles all dirty your solar panels. Dirty panels means POWER LOSS!

The grime and debris reduce the amount of sunlight that is able to be absorbed and less electricity is generated. The potential energy loss depends on the level of filth you solar panels have accumulated.

Energy loss could reach 25%, but some reports bring the number as high as 30% for consumers who never clean their system.

We use our solar panel cleaning equipment along with Biodegradable Eviromentally Friendly cleaning agents to get your solar panels sparkling clean and working at 100% efficiency again.

This is why is makes sense to ask Gutter-Vac to clean your solar panels as well when we do your next gutter clean.

Give the freindly team at Gutter-Vac Knox a call today on 1300 654 253  or  0437 910 050

New Trailer delivery for Gutter-Vac Knox !

Gutter-Vac Knox has just taken delivery of a brand new Gutter-Vac trailer!


Hidden behind the shiny red panels of the Gutter-Vac trailer is a powerful petrol driven industrial vacuum system with custom-built attachments. This combination enables Gutter-Vac to remove debris from areas of gutters and downpipesthat no other method of cleaning can manage.



* Saves time and effort

* Reduces the risk of fire damage to your property

* Eliminates the chance of water build-up and serious damage to the building structure and its integrity

* Prevents rusting to your gutters from dirt and sludge build up

* Stops the potential of personal risk or harm from trying to do it yourself


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