Has your chimney had a flu jab yet ?

Many residents throughout the Knox region and Dandenong Ranges rely on wood heaters as their primary heating in the home. Wood heaters are a fantastic form of clean heat compared to some ducted heating systems, however they do require some maintenance.

Chimney and Flue cleaning for your wood heater should be done once a year as part of the maintenance required on your home. Failing to do this can lead to two main problems- inefficient heating or even a chimney fire.

Creosote is a byproduct that comes from burning wood and will stay in your chimney or flue until it is removed. Creosote is a substance which left to build up over time can become very difficult to clean. If this build up gets too heavy, it can prevent smoke properly venting and can potentially cause risk of smoke and carbon monoxide fumes entering your home. The other big potential risk is a chimney fire, caused from the creosote build-up igniting within your chimney.

Chimney and Flue cleaning is another service that Gutter-Vac Knox offers to our customers. We work from your roof safely and fully harnessed cleaning your chimney or flue from the top down dislodging all the creosote build-up and leaving you with a flue that will breath properly and make for a more efficient and better burning wood heater.

Ask us about the discount we can offer when booking your gutter cleaning and chimney clean together.


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