Not just Gutter cleaning !

Did you know Gutter-Vac also does solar panel cleaning?

Leaves, bird poop and airborne particles all dirty your solar panels. Dirty panels means POWER LOSS!

The grime and debris reduce the amount of sunlight that is able to be absorbed and less electricity is generated. The potential energy loss depends on the level of filth you solar panels have accumulated.

Energy loss could reach 25%, but some reports bring the number as high as 30% for consumers who never clean their system.

We use our solar panel cleaning equipment along with Biodegradable Eviromentally Friendly cleaning agents to get your solar panels sparkling clean and working at 100% efficiency again.

This is why is makes sense to ask Gutter-Vac to clean your solar panels as well when we do your next gutter clean.

Give the freindly team at Gutter-Vac Knox a call today on 1300 654 253  or  0437 910 050

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