Which Gutter Guard works best ?

Australia is home to many beautiful native trees. If you are lucky enough to live amongst these native trees you would be well aware of the trade off. Eucalypts will shed leaves all year round which in turn will create some extra work out in the garden for you.

When it comes to your gutters there may be a need to have some sort of gutter guard in place as cleaning your gutters every month is just not practical. But which system works best and why?

A good gutter protection system will help to keep your gutters flowing in between cleans. And while they will strech out the timing between cleans, you’re still going to have to clean those gutters!

Aviod permantly fixed gutter guard systems as they are difficult to clean under, time consuming and costly to remove and can cause permanent damage to your gutters. REMEMBER, permantly fixed gutter gaurd systems do not mean an end to cleaning your gutters.

Warren Ballantyne the founder of Gutter-Vac introduces Gutter Flow Gutter Guard

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