New Trailer delivery for Gutter-Vac Knox !

Gutter-Vac Knox has just taken delivery of a brand new Gutter-Vac trailer!


Hidden behind the shiny red panels of the Gutter-Vac trailer is a powerful petrol driven industrial vacuum system with custom-built attachments. This combination enables Gutter-Vac to remove debris from areas of gutters and downpipesthat no other method of cleaning can manage.



* Saves time and effort

* Reduces the risk of fire damage to your property

* Eliminates the chance of water build-up and serious damage to the building structure and its integrity

* Prevents rusting to your gutters from dirt and sludge build up

* Stops the potential of personal risk or harm from trying to do it yourself


Give us a call today on 1300 654 253 or 0437 910 050

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