Did you know that Gutter Vac Central West are the Professional Gutter Cleaning to call as we cover all the small areas too – like Manildra, Cumnock, Molong Yeoval, Grenfell, Carcoar, Cudal, Canowindra and many more!

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Did you know that Gutter Vac Central West are the Professional Gutter Cleaning to call as we cover all the small areas too – like Manildra, Cumnock, Molong Yeoval, Grenfell, Carcoar, Cudal, Canowindra and many more!

Yes, you read right we are the Professional Gutter cleaners that come out to all the small townships as well. Gutter-Vac Central West has built as schedule so that we are able to service our Franchise area. We may not be in your area everyday but we can always book our small townships into our schedule.

Gutter-Vac Central West regularly already services Orange, Parkes, Forbes, Molong, Bathurst and Blayney. So, going a few extra Kilometres is not out of the question, we love the Central West and what it has to offer so we travel to Carcoar, Lyndhurst, Eugowra, Grenfell, Yeoval, Molong, Cudal, Cumnock, Manildra, Canowindra and many more.

We not only clean Gutters we can also clean your Solar panel, tanks, ceiling cavities and flues. We do before and after photos and place your property on a regular maintenance schedule for no extra cost, it’s just a part of the Gutter-Vac service.

Gutter-Vac Central West Vacuums your gutter yes that’s right we have a unique wet dry Vacuum that is able to clean up leaves, mud and sludge! We are trained for working at heights and have all the correct insurances. You no longer need that handyman the scoops it out by hand and could be there all day!

If you’re unsure if Gutter-Vac is in your area Please use the 1300 654 253 Number and you will be contacted to your local Gutter-Vac team. Or head over to the website at www.guttervac.com.au pop your Post Code in the top right corner and this will be sent to the team servicing your area

Permanent Gutter Guard- has been installed over Orange, Bathurst, Parkes, Forbes and surrounding areas. Is Permanent guard effective?

If you’re thinking about installing Permanent Gutter Guard, please do your research. The common myth about installing Permanent Gutter Guards is that “You will never need to clean your gutters again!”

As Gutter Cleaners we are not against protecting your gutters but choosing the right guards can save you money and reduce the risk of damage to your property.

Permanent mesh guards does stop large twigs and large leaves form entering your gutters, but they do not stop seeds and pollen or dust and dirt from entering your gutters therefore over a short amount of time the build-up of sludge will occur and then you have provided the perfect place for vermin to live and breed in your warm ceiling cavity as they now have access to food and water and never need to leave your home.

The only way for a professional gutter cleaner to now clean your gutters is to remove sections or all of the guards, clean and then reinstall (we do not recommend Pressured washing your gutters, as this results in pushing water and sludge into your ceiling cavity). The removal and reinstallation can be expensive to have done regularly

Home Owners will consider gutter guard at some stage of their life, these are some things to consider when buying Gutter Guard

  • Is the building surrounded by trees? If so – do these trees drop pollen or flower annually?

  • Will the product be easily removed for gutter cleaning?

  • The cost of removing, cleaning and reinstalling

  • Will the product be effective and how often will you still need to clean your gutters?

  • The initial cost V’s regular professional gutter cleaners

  • Do you have a pest problem?

  • Or do you live in an area considered to be Prone to Bush fire and is a part of the building regulations to the specific area?

As Professional Gutter Cleaners we have seen many different forms of Gutter Guard across Orange, Bathurst and the Central West and we continue to see how ineffective Permanent guard is and the added expense of cleaning Gutters that are full of debris.

The one common feeling amongst these home owners is that they are bitterly disappointed with the product as they have invested thousands of dollars and the product is ineffective and, in some cases useless.

 The properties we service that have installed gutter guard are finding that the gutters still require gutter cleaning every 12 months to 2 years.

Roof Maintenance and Gutter Inspections from Gutter Vac Central West

 When you use Gutter-Vac we use our unique vacuum system that sucks all the sludge and mud and debris from your gutters, leaving your gutters clean for inspection.

For each client we complete a Roof and Gutter Inspection to report any damage or if anything on your roof needs fixing. At Gutter-Vac Central West we do this free service in respect for our clients as we are fully safety trained and insured where if the home owner decides to get up on the roof they are not covered by any insurance.

There are many areas on your roof that can let water in over time, these areas can be as simple as broken or slipped tiles, to aerials with tension placed on them, lifted ridge capping, lifted iron from rusted roof screws and the most common is gutter rust from little to no maintenance over its life.

For all your Roof and Gutter maintenance Give the professionals at Gutter Vac a call, and don’t risk a fall!

Gutter-Vac works all over the Central West from Bathurst, Blayney, Molong, Manildra, Orange, Parkes and Forbes or ring the 1300 654 253 and you will be connected with your Local Gutter-Vac Professional Gutter  Vac cleaners and much more.

Thank you Jon and Karen for your Testimonial

For our small business we love to receive Customer feedback related to their experience with Gutter Vac. This helps to improve our service and how we rate with the public.

Grahame is the person that deals face to face with the customers on a daily basis and it was great to receive such wonderful feedback on the Gutter-vac experience that Jon and Karen received.

“We Had Grahame come to Vacuum out our gutters and downpipes. We’ve never had anything like this done before, we had so many questions. Grahame graciously answered them all, and we were impressed by his knowledge!. He worked at an excellent standard and was very warm and personable. We would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone. Thanks Graham”

Jon, Karen from Orange NSW

Gutter-Vac Central West Cleans Ceiling Cavities in Orange NSW – What’s In your Ceiling Cavity?

Do you know what’s in your ceiling cavity?

Do you own an older home here in the Central West NSW?

Gutter-Vac Central West NSW will provide a free quote for all ceiling cleans here in Orange, Bathurst, Forbes, Parkes and surrounding areas!

Homes without ceiling insulation will have a general build-up of dirt, soot, rodent droppings, bird nesting and rubbish left in the ceiling by other trades.

The dust and dirt can build up from blowing in from under your eves. In the past generations, the ceiling was also a place to store no longer used furniture, and household goods.

But this ceiling clean here in central Orange NSW offered us something different. The previous owner collected the leaves from the fruit trees in the back yard, dried them out and mixed them with lawn clippings!  Then placed this mix into the ceiling to act as insulation. This owner packed the mixture down between the rafters and continued to add this mix for many more years!

Not only would doing this increase the chance of a ceiling fire if the house wiring would ever short out, but it also supplied rodents and small birds somewhere nice and cosy to live and breed.

It’s certainly not a good idea to ever make your own ceiling insulation as this mix of leaves and grass also caused mould and damp patches to form across the ceiling throughout the home.

Does your ceiling cavity need a clean, especially if you’re replacing insulation?

Give Grahame a call today on 0429 223 443 or 1300 654 253.

Cleaning Steel Water Tanks in Mullion Creek NSW

It is Fire Awareness Week at The Kingborough Chronicle and The Huon News. Every year the newspaper sets aside a time to make the public aware of fire dangers and what they can do to prepare their homes for the coming fire season.

This is our editorial that we submitted for the paper to use;

Summer might not be here yet, but experts are warning that Australia will see a horror bushfire season this year.

After a dry Winter and forecasts of a warm Spring, it is predicted that Tasmania will see a severe bushfire risk throughout Spring and Summer, and an early start to the season.

Forecasts show that most of the state will see a higher than normal risk.

With bushfire season on the horizon, experts are warning that Tasmanians should begin preparing early, and take steps to protect their home.

Residents who live in high-risk areas are being urged to take precautions and prepare by putting together a fire-survival plan, and taking practical steps around the home.

Fire departments recommend that you have your gutters regularly cleaned to help protect your home and reduce the spread of fire.

It is important to ensure that your gutters are free from any debris, as the leafy debris can act as a fuel for stray embers.

Scarily, 90% of homes in a bushfire are lost to an ember attack, whereby spot fires are ignited by burning twigs, leaves or pieces of bark that are carried by the wind.

These embers can land in a home’s guttering and ignite the property if the gutters have not been well-maintained.

It is recommended that all homeowners in bushfire prone areas have their gutter professionally cleaned before it is too late.

Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania say that it is important as debris left in gutters can become tinder-dry throughout the Summer months.

“Debris in gutters is the perfect kindling for embers to start fires. Vacuum cleaning your gutters prior to bushfire season will ensure that this fuel is removed and your property is safer.”

“Be proactive and get your home prepared today. Call the gutter cleaning specialists on 1300 654 253.”

 Grab your free copy of the Chronicle today and see what you need to do to get ready for this year’s bushfire season.

Another Great Review From A Property Manager For Gutter Cleaning In Orange NSW

“We have always found Grahame and his team friendly, helpful and professional. No job is a problem and they are quick to respond. They have completed Numerous jobs for this office and to date we have no complaints. We would definitely recommend Gutter-Vac to anyone” says Peter Mitchell Property Managment.

Thankyou Peter Mitchell for your kind words.

We are pleased that our service can assist property managers in making their job easier for them. I know that our before and after photos and roof reports that we provide, are a great tool for the work they do. We can remind the property mangers when annual cleans are due by using our Maintenance Program.

Gutter Cleaning in Canowindra NSW

Did you know that Gutter-Vac Central West NSW also services Canowindra, Parkes, Forbes, Grenfell, Cumnock, Molong, Manildra and many other small rural areas. If you are wondering if we service your area, give Gutter-Vac a call, toll free on 1300 654 253 and this will put you in contact with your local Gutter-Vac franchisee.

While working in Canowindra we enjoyed some beautiful roof top views of the surrounding area and also meet some lovely home owners. If you would like a quote or would like your gutters, flue, tank or solar panels cleaned next time we are in your area, give Grahame a call on 0429 223443 or email him at cwnsw@guttervac.com.au


Are you Ready? Bush Fire Danger Period commences 1st October 2017

Bush Fires are a part of the country NSW, have you prepared your property for this upcoming Bush Fire Season?

Be proactive – here are some points to help you get started . . .

  • Are your gutters and downpipes clean from leaf build up?
  • Have you removed lower limbs and branches overhanging your home?
  • Clean up your yard by removing any wood pile or mulch heaps, or rubbish lying around your yard
  • Mow your grass regularly
  • Get any broken roof tiles or gaps around your eves fixed
  • Understand the Fire Danger Rating Board and Charts
    ·      Make a Bush Fire Survival Plan – What can you do to keep your family SAFE ?
  • Leave early and survive a Bush Fire

 In an Ember Attack  a fire doesn’t care where you live! Ember Attacks are the real threat in bush fire season as embers can blow into townships, rural properties and suburban areas! In the right conditions embers can travel many kilometres ahead of a fire or just on a gust of wind!

Do it now – Make A Plan  www.myfireplan.com.au  and be prepared for this upcoming Bush Fire Season

At Gutter-Vac Central West NSW with every Gutter Clean we will also provide the home owner with a Roof and Gutter Report – 1300 654 253


We Love to Hear our Customers Feedback, Kerrs Creek NSW

It’s great to receive feedback about how our business operates, and the service we offer for home owners that are not home during their gutter clean.

This fantastic feedback is from John at Kerrs Creek NSW.

“A very professsional operator, conscientious in his approach to the job. The area was left tidy and he followed up with a phone call, to make sure everything was okay”.

Thanks John we appricate your time and your feedback!