Gutter-Vac Central West Cleans Ceiling Cavities in Orange NSW – What’s In your Ceiling Cavity?

Do you know what’s in your ceiling cavity?

Do you own an older home here in the Central West NSW?

Gutter-Vac Central West NSW will provide a free quote for all ceiling cleans here in Orange, Bathurst, Forbes, Parkes and surrounding areas!

Homes without ceiling insulation will have a general build-up of dirt, soot, rodent droppings, bird nesting and rubbish left in the ceiling by other trades.

The dust and dirt can build up from blowing in from under your eves. In the past generations, the ceiling was also a place to store no longer used furniture, and household goods.

But this ceiling clean here in central Orange NSW offered us something different. The previous owner collected the leaves from the fruit trees in the back yard, dried them out and mixed them with lawn clippings!  Then placed this mix into the ceiling to act as insulation. This owner packed the mixture down between the rafters and continued to add this mix for many more years!

Not only would doing this increase the chance of a ceiling fire if the house wiring would ever short out, but it also supplied rodents and small birds somewhere nice and cosy to live and breed.

It’s certainly not a good idea to ever make your own ceiling insulation as this mix of leaves and grass also caused mould and damp patches to form across the ceiling throughout the home.

Does your ceiling cavity need a clean, especially if you’re replacing insulation?

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