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It is Fire Awareness Week at The Kingborough Chronicle and The Huon News. Every year the newspaper sets aside a time to make the public aware of fire dangers and what they can do to prepare their homes for the coming fire season.

This is our editorial that we submitted for the paper to use;

Summer might not be here yet, but experts are warning that Australia will see a horror bushfire season this year.

After a dry Winter and forecasts of a warm Spring, it is predicted that Tasmania will see a severe bushfire risk throughout Spring and Summer, and an early start to the season.

Forecasts show that most of the state will see a higher than normal risk.

With bushfire season on the horizon, experts are warning that Tasmanians should begin preparing early, and take steps to protect their home.

Residents who live in high-risk areas are being urged to take precautions and prepare by putting together a fire-survival plan, and taking practical steps around the home.

Fire departments recommend that you have your gutters regularly cleaned to help protect your home and reduce the spread of fire.

It is important to ensure that your gutters are free from any debris, as the leafy debris can act as a fuel for stray embers.

Scarily, 90% of homes in a bushfire are lost to an ember attack, whereby spot fires are ignited by burning twigs, leaves or pieces of bark that are carried by the wind.

These embers can land in a home’s guttering and ignite the property if the gutters have not been well-maintained.

It is recommended that all homeowners in bushfire prone areas have their gutter professionally cleaned before it is too late.

Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania say that it is important as debris left in gutters can become tinder-dry throughout the Summer months.

“Debris in gutters is the perfect kindling for embers to start fires. Vacuum cleaning your gutters prior to bushfire season will ensure that this fuel is removed and your property is safer.”

“Be proactive and get your home prepared today. Call the gutter cleaning specialists on 1300 654 253.”

 Grab your free copy of the Chronicle today and see what you need to do to get ready for this year’s bushfire season.

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