Can you see What’s Growing in Your Gutters?

Can you see What’s Growing in your Gutters?

Sometimes it is obvious your gutters need cleaning when you can see plants growing out or debris laying on your roof line.

But it’s not often we look up to admire our gutters and think when they where lasted cleaned, so yes you may not see what’s growing in your gutters.

A lot of people do think the wind cleans them out when its really windy and this is right to a certain degree, but gutters can also provide the perfect growing conditions, as leaves start the decaying process, the wind blows in some dust and birds drop off a bit of manure with few seeds and then a little bit of rain and some sunshine and yes you have the perfect growing conditions. Then this process continues to happen over the coming months and even years.

When you use Gutter-Vac the professional Gutter cleaning, we take before and after photos and remove all types of plant life from your gutters and your roof line.

Our Gutter-Vac Technicians use a specialize vacuum system that suck out all the mud and debris from your gutters into our trailer leaving no mess for the homeowners to clean up afterwards.  We can clean all types of roof lines from the ground or from the roof as our Technicians have been trained to work at all heights and are covered by insurance to complete this work safely.

Gutter-Vac Central West also offer a free Gutter inspection when you sign up to our Preventive Maintenance Program. We can work out the best scheduling for your gutter maintenance and send you a reminder once they are due.

Still not sure? Give us a call for a free quote on 1300 654 253

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