Training on The Gold Coast for Soft Washing Service Stations

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Training on The Gold Coast for Soft Washing Service Stations

Llew is now home and back to work after a full-on weekend on the Gold Coast where he undertook training for soft washing service stations. He pulled an all-nighter Thursday night while the team performed a full building wash on a service station for the practical side of the training course. He’s looking forward to implementing what he’s learned back home in Cairns, Townsville and Far North Queensland. 

Soft Washing in Cairns and Far North Queensland

Today there is a wide range of building materials, textures and finishes available to choose from and many of these require a more delicate approach when it comes to cleaning. A popular cleaning method when it comes to the removal of mould, dirt and grime from exterior surfaces, such as roofs, walls, fences, paths and driveways, is pressure washing. Pressure washing can be an effective method in many situations, however, it can cause serious damage to certain materials and surfaces. For example, it can remove paint and chip tiles. This is where soft washing comes in.

Soft washing is a ‘low pressure,’ alternative cleaning method that involves the application of a specially formulated cleaning solution which is later washed off with a regular hose after having time to activate and effectively attack the grime and mould on your outdoor surfaces. Our soft wash solution is also effective in the removal of algae, droppings, tannins, dirt and lichen.

We recommend soft washing for the following areas:

  • Metal, tile and terracotta roof systems,
  • Canvas awnings and shade sails,
  • Timber weatherboard, siding and older fragile paint systems,
  • Modern architectural moulding and facades, and
  • Areas affected by mould and algae.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in soft washing and make sure to consider things like foliage protection, pets, water containment and run-off.

If you’d like to know more please feel free to email us at or call us on 0424 624 461.

Cairns Pressure Washing

Do you have a problem with mould, dirt and grime covering your surfaces such as your roof, driveway, walls or paths? This can not only look awful but be dangerous, with surfaces becoming slippery to walk on and mould having negative effects on your health. Mould is a huge issue in far North Queensland due to the humidity and surfaces remaining damp for long periods of time.

Here at Gutter-Vac Cairns we can rectify this problem and have your home looking lovely and clean again by pressure washing the grime away. We can also use our soft washing chemicals to remove mould and slow its return.

If using chemicals or if the surface was covered in other contaminants such as oil, then we can also use our Gutter-Vac machine to capture the contaminated water and take it away for safe disposal. This prevents any harmful substances from flowing into natural water systems and harming the environment.

We Provide a Complete Roof and Gutter Report with Before and After Pictures

Did you know we provide a full roof and gutter report upon the completion of the work we carry out. This means that you can have complete peace of mind that we’re completing the work to the best possible standards. Whilst on your roof carrying out the requested work, we also conduct a complimentary roof and gutter inspection so that we can make you aware of any issues such as rusting gutters, cracked tiles or damaged solar panels.

All of our roof and gutter reports include before and after pictures of the work we have completed, along with pictures of any other issues we find and suggestions on how those issues may be rectified. We can then provide a free quote if these are issues that we can take care of for you.

Protecting your Solar Panels from Pigeons in Far North Queensland

Here in Cairns and Far North Queensland one of the major problems we come across on people’s roofs are pigeon and myna bird infestations under and around their solar panels. The warm, confined space under your solar panels provides the perfect place for these pesky birds to build their nests. Very quickly a couple of pigeons can turn into a huge, noisy, smelly mess. The mess under the panels can be bad enough, but an infestation often leads to a whole range of other issues.

Droppings covering panels

With a lot of pigeons comes a lot of pigeon droppings which can end up covering your solar panels. This can severely impact their efficiency or damage them permanently, costing you quite a lot in the long run.

Droppings and discarded eggs clogging gutters

Droppings and old eggs that have rolled out from under your solar panels can also end up covering your roof, filling your gutters, and clogging your downpipes. Again, this is messy and smelly, but it can also lead to rusting gutters and water leaking into your ceiling cavity.

Health Concerns

On top of the damage pigeons can cause to your property, they also pose a very serious health risk to you and your pets. Pigeons are known to carry lice and diseases which can easily spread to you or your pets if the problem is left untreated.

How our Gutter-Vac team can combat these issues

Our team is equipped to safely and efficiently clean your solar panels and roof. We can also use our high-powered vacuum to remove any droppings and debris from under your solar panels and in your gutters. This mess is completely removed from your property and disposed of for you. Finally, Gutter-Vac Cairns can close any gaps between panels and install solar skirts which will prevent any pests from moving back in.

Often people are completely unaware that they have an infestation under their solar panels until the damage is already quite extreme. So, if you have solar panels and know that there is a high number of pigeons or myna birds in your area, or you suspect you may have an infestation, give us a call. We can check your roof for you and provide a free quote for any work that we think needs doing.

Preparing Your Home for Bushfire Season in Far North Queensland

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the local news you will have noticed that bush and grass fires are occurring far more often lately due to the dry and windy weather. This weather is expected to continue for some time and so it is important that we are aware of the heightened risk of fires and do what we can to prepare and protect our homes.

A few things you can do to prepare for fire season

  • Clean up and dispose of any garden waste such as leaf litter, dried palm fronds and lawn clippings from around your home and keep your lawn mowed short.
  • Clear your gutters, roof and downpipes of leaves and other debris that could easily catch fire.
  • Trim any trees or shrubs that are close to your home.
  • Remove flammable material from around your house, such as doormats, furniture, toys and firewood.
  • Consider displaying a Stable Water Supply (SWS) sign outside your home if you have a pool, dam or water tank on your property. This helps firefighters identify available water sources to use to combat fires.
  • Check that your home and contents insurance is up to date and discuss your Bushfire Survival Plan with your family and neighbours.
  • Seek out information. Do not assume that you will receive a warning.
    • Be aware of the Fire Danger Rating in your area and stay up-to-date by regularly checking your state department’s website and social media pages.

The following links provide useful information in regard to preparing your Bushfire Survival Plan and updates on bushfires in Queensland.

If you require assistance preparing your home for bushfire season feel free to give Gutter-Vac Cairns a call on 0424 624 461 or email us at for a free quote. We can remove any leaf litter and debris from your roof, gutters and downpipes and dispose of all the mess for you.

Cleaning Rainwater Tanks in Cairns

Did you know Gutter-Vac Cairns also does tank cleaning? For many Australian households, tank water is their only source of water, or at least, drinkable water. Therefore, having your water tank cleaned on a regular basis (every four or five years) is extremely important.

The above pictures are some before and after shots of a recent tank clean that our team did in Cairns. A build-up of sludge and grime in your tank, like in these before pictures, can result in rusting. While this can be costly because your tank will either need to be repaired or replaced, a far greater concern is the risk to your health if your water becomes contaminated and unsafe to drink.

It is important to remember that any pollutants in your gutters, such as dirt, rubbish, insects, moss, animal droppings or even dead animals can contaminate your water due to water flowing over them or actually carrying them down into your tank. If your water does become contaminated it is crucial that you have your tank cleaned immediately.

Because the quality of your water is directly related to the cleanliness of your gutters we also recommend that you have your gutters cleaned at the same time as your tank. This will mean that your entire rainwater collecting system is clean and contaminant free, and ensures that your water is as clean and safe as possible.

Our trained and qualified technicians can safely and efficiently remove any sludge, sediment and other pollutants from the bottom of your tank using our state-of-the-art vacuum machine, with no chemicals required. We can even clean your tank while it’s full so as not to waste water; or, if the water is contaminated, we can empty the tank first.

So, if you have a water tank and know that your gutters are full, or you’re concerned that your water isn’t as clean as it should be, give Gutter-Vac Townsville a call. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

Did you know that we clean gutters in North Queensland schools?

It is important that schools are proactive regarding the maintenance and cleaning of their gutters and drainage systems. We find that gutters on school buildings fill up very quickly with all kinds of rubbish. In the dryer months, leaf litter and rubbish in gutters can become a fire hazard, while during storm season blockages in gutters and downpipes can lead to water leaking into ceiling cavities, causing serious damage to school buildings.

Gutter-Vac Cairns works during the holidays and over weekends so that there is no disruption to the school day. However, our technicians do hold current Blue Cards if they need to attend the site during school hours.

If your school’s budget is not able to cover a full gutter clean all in one go then we can also provide you with a maintenance plan spread over the year. With the September school holidays fast approaching now is the perfect time to book your school’s gutters in for a clean. Give Gutter-Vac Cairns a call and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote and discuss a maintenance plan for your school.

Cairns Customer Happy with our Ceiling Cavity Cleaning Service

“Great friendly service. Nothing was trouble and went out of their way to assist customer get best possible result. Friendly, professional with great advice. I would recommend to use most definitely” says Craig from Cairns.

We love getting feedback from our customers and it’s great when it’s positive feedback like this.

This particular customer was having his roof removed and replaced at the same time as having his ceiling cavity cleaned, so we had to work alongside alot of other tradesmen to get the job done.

Thanks Craig for taking the time to complete our survey.