Do you have a problem with mould, dirt and grime covering your surfaces such as your roof, driveway, walls or paths? This can not only look awful but be dangerous, with surfaces becoming slippery to walk on and mould having negative effects on your health. Mould is a huge issue in far North Queensland due to the humidity and surfaces remaining damp for long periods of time.

Here at Gutter-Vac Cairns we can rectify this problem and have your home looking lovely and clean again by pressure washing the grime away. We can also use our soft washing chemicals to remove mould and slow its return.

If using chemicals or if the surface was covered in other contaminants such as oil, then we can also use our Gutter-Vac machine to capture the contaminated water and take it away for safe disposal. This prevents any harmful substances from flowing into natural water systems and harming the environment.

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