Pressure Cleaning on The Tablelands

Did you know that Gutter-Vac Cairns does more than just gutter cleaning? We also do pressure cleaning of roofs, driveways, paths, etc. Here in North Queensland with the often wet and humid weather mould can be a real issue. This is particularly true on the Tablelands in places like Kuranda and Atherton where there are a lot of heavily shaded areas, surrounded by rainforest. Mould and other grime can make surfaces quite slippery and dangerous to walk on. It can also damage or permanently discolour surfaces and be harmful to your health. Our team at Gutter-Vac Cairns can help solve this problem by cleaning away the mould and other dirt or grime from your surfaces.

We can also use our vacuum system to capture and remove the dirty water for safe disposal. This means that if a surface has harmful chemicals or oil on it, there is no risk of those chemicals running off and contaminating the surrounding environment or waterways.

If you have a problem with mould give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have. PH: 0424 624 461.

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