Did you know that we clean gutters in North Queensland schools?

It is important that schools are proactive regarding the maintenance and cleaning of their gutters and drainage systems. We find that gutters on school buildings fill up very quickly with all kinds of rubbish. In the dryer months, leaf litter and rubbish in gutters can become a fire hazard, while during storm season blockages in gutters and downpipes can lead to water leaking into ceiling cavities, causing serious damage to school buildings.

Gutter-Vac Cairns works during the holidays and over weekends so that there is no disruption to the school day. However, our technicians do hold current Blue Cards if they need to attend the site during school hours.

If your school’s budget is not able to cover a full gutter clean all in one go then we can also provide you with a maintenance plan spread over the year. With the September school holidays fast approaching now is the perfect time to book your school’s gutters in for a clean. Give Gutter-Vac Cairns a call and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote and discuss a maintenance plan for your school.

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