Cleaning Gutters – Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville & Killarney Heights by Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches

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Cleaning Gutters – Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville & Killarney Heights by Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches

In life, preventing problems is often the best approach and it’s the same with your gutters. That’s why Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches provides a Preventative Maintenance Program.

Some of our clients on the Preventative Maintenance Program are located at Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville & Killarney Heights.  While we were in the area last week, we called in to check on one of our residential clients to provide them with a free gutter inspection for their property.

That’s one of the great reasons to join our Preventative Maintenance Program. It means you’ll receive free gutter inspections to work out the best gutter cleaning schedule for your property.

With our experience, we understand every property is different, and therefore has different needs. For example, some of our clients live on the border of national parks and bushland. They receive a lot of dust and dirt build-up over 12 months. Other clients have properties with a number of deciduous pine trees dropping pine needles which quickly clog gutters. Another client lives on a busy road. As a result, their gutters collect a lot of dirt and grime that’s produced by traffic and heavy vehicles. This client also utilises tank water so servicing and maintaining their gutters is particularly important.

We develop individual Preventative Maintenance Programs with our clients’ needs in mind. That includes quarterly, half yearly or yearly cleans on your gutters. We’ll even provide you with a free gutter and roof report while we’re there!

It’s easy to forget to maintain your gutters but with a Preventative Maintenance Program from Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches, you can be confident we never will.

Have you had your gutters cleaned lately?

If not, give Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches a call today on 1300 654 253 and ask us how you can join our Preventative Maintenance Program.


Office View while Gutter Cleaning at Mandurama NSW

Gutter-Vac Central West NSW covers a wide area of the Central Western NSW. We headed out to Mandurama where we were able to enjoy the sunshine from our Roof Top View, the last time we visited this property there was snow on the mountain tops. We scheludled a number of jobs on this trip starting at Mandurama at the Hilton Homestead B&B and a couple of private residences. Making stops on our way back at Carcoar for a flue Clean and then Blayney to complete a number of PMP’s in the town ship.

The Hilton Homestead B&B

When you choose to use Gutter-Vac you know you will get a professional clean, as we have a unique vacuum system that allows us to suck up mud, sludge, water, wet and dry debris, and we take it all away with us!

All our Gutter-Vac technicians are trained at working at heights and have the latest safety gear to use, we are covered by all the right insurances.

When we arrive at each and every job the site is assessed to how the work will be carried out. Taking into consideration the roof structure and pitch, roofing material, also including the weather at the time. The Gutter-vac Team are able to either work from the roof or use a Ground Worker Kit to complete the Gutter Clean.

At Gutter-Vac Central West we also provide all our clients with before and after photos. These photos also include any broken structures or further repair work that is required to be carried out. We supply these photos as part of the Gutter-Vac Service. This takes the worry out of our clients as they don’t need to get up on the roof to check the work.

Before and After Gutter Clean photos

So for your next gutter clean give Gutter-Vac a call. You will not only receive a great hassle free service, you will be also supporting an Australian Small Business.  Call 1300 654 253 or

Did You Know That We Clean Gutters At Schools Around Hobart?

Our January February months consist of a lot of gutter cleaning at schools.

The schools take advantage of the fact that the children are on holidays to get the gutters cleaned. There is no disruption to classes and therefore no risk of hazards around the school for staff and students.

Making sure the gutters are clear of balls is very important in a school. Balls are a potential blockage and could cause water damage.

If the gutters are surrounded by trees, then it makes sense that full gutters are regularly maintained. The photo below if one of a school in Hobart, with trees in the surrounding aera. Every year we return the gutter looks like this. If left the water could find its way into the classroom, causing costly damage.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

We can reach high gutters with our ground working system. When a roof is too steep or the weather is slightly  inclement or there are trees impeding access we can work from the ground to clear the gutter.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

Inside valleys are easily overlooked when not visible from the ground. We get on the roof and make sure that all gutters and valleys are checked and cleaned.

Imagine if the photo below was not cleaned and the debris built up over time. This could definitely be a disastrous outcome for a school.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

We are fully insured and are trained at heights to complete any gutter cleaning no matter what height. We remove all the debris from the site leaving it clean and tidy. After the completion of the work, you will receive a report and before and after photos.

Hobart Commercial Gutter Cleaning Customer Happy with the Service

“I met the staff on site prior to commencement of the work and they were extremely professional and well presented. Work was excellent quality and we were provided a full report and photos at the end. Would definitely use them again.”

Adam, Hobart Tas

Did you know that we complete commercial and residential gutter cleaning work?

Our staff met with Adam and provided him with the necessary paperwork for completing the gutter cleaning on a commercial site. Once the work was done, we completed the report and before and after photos which were sent to Adam for his records.

We recommended that his company maintain the gutters on an annual basis and will send a reminder when this work becomes due.

We have found that our commercial customers value these reports and photos for carrying out maintenance to their properties. By relying on us for reminders, the maintenance managers can concentrate on other priorities.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Inaugural Winners

At the 2019 Gutter-Vac Conference, Tasmania was awarded the Inaugural National Franchisee of the Year for 2018.

There were five categories that had to be passed before being considered for this award.

  • Total Sales for 2018
  • % Growth from 2017 to 2018
  • Customer Service Survey results
  • Profit Margin
  • Brand Ambassador/Peer to Peer Support/Contribution to the Brand

Thank you to all our customers, our team here in Tasmania and the team in Brisbane for helping to achieve and aspire to provide a gutter cleaning service that we can be proud of.

Launceston School Happy With Their Gutter Cleaning Service

Chris could not be more helpful, the written report and photographs are great record of the work completed and maintenance that maybe required. Thank you for a fantastic service. Regards Jody

We provide a gutter cleaning service to residential and commercial customers.

The schools appreciate us completing their gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning in the holidays when the children are not there. There is no disruption to the classes and the hazard risk greatly decreased.

Gutter Cleaning at Schools

School Holidays are here again and for Gutter-Vac franchisees, that means it is BUSY!

Schools love the Gutter-Vac service to get their gutters cleaned.  We are fast and efficient and can complete the work at times that work for the schools.

Because we can get in and out in of the school in a couple of days (depending on the size of the school) and have the work completed to a high standard PLUS take away all the debris, it means less problems for the school.

It is easier for the school – and us – to do the work then the students are not on campus.  It means our franchisees have full access to the school and do not need to section off areas as ‘no-go’ areas for the students.  This is also great for the school as it does not cause disruption or distraction to their students and their classes.

Because of our specialised wet/dry vacuum system, it not only means that we can get the gutters clean, it also means we are fast.  Cleaning an entire school, all of their buildings, by hand could potentially take weeks and that is just to get the debris out of the gutters!  You’d then have to go around and do the clean up of the debris on the ground.  This may take longer than the school holidays when students are not on campus so this is a major problem for schools.

The other challenge schools have is they are not able to send up their own maintenance staff onto the roofs.  Due to OH&S laws in all states, the school maintenance staff are not allowed to go on the roof and the schools don’t like to put their staff on the roof.  Because all of our franchisees are fully trained and insured to be on the roof, it makes it easier for schools to use our services.

I thought I’d write about this because it is something that many people don’t realise we do.  Our franchisees are in high demand from schools, nursing homes, retirement villages, body corporates and real estate agents, shopping centres, unit complexes, holiday villages, the defence forces and other commercial types of buildings because of the same reasons as above.

School holidays – busy – but we love helping our customers and working to fit their needs AND to do an outstanding job cleaning their gutters.

Clean, Safe . . . . Easy – it is more than just a tag line for us – it is what we do.

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