Gutter Cleaning at Schools

School Holidays are here again and for Gutter-Vac franchisees, that means it is BUSY!

Schools love the Gutter-Vac service to get their gutters cleaned.  We are fast and efficient and can complete the work at times that work for the schools.

Because we can get in and out in of the school in a couple of days (depending on the size of the school) and have the work completed to a high standard PLUS take away all the debris, it means less problems for the school.

It is easier for the school – and us – to do the work then the students are not on campus.  It means our franchisees have full access to the school and do not need to section off areas as ‘no-go’ areas for the students.  This is also great for the school as it does not cause disruption or distraction to their students and their classes.

Because of our specialised wet/dry vacuum system, it not only means that we can get the gutters clean, it also means we are fast.  Cleaning an entire school, all of their buildings, by hand could potentially take weeks and that is just to get the debris out of the gutters!  You’d then have to go around and do the clean up of the debris on the ground.  This may take longer than the school holidays when students are not on campus so this is a major problem for schools.

The other challenge schools have is they are not able to send up their own maintenance staff onto the roofs.  Due to OH&S laws in all states, the school maintenance staff are not allowed to go on the roof and the schools don’t like to put their staff on the roof.  Because all of our franchisees are fully trained and insured to be on the roof, it makes it easier for schools to use our services.

I thought I’d write about this because it is something that many people don’t realise we do.  Our franchisees are in high demand from schools, nursing homes, retirement villages, body corporates and real estate agents, shopping centres, unit complexes, holiday villages, the defence forces and other commercial types of buildings because of the same reasons as above.

School holidays – busy – but we love helping our customers and working to fit their needs AND to do an outstanding job cleaning their gutters.

Clean, Safe . . . . Easy – it is more than just a tag line for us – it is what we do.

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