Did You Know That We Clean Gutters At Schools Around Hobart?

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

Our January February months consist of a lot of gutter cleaning at schools.

The schools take advantage of the fact that the children are on holidays to get the gutters cleaned. There is no disruption to classes and therefore no risk of hazards around the school for staff and students.

Making sure the gutters are clear of balls is very important in a school. Balls are a potential blockage and could cause water damage.

If the gutters are surrounded by trees, then it makes sense that full gutters are regularly maintained. The photo below if one of a school in Hobart, with trees in the surrounding aera. Every year we return the gutter looks like this. If left the water could find its way into the classroom, causing costly damage.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

We can reach high gutters with our ground working system. When a roof is too steep or the weather is slightly  inclement or there are trees impeding access we can work from the ground to clear the gutter.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

Inside valleys are easily overlooked when not visible from the ground. We get on the roof and make sure that all gutters and valleys are checked and cleaned.

Imagine if the photo below was not cleaned and the debris built up over time. This could definitely be a disastrous outcome for a school.

Gutter Cleaning at Hobart Schools

We are fully insured and are trained at heights to complete any gutter cleaning no matter what height. We remove all the debris from the site leaving it clean and tidy. After the completion of the work, you will receive a report and before and after photos.

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