What’s that growing on your roof?

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What’s that growing on your roof?

So when was the last time you looked up at your roof?  Do you have some mould or lichen growing up there?

This is not uncommon in Australia due to our weather and mould and lichen can be unsightly, but it is also not something you want on your home for a healthy home.

This is NOT a DIY job.  You should never try and get up on your own roof and try and clean off mould and lichen.  Just being on a roof can be potentially unsafe, but add to that the slippery surface of mould and lichen and you could be in real trouble before you even begin.

We work in two ways for customers to remove this mould and lichen.

  1.  Apply and wait

This of course is the cheaper of the two options as we simply apply our product ‘EnviroClean’ to the surface.  Over time, the ‘EnviroClean’ goes to work on the spores and kills them off.  Every time it rains, the EnviroClean is re-activated to kill off more spores and wash away the mould and lichen that has in effect died.  This can take up to 12 months to see a result.

2. Instant Clean

Our second option is to pressure clean the surface to remove as much mould and lichen as we can instantly.  We then apply the EnviroClean to kill off the spores left behind so that they don’t reform and regrow more mould and lichen.  Obviously a great investment as it is a two-step process, but if you want an instant result, this is what we do.

Don’t put up with mould and lichen on your roof.  Give us a call today to get a quote and just let your local franchisee know if you are wanting an instant result or if you are happy to wait for a result.

What is a roof and gutter report?

At Gutter-Vac, with every vacuum gutter clean, we do a roof and gutter report, but what is that you may ask and why would you need it?

Basically, we do a once over whilst on the roof of your property.  We know that you are not going to – and probably shouldn’t for safety reasons – climb up and walk all over your roof, but there are things that could be happening on your roof that need repair, but if you don’t know, then you won’t fix.

That’s where we come in.  We will go over your roof and your gutters and put together a short report to let you know the state of things up there.

It could be as simple as some cracked tiles or some rust spots on a tin roof through to a leaking air conditioner or holes or damage to your roof.

Our property managers in particular love this report because it gives them the information they need for the owners and it doesn’t cost them a cent…. We do it complimentary with every gutter clean.

Over the years, we have saved many a home owner from a near miss with a big issue that they didn’t even know what there.  We have had customers who have water damage in a corner of their property because a tile was not in place through to air conditioners that were leaking water and not working properly.

It is a little thing, but at the same time it is a big thing.  That’s what a roof and gutter report is and why we do it.

Winter Survival Tips

Winter is here and that means the temperature is about to drop, especially in the southern states of Australia.  We thought it was timely to give you a few little winter tips for survival… not just for you, but also for your budget! 

  1. Eat well – it is time to increase the fruit and veggie intake and make sure you are eating well over the winter months.  It is so easy to ditch the healthy eating for all those yummy winter foods, but we all know that more fruit and vegetables will help our overall health and wellness, plus keep those colds at bay.  A great hint… add some garlic to your sauces as garlic is a traditional remedy and prevention for colds and flus.
  • Layer Up – we know the benefit of this at Gutter-Vac as we are working outdoors, on roofs, cleaning gutters so through winter layering up is a great way to not only keep warm, but as the day progresses, to be able to take some layers off.  This is a great tip for everyone, not just those of us that work outdoors because it is common in Australia to have a cold winter’s morning, but by the afternoon it can feel like a warm spring day.
  • Keep your energy bills lower – this tip combines a number of items that will all help keeping your energy bills lower or not needing to crank your heater up.  They are all simple things that make a difference. 
    • Shut curtains and blinds (particularly after the sun has gone down) as heat is quickly lost through glass windows. 
    • Close up any unused rooms so you are not trying to heat your whole house. 
    • Cover up draughts under doors with ‘draught snakes’ – did you know that 25% of heat loss in winter is caused by ‘air leakage’?
    • Cover bare floors with rugs
    • When sitting, watching TV, why not grab a rug rather than simply turning the heater up.  When sitting your body temperature will drop, so cover up.
  • Exercise – yes, we know the urge to hibernate is great, but exercise will not only keep you fit and healthy, it will also fight off those winter blues, so rug up and get out for a walk or a run.  Why not try hot yoga or grab a friend and exercise together.

Winter may not be your favourite season of the year, but if all else fails, why not embrace the winter months and organise a trip to the snow!  For some of you, a trip to the snow might be as simple as opening your back door and you will have a winter wonderland in your own backyard!

Keep warm and put on another layer…. We will be!

Home Maintenance Tips for Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall, then it is time to do a few things around your home to not only maintain your home in good condition, but in Autumn, a few of your maintenance items are also for your safety.  At Gutter-Vac we take safety seriously, so we hope you find this “checklist” helpful to keeping your home and family safe.

  • Smoke detectors – Autumn is a good reminder, especially at the end of daylight savings time, to give your smoke detectors a check to ensure in working order and to change the batteries.  Such a simple task that we often forget (where has the year gone!), but something that will keep your family safe in case of a fire.  If you have a fire extinguisher, now is a good time to get it checked to keep it in working order.
  • Trim Trees and Branches – Before the winter weather hits, Autumn is a good time to check any trees or branches that may be dead or dying and will fall off in a small storm.  Also look for branches that are close to your home that need some trimming.  Such a simple tip, but will also potentially save expensive damage during a storm.
  • Inspect walkways, stairs, railings, driveways, etc. – Before the winter rains come, do a thorough inspection for potential slip hazards.  Check there isn’t oil or mould on surfaces that if wet, would create slippery surfaces.  Remember to also check for loose railings and uneven surfaces that need to be repaired.
  • Seal gaps and draughts – Check seals on doors and windows for draughts because not only will they let in the cold air, they will also increase your energy bills over the colder months.  Make sure you also check for gaps where possible critters and pests could find a way in and set up camp for Autumn and Winter.  Getting an annual pest inspection would also be a good idea at this time.
  • Check Heating – No matter what sort of heating source you use, Autumn is the time to check it.  Get your chimney or flue cleaned (we can help you with that).  If you have an electric or gas heater, get it serviced and checked that it is in good working order.  This is not only for efficiency, but also your safety as many home fires begin from the heater.
  • Clean Gutters – well, we couldn’t have a list without this item on it, right?  Many people believe to wait until all the leaves have fallen to have gutters cleaned, but it is actually a good idea to clean at the start of Autumn so that you can clean out all the old leaves that have broken down into a mud like sludge in the bottom of your gutters which is what really causes the problems and blockages in your gutters, that with rain, can potentially cause water damage to your property.

So as the leaves change colours and begin to fall, Autumn is also the time to make a few inspections around your home and a few ‘to dos’ to ensure the maintenance and safety of your home. 

New Year, New Maintenance/Improvements

It’s that time of year when we all start making those New Year’s resolutions, but what about some New Year’s resolutions for your home.

Maybe it is time to have a look and see what needs a little attention around your home.  Perhaps the deck needs a new coat of oil or the house needs a coat of paint.

This is the perfect time of year to look at your driveways, paths and even your roof.  Are they looking a little dirty?  Maybe some mould, moss or lichen is growing?  Why not organise to have a pressure clean of the surface done (we can help you with this) and then talk to us about applying EnviroClean to the surface if mould, moss or lichen has been growing because EnviroClean will kill off those spores and prevent future growth.

Just as making the decision to go to the gym and get healthy for the year in your New Year’s Resolutions, maybe it is time to make some plans for your home and put together a plan for the routine maintenance that should be scheduled for your home.

Sure this is a little tongue in cheek, but at the same time, how much time do we spend on our New Year’s Resolutions without any thought about the possible maintenance and improvements to our home that we could add to the list.

So, New Year’s Resolutions for your home?  What will they be this year?

How to Get Your Property Ready For Sale.

Selling your house soon? Selling a property and moving is rated as one of life’s most stressful times. In fact, statistics say it’s up there with divorce and Christmas. It can be particularly daunting if you are selling your house for the first time and new to the whole experience.  In light of this, we have compiled some insights and actionable steps you can put into practice to attract potential buyers and land you the best deal.


Don’t underestimate the value of street appeal. Fixing small things such as repairing a broken gate makes such an enormous difference. They say you can’t redo a first impression, and you don’t want to put off the buyer before they even walk in. Create a lush outdoor look for your garden and lawn areas. Simple things such as re mulching and tree trimming can give the outside area a serious spruce. If you have any water features or a pool, make sure they are in sparkling condition. Take care to fix up any small pavement problems or trip hazards also. For the interior, consider freshening up with a repaint if chips and damage are apparent. Likewise, potential buyers will notice the floors. If you have worn–out carpet and rugs, you may want to get them professionally cleaned. If it’s too far gone replace it, or remove it completely if you have nice floorboards you can showcase. Check all light bulbs are in working order.


The key here is to make your home feel warm and inviting without it feeling overly personalised to you. This is so the potential buyers can easily envisage making it their own home. Excess clutter, and personalised items such as family photos and memorabilia are distracting, and best hidden from view. Buyers do open cupboards. Think of it as a good excuse to do some spring cleaning and maybe a garage sale. If you have excess equipment you choose to keep but are limited with storage, consider a short-term storage shed option.


The kitchen is often the focal point of your home, where family and friends gather to enjoy meals together. It is a big selling point. Aim to get your kitchen and bathrooms in pristine condition with a deep clean. Consider upgrading the covers of your light switches and power points. Remove mould and get shower screens up to scratch. Clean window furnishings and check they are intact. Ensure there are no offensive odours lingering, as this can be very discouraging to the buyer.  

Clean gutters

It’s not a good look for buyers to be greeted first up by twigs and leaves in overflowing gutters.  Keep in mind leaking gutters will be especially obvious if it happens to be raining at the time of inspection. While showing your gutters some TLC, it is also an opportune time to check for any damage.

Leaks or a damaged roof will be pulled up during the pre purchase building inspection. So will termites. You don’t want to add a family of termites to your listing. Take preventative measures by cutting back foliage and ensuring distance between the garden and building structures. Being proactive with your maintenance instills confidence that a potential sale and contract isn’t going to fall through.

In reality it is all the little things that add up and make such a huge difference to the value of your home.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would love to help you make your house sparkle.

Minimal Trees or No Trees Around?… A Gutter Clean Is still a Good Idea

If you believe your gutters don’t need cleaning because there are no trees near your home, think again!

Wind carries debris such as leaves, sand, dust and dirt.

Birds drop seeds and your gutters provide the perfect growing environment for weeds, grass and other vegetation.

As you can see in the picture below, there’s quite a garden growing in this home owner’s gutters and they had no idea … until it rained.

While the property has trees nearby, there are none close to the house so the owners of this Killarney Heights property thought they were fine. But in this house these self-planted seedlings and the dirt/sand mixture they are growing in, were blown into their gutter by the wind.

It’s a common problem.


Don’t wait until it rains to find your gutters are blocked. Call Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches to arrange your free, no obligation quote. Just call 1300 654 253.

We’ll have your gutters clean in no time!

Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches – Clean, Safe…Easy.

Killarney Heights

6 ways to increase the value of your home.

When a potential buyer is looking for a home, after their internet searches, the first thing they will do is a ‘drive by’ of potential properties they have picked out.  If your home from the curb side doesn’t match up, then they will drive on and dismiss your home without stepping a foot inside.

If on the other hand, your property puts on a great first show from the curb side, it can get people to come inside to inspect your home further and it can actually increase the value of your home.

Putting your home’s best foot forward so to speak is really important so we have put together a list of really simple things you can do or organise, that won’t break the bank and will give you the best return on investment for any dollars spent.  Some are so simple that you probably haven’t even considered them.

Even if you are not selling your home, these are great points to consider to maintain and improve the long term value of your home.

The quick list

  • #1 – Clean and Tidy
  • #2 – Mailboxes & Fences… Plus a Street Number
  • #3 – Carports and Carparking Space
  • #4 – Low Maintenance Garden
  • #5 – Time to Paint?
  • #6 – Fix and Repair

Let’s talk about them in a little more detail….

#1 – Clean and Tidy

The easiest way to increase value of your home (inside and out!) is by simply cleaning and tidying up.  A clean and tidy, well maintained home shows that it has been cared for which for the new owners means less upfront or ongoing maintenance, plus peace of mind.

Now, you know we clean gutters, but did you know that this can help increase the value of you home?  You can often see what’s in the gutters from the curb so having clean gutters (without a gutter garden) lets a potential buyer see that you take care and maintain your home.  If you clean your gutters then you probably do other maintenance items as well. 

Another great investment is pressure cleaning of driveways and paths.  It is amazing how much of a difference a simple pressure clean can make to these large surface areas.  Don’t forget your roof … if it is dirty or has mould, then a clean can make all the difference.

Don’t miss the simple things either…. Tidy garden beds, get rid of cobwebs, remove any old furniture, broken tree limbs or dead plants.

Give the outside of your home a wash and pay close attention to windows as a sparkling clean window (without streak marks) will make all the difference to the appearance of your home. (Speak to your local Gutter-Vac Franchisee as many clean windows – particular high set windows)

#2 – Mailboxes & Fences…. plus a Street Number!

How’s your mailbox looking?  Bit old, bit tired?  Maybe it is time for a new one or if in good shape, maybe a quick coat of paint to spruce it up.  If you are getting a new mailbox, then invest in one that suits the style of your home.  The mailbox is often the first thing people see.

Consider your fence because along with the mailbox, it is often the first thing people see.  Need some repairs or a repaint?  Does your fence give a welcome feel to your home and suit the style of your home?  Consider not only the style of your home, but also the location.  If you are on a busy road, then a more sturdy, secure fence will add value to your home. 

An enclosed front yard, even with a simple fence, will always appeal as it allows a buyer to imagine their kids or pets playing in the front yard.

Consider making a driveway gate remote controlled.  Great for busy streets and also just the thought of not having to get out of the car in the rain to open the gate!

Did you know that a well numbered home will actually increase the value of your home?

Yes, get some numbers from the hardware store and add in a clear to see location (eg. your mailbox or on your fence near the gate) and it will add value.  Potential buyers will not only be able to find your house easily, but in their minds they will also be thinking that their visitors will also be able to find the house. 

If you want to go one step further, why don’t you give you home a name?  Do a little research on its history or simply make up a name.  Get a sign made up and then put it up!  You’d be surprised the emotion and story this brings to your home and how that will make it more appealing to a buyer who will WANT to pay top dollar for your home.  Add it to your porch wall next to the front door.

#3 – Carports and Car Parking Space

If you have no car parking on your property, but have room to add it, then add it!  Buyers love to get their cars off the street.  You don’t have to go to the full expense of a garage.  Carports are relatively cheap and pre-fabricated and with a simple slab of concrete, there you go, car parking with shelter.  Consider putting a roller door on a new or existing carport for an open garage.  Simple and cost effective but will add value.

If you have a garage, does it need a spruce up?  Maybe a new roller door? 

Got space for extra parking?  If you find yourself with the luxury of a larger house lot, then maybe add a simple concrete slab to allow for extra car parking.  This won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by a buyer and certainly will add value.  If it is the right sort of space and a family home, paint on some basketball lines and add a hoop… parking and kids entertainment in one!

#4 – Low Maintenance Garden

As everyone is getting busier, they want the look of a lovely front garden, but many people don’t want to spend their weekend tinkering in the garden to keep it looking lovely.  Go for plants that are easy care.  Don’t think you need colour in a garden to appeal to a potential buyer, green is a colour everyone loves.  If selling, an easy care way to add colour is to add potted flowers.

You might not need to do anything to your garden other than to give it a good trim and add some new mulch to give it a great look and feel.  Adding some simple garden edging will give it a well maintained feel. 

Keeping the lawn mowed may seem like a simple statement, but look around and you will see that this may seem obvious, but not always done.  If you have a few bare patches in your grass, consider reseeding those sections or if the grass never grows, then maybe time to plant a small tree.  If selling, potential buyers will look at the neighbour’s homes, so do a good deed and mow your neighbour’s lawn too.  Good deed = increased value for you.

When looking at your garden, don’t forget to consider some lighting.  It could be some solar powered lights along your path, lights near the gate or even a few ‘mood’ lights within the garden.  Not only do they add a little ambience to your home, they are also great for security or simply making it to the front door in the dark. 

Don’t forget some motion detection lights at the front door and near the garage are great for simply coming home, but also great security.  Things that all new home buyers look for and will continue to add appeal and value to your home.

#5 – Time to Paint?

Even though this can be a bigger investment, hands down, paint is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

If you’re not sure if you want to invest in a total repaint, then consider simply repainting your fence and the trims of your home as just this will make a great deal of difference. 

Another one is to simply repaint your front door.  Even though we love red at Gutter-Vac, that doesn’t mean you should paint your front door that colour.  Tie it into your current home colour.  Contrast works well.  A white home with a black door and trim can look spectacular and give your home a real ‘pop’ and it isn’t even using any colour at all. 

Not sure on colour?  Simply take a walk around your neighbourhood.  Consider the style of your home and look to see what others have done.  You want a colour that will pop out and look fresh and appealing, but it should also suit the style of your home and not be polarising to a potential buyer.  Clean, fresh and traditional colours work the best.

#6 – Fix and Repair

Take a good look around and fix and repair anything you can see.  Do your windows shut properly?  Does the gate or front door squeak?  Cracks in paths or tiles?  Hand rails that need tightening? 

You might be amazed at how much just a fix and repair will add value to your home.  Not just from the look and feel, but for the peace of mind for a potential buyer. 

Walk across the street and look at your home from a distance.  Is anything not secured, not straight, cracked, broken or needs a paint?  Then walk through your front yard to your home and look for anything and everything.  Open and close every gate, door and window.  Look down but remember to also look up.  Get a second set of eyes as they may see something that you miss. 

So that’s a wrap!

What could you do to improve the value and appeal of your home for potential buyers or maybe simply to increase the value of your home whether or not you are planning to sell.

If you need a hand with some of these items then please simply request a quote or call your local franchisee on 1300 654 253.

Why Vacuum Clean Gutters in Mackay?

Many customers ask us why we vacuum clean gutters rather than just doing it by hand.

Well, let us tell you why!

Firstly, cleaning by hand is actually not very effective when cleaning your gutters.  Sure, you will get out a lot of the leafy matter, but that is not usually the problem in your gutters.  It is the mud or what we call the sludge that sits in the bottom of the gutters that is the big problem.  As the leafy matter breaks down, combined with what the weather drops into your gutters, it builds up to a sludge that sits along the bottom of your gutters.

Not only can this sludge build up in a way that it will block your gutters and downpipes, but it is also the culprit that will begin the rusting process of your gutters, shortening the life of your gutters.

If you try to clean out this sludge by hand, all that happens is you leave a very big – muddy – mess behind!

Vacuum cleaning is not only effective, it is efficient and safe.  Balancing on a ladder whilst you are trying to scoop out muddy sludge is never safe.  We are fully safety trained and insured to work from your roof to clean you gutters effectively, efficiently and safely.

So if you are wondering when the last time you cleaned your gutters, then maybe now is a great time to give us a call to give you a complimentary quote…… Call Keith on 1300 654 253 (local call) or email us at mackay@guttervac.com.au

Top Tips You Need to Know When Painting Your Home

You would be surprised to know the number one tip before going ahead with painting your house.

Put simply, start with cleaning the gutters!

It may sound like an easy task to tick off on your to-do list, but you would be surprised at the number of times it is overlooked.

Every painter will attest that cleaning your gutter and roof will make all the difference between a good paint job and a bad one. It is critical to clean your gutters before beautifying your home, as otherwise all the hard work will go to waste.

Not to mention, the cost will escalate if your gutter and roof cleaning is not completed first. Even if you are undertaking a DIY job, peeling and flaking on a new paint job is an enormous headache that can be easily avoided. 

To ensure you are prepared for exterior painting we have compiled the following points to note:

You may be familiar with the saying, ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. Most painting is in fact prep work. After the initial assessment, the painter, (or the DIYer), will need to start by sanding the surface. This ensures a smooth, consistent finish. If it is a particularly damaged surface or has deeply ingrained dirt, water pressure cleaning is recommended. Check that the gutters are not severely damaged or extremely rust-ridden before conducting a water pressure clean as this may cause further damage. Your gutters may need replacing in this instance.

If minor surface rust is apparent, it is best to give the area a good sanding. This will prevent the surface rust from eating further into the metal. Then apply two coats of rust proof converter. This step can be omitted though if you regularly maintain your roof and gutters. Next, apply a high quality metal primer before applying your exterior paint.

Selecting your colour scheme is an important factor to consider. The right colour scheme can do wonders aesthetically, and increase the market value of your home. Paint equals profit. Working out colour schemes is an art in itself. It is always beneficial to talk to a professional colour consultant to get a helping hand when it comes to creating a suitable look for your home. It may also be easier or harder to detect dirt and grime, depending on your chosen colours.

So after the prep work is complete, when and where is best to start painting?

Professional tradespeople recommend systematically starting at the roof and gutter before working your way down. Then, move on to the fascia and eaves. Next, move your way onto the walls/weatherboards of your home. Lastly, attend to the window trims. Remember to keep the windows open during this process to ensure thorough drying. 

A good time to start painting is early morning or in the afternoon when the temperature is cooler. If you are a DIYer you will especially notice the paint will be more difficult to apply if attempting to work in the midday heat.

To emphasise…preparation is vital. After the paintwork is complete – timely maintenance is key. Clogged gutters will ultimately overflow and ruin your newly refreshed exterior. Further, Brisbane has a variety of bird and bat species. Did you know bird and bat droppings are commonly found in neglected gutters? The chemicals produced in animal droppings are major culprits of paint corrosion. However, regular cleans will put a halt to grumbling gutters and protect your paint for years to come.