How to Get Your Property Ready For Sale.

Selling your house soon? Selling a property and moving is rated as one of life’s most stressful times. In fact, statistics say it’s up there with divorce and Christmas. It can be particularly daunting if you are selling your house for the first time and new to the whole experience.  In light of this, we have compiled some insights and actionable steps you can put into practice to attract potential buyers and land you the best deal.


Don’t underestimate the value of street appeal. Fixing small things such as repairing a broken gate makes such an enormous difference. They say you can’t redo a first impression, and you don’t want to put off the buyer before they even walk in. Create a lush outdoor look for your garden and lawn areas. Simple things such as re mulching and tree trimming can give the outside area a serious spruce. If you have any water features or a pool, make sure they are in sparkling condition. Take care to fix up any small pavement problems or trip hazards also. For the interior, consider freshening up with a repaint if chips and damage are apparent. Likewise, potential buyers will notice the floors. If you have worn–out carpet and rugs, you may want to get them professionally cleaned. If it’s too far gone replace it, or remove it completely if you have nice floorboards you can showcase. Check all light bulbs are in working order.


The key here is to make your home feel warm and inviting without it feeling overly personalised to you. This is so the potential buyers can easily envisage making it their own home. Excess clutter, and personalised items such as family photos and memorabilia are distracting, and best hidden from view. Buyers do open cupboards. Think of it as a good excuse to do some spring cleaning and maybe a garage sale. If you have excess equipment you choose to keep but are limited with storage, consider a short-term storage shed option.


The kitchen is often the focal point of your home, where family and friends gather to enjoy meals together. It is a big selling point. Aim to get your kitchen and bathrooms in pristine condition with a deep clean. Consider upgrading the covers of your light switches and power points. Remove mould and get shower screens up to scratch. Clean window furnishings and check they are intact. Ensure there are no offensive odours lingering, as this can be very discouraging to the buyer.  

Clean gutters

It’s not a good look for buyers to be greeted first up by twigs and leaves in overflowing gutters.  Keep in mind leaking gutters will be especially obvious if it happens to be raining at the time of inspection. While showing your gutters some TLC, it is also an opportune time to check for any damage.

Leaks or a damaged roof will be pulled up during the pre purchase building inspection. So will termites. You don’t want to add a family of termites to your listing. Take preventative measures by cutting back foliage and ensuring distance between the garden and building structures. Being proactive with your maintenance instills confidence that a potential sale and contract isn’t going to fall through.

In reality it is all the little things that add up and make such a huge difference to the value of your home.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would love to help you make your house sparkle.

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