Home Maintenance Tips for Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall, then it is time to do a few things around your home to not only maintain your home in good condition, but in Autumn, a few of your maintenance items are also for your safety.  At Gutter-Vac we take safety seriously, so we hope you find this “checklist” helpful to keeping your home and family safe.

  • Smoke detectors – Autumn is a good reminder, especially at the end of daylight savings time, to give your smoke detectors a check to ensure in working order and to change the batteries.  Such a simple task that we often forget (where has the year gone!), but something that will keep your family safe in case of a fire.  If you have a fire extinguisher, now is a good time to get it checked to keep it in working order.
  • Trim Trees and Branches – Before the winter weather hits, Autumn is a good time to check any trees or branches that may be dead or dying and will fall off in a small storm.  Also look for branches that are close to your home that need some trimming.  Such a simple tip, but will also potentially save expensive damage during a storm.
  • Inspect walkways, stairs, railings, driveways, etc. – Before the winter rains come, do a thorough inspection for potential slip hazards.  Check there isn’t oil or mould on surfaces that if wet, would create slippery surfaces.  Remember to also check for loose railings and uneven surfaces that need to be repaired.
  • Seal gaps and draughts – Check seals on doors and windows for draughts because not only will they let in the cold air, they will also increase your energy bills over the colder months.  Make sure you also check for gaps where possible critters and pests could find a way in and set up camp for Autumn and Winter.  Getting an annual pest inspection would also be a good idea at this time.
  • Check Heating – No matter what sort of heating source you use, Autumn is the time to check it.  Get your chimney or flue cleaned (we can help you with that).  If you have an electric or gas heater, get it serviced and checked that it is in good working order.  This is not only for efficiency, but also your safety as many home fires begin from the heater.
  • Clean Gutters – well, we couldn’t have a list without this item on it, right?  Many people believe to wait until all the leaves have fallen to have gutters cleaned, but it is actually a good idea to clean at the start of Autumn so that you can clean out all the old leaves that have broken down into a mud like sludge in the bottom of your gutters which is what really causes the problems and blockages in your gutters, that with rain, can potentially cause water damage to your property.

So as the leaves change colours and begin to fall, Autumn is also the time to make a few inspections around your home and a few ‘to dos’ to ensure the maintenance and safety of your home. 

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