Office View while Gutter Cleaning at Mandurama NSW

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Office View while Gutter Cleaning at Mandurama NSW

Gutter-Vac Central West NSW covers a wide area of the Central Western NSW. We headed out to Mandurama where we were able to enjoy the sunshine from our Roof Top View, the last time we visited this property there was snow on the mountain tops. We scheludled a number of jobs on this trip starting at Mandurama at the Hilton Homestead B&B and a couple of private residences. Making stops on our way back at Carcoar for a flue Clean and then Blayney to complete a number of PMP’s in the town ship.

The Hilton Homestead B&B

When you choose to use Gutter-Vac you know you will get a professional clean, as we have a unique vacuum system that allows us to suck up mud, sludge, water, wet and dry debris, and we take it all away with us!

All our Gutter-Vac technicians are trained at working at heights and have the latest safety gear to use, we are covered by all the right insurances.

When we arrive at each and every job the site is assessed to how the work will be carried out. Taking into consideration the roof structure and pitch, roofing material, also including the weather at the time. The Gutter-vac Team are able to either work from the roof or use a Ground Worker Kit to complete the Gutter Clean.

At Gutter-Vac Central West we also provide all our clients with before and after photos. These photos also include any broken structures or further repair work that is required to be carried out. We supply these photos as part of the Gutter-Vac Service. This takes the worry out of our clients as they don’t need to get up on the roof to check the work.

Before and After Gutter Clean photos

So for your next gutter clean give Gutter-Vac a call. You will not only receive a great hassle free service, you will be also supporting an Australian Small Business.  Call 1300 654 253 or

Thinking of Installing Gutter Guard

If you need to install gutter guard there are a few things you might like to think about.

The cost of installation. A fixed gutter guard will be the most expensive product to install. There are other products on the market that are much cheaper, for example Gutter Flow. You could use the even cheaper options of the softer plastic products available but you would be wasting your time and money.

Cleaning gutters after the installation. Be sure to find out how much it will cost when needing to clean the gutters in the future, after you have installed a product. Usually fixed guards attract around four times the cost of cleaning your gutters and a push in plastic guard can be two and a half times a clean. With Gutter Flow, the cost is minimal with a gutter clean.

Council Regulations. Are you required to install ember guard in your area? Ember guards need to be a non combustible product and have certain gauge sized hole. But of course none of this will matter if you still have debris sitting on top of the ember guard. Again, gutter cleaning is required.

Please remember that whatever product you use, you will have to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Having gutter guard installed and never having to clean them again is a Myth.

If you would like a free quote please call Gutter-Vac Tasmania 1300 654 253

Look What Lives Under Gutter Guard

We recently removed gutter guard from a house in Kingston, Hobart and found a small eco system growing in the gutter. Unfortunately gutter guard does not mean never getting your gutters cleaned again. Here is a prime example of what can grow in the gutter under the guard.

The environment is dark and damp, the perfect spot for moss to live. The moss attaches itself to the tiles and will get thicker and thicker creating a possible blockage situation.

We have seen jobs where the moss has grown up between the roof and the guard, making it impossible to remove without destroying the gutter guard. Or like the photo below, we removed the guard completely and had to thoroughly clean it before re installing.

Guard removed, showing the moss that was underneath.

You can now see why it costs four to five times the price of a normal gutter clean. The time spent removing, cleaning and re installing can be considerable. Then we have other factors to consider such as height and the pitch of the roof. There also may be cleaning to do on top of the guard before we even start the work.

Please consider all your options prior to installing a fixed gutter guard. Gutter-Vac Tasmania have solutions for you. Give us a call, 1300 654 253 or email and we can help you to make an informed decision about your gutters.

Cygnet Gutter Cleaning Customer Happy With The End Result

“Great company to deal with from beginning to end. Before and after photos of your dirty gutters full of leaves and mud to clean sparkling gutters was great. Also love the innovative gutter guard system that rats don’t like and is also a fire retardant. I will definitely be following up on the recommended annual gutter clean that will now be a simple cleaning process.”

Maeve of Cygnet, Tas

Maeve has lots of trees around her house so she decided to install a gutter guard. She used our product, Gutter Flow.

It is easy to remove, clean the gutters and then re-install each time a gutter clean is required. It is also a more cost effective product as metal gutter guards would impose a cost of four times the normal clean.

Maeve realises the value in having a gutter clean each year. Not only will it prolong the life of her gutters and roof but it will prolong the life of the gutter guard too. We have a maintenance program which will send her a reminder each year.

Set and forget…

We will do the remembering for her. She will receive an email or phone call from us as a reminder each time and a date can be booked and the gutter clean carried out. Then set and forget until the next year.

There is no obligation with this service. It is a free service that Gutter-Vac Tasmania offers you.

Nubeena Customer Happy With Their Gutter Cleaning Service

“Thanks Chris & Therese we are so pleased to be able to use your service once again. Everything we asked for has been carried out with courtesy & professionally. Ken & Irene Cowell”

Ken & Irene Cowell, Nubeena Tasmania

Another repeat customer. They used to live else where in Hobart and we cleaned their gutters on a regular basis.

They had problems with birds in their new home. We were able to clean the gutters of debris, lift a sheet of roofing to access nesting material and then install gutter guard for bird proofing.

Thank you Ken and Irene for using Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

The Results of Gutter Flow After One Year

A property in Taroona, Hobart, had a gutter clean and gutter flow installed one year ago. They have gum trees all around and have debris in the gutters and the valleys.

By installing gutter flow, they have reduced their gutter cleans to an annual clean. If there was no gutter flow it would be expected that they would need to clean the gutters six monthly.

The gutters at their annual clean

The benefits of a six-monthly gutter clean;

  • Clean gutter every six months, minimises any blockages and therefore overflow issues
  • The corrosive sludge is removed twice a year, which prolongs he life of your gutters
  • The valleys and roof area with debris will look neater and keep these areas from deteriorating faster, due to debris decomposing

The benefits of Gutter flow and an annual clean;

  • Clean gutters every 12 months
  • The corrosive sludge removed every year
  • The gutter flow will prevent blockages from occurring
  • An annual clean will not only prolong the life of your gutter but that of the gutter flow

Think you need gutter flow?

Please call for a free quote, ph 1300 654 253

Why Gutter-Flow is a great option as a gutter guard for your gutters

In the gutter business, we get asked all the time what we would recommend as a gutter guard.  We took a lot of time to discover the best way to give you gutter prevention, but at the same time still make it easy to access the gutter for regular cleaning.

This is probably the biggest myth with gutter guards – that once in place you never have to clean your gutters.  This simply is not true.  Even with a gutter guard, seeds, dirt, dust and broken down leafy debris can enter your gutters.  With the moisture available, this is the perfect place for seeds to germinate and grow.  We often find massive plants and almost mini trees growing from gutters and through the gutter guard in place.

Even with a gutter guard, you need to clean your gutters because the gutter guard will protect your gutters from the large debris, but not the small stuff.

For this reason, we use Gutter-Flow.  It is quick and easy to install, it does the job of protecting your gutters.  Vermin do not like it because of the bristles in their face makes them uncomfortable so Gutter-Flow keeps them away.  The biggest benefit is that it is easy to remove to clean the gutters and then easily re-installed.  If you have a fixed gutter guard, it will generally increase your price to have your gutters cleaned by 2!  Yes, double the price because it will take just as long (if not longer) to remove the gutter guard for cleaning and then to re-install it.  With Gutter-Flow, it is an easy removal and re-install that will not add to your gutter cleaning price.

Have a look at this video explaining why you need to use an easy to remove gutter guard and if you’d like a quote on having Gutter-Flow installed on your building, then please give us a call at 1300 654 253.

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