Why Gutter-Flow is a great option as a gutter guard for your gutters

In the gutter business, we get asked all the time what we would recommend as a gutter guard.  We took a lot of time to discover the best way to give you gutter prevention, but at the same time still make it easy to access the gutter for regular cleaning.

This is probably the biggest myth with gutter guards – that once in place you never have to clean your gutters.  This simply is not true.  Even with a gutter guard, seeds, dirt, dust and broken down leafy debris can enter your gutters.  With the moisture available, this is the perfect place for seeds to germinate and grow.  We often find massive plants and almost mini trees growing from gutters and through the gutter guard in place.

Even with a gutter guard, you need to clean your gutters because the gutter guard will protect your gutters from the large debris, but not the small stuff.

For this reason, we use Gutter-Flow.  It is quick and easy to install, it does the job of protecting your gutters.  Vermin do not like it because of the bristles in their face makes them uncomfortable so Gutter-Flow keeps them away.  The biggest benefit is that it is easy to remove to clean the gutters and then easily re-installed.  If you have a fixed gutter guard, it will generally increase your price to have your gutters cleaned by 2!  Yes, double the price because it will take just as long (if not longer) to remove the gutter guard for cleaning and then to re-install it.  With Gutter-Flow, it is an easy removal and re-install that will not add to your gutter cleaning price.

Have a look at this video explaining why you need to use an easy to remove gutter guard and if you’d like a quote on having Gutter-Flow installed on your building, then please give us a call at 1300 654 253.

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