Look What Lives Under Gutter Guard

We recently removed gutter guard from a house in Kingston, Hobart and found a small eco system growing in the gutter. Unfortunately gutter guard does not mean never getting your gutters cleaned again. Here is a prime example of what can grow in the gutter under the guard.

The environment is dark and damp, the perfect spot for moss to live. The moss attaches itself to the tiles and will get thicker and thicker creating a possible blockage situation.

We have seen jobs where the moss has grown up between the roof and the guard, making it impossible to remove without destroying the gutter guard. Or like the photo below, we removed the guard completely and had to thoroughly clean it before re installing.

Guard removed, showing the moss that was underneath.

You can now see why it costs four to five times the price of a normal gutter clean. The time spent removing, cleaning and re installing can be considerable. Then we have other factors to consider such as height and the pitch of the roof. There also may be cleaning to do on top of the guard before we even start the work.

Please consider all your options prior to installing a fixed gutter guard. Gutter-Vac Tasmania have solutions for you. Give us a call, 1300 654 253 or email tasmania@guttervac.com.au and we can help you to make an informed decision about your gutters.

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