Regular Gutter Cleaning Can Prevent Rust Holes

Gutter clean Hobart

We started cleaning these residential gutters in 2017. When we came back the following year to complete the annual gutter clean, we noticed a small rust hole forming. It was mentioned in our report that approximately  one metre of gutter at the end near the down pipe has surface rust with a hole forming. This metre of gutter could be replaced as the rest of the gutter run is in good order.

Upon returning for the annual gutter clean in 2021, the hole was even bigger in the rear of the gutter. Rust holes can occur when debris sits in and around the gutters all year round. When the debris is thick and heavy and mostly wet all year round, if there is the slightest bit of rust it will get worse. The leaf matter in the gutters is corrosive and with the dampness of the debris, adds to the deterioration.

Gutter clean Hobart

The following photos show how bad the state of the gutters are due to the rust holes.

Regular gutter cleaning will aide in the prevention of deteriorating gutters.  Gutter-Vac Tasmania provides condition reports on the gutters and roof of each job we complete. Our clients are able to use our findings to carry out preventative maintenance on their properties.

If the gutter has surface rust and no holes, a kill rust paint can be applied to stop the rust. But if small holes are present, a bitumen paint can be applied to the gutter to stop the leaks. This will give the gutter a longer life, however replacement is inevitable at some stage.

When the holes are too big, a roofing plumber can do repairs. If the repairs can be completed in the small section before major damage, it might prevent having to replace a full length of guttering.

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