Gutters Still Require Cleaning If There Are No Trees Nearby

Gutter Cleaning Lindisfarne

Did you know that even with no trees in the vicinity you still need your gutters cleaned?

It might not be as frequent but they will collect debris that can be corrosive or that could cause blockages to occur, resulting in overflow issues.

Moss loves moist and shaded areas to grow. This is why it is prevalent in guttering. Depending on the exposure to sun that the gutters receive is how fast it will likely grow.

Birds and rodents can build nests. Again another issue for blockages.

Birds and wind carry grass seed that can find it’s way to the gutters. The grass can then germinate in the mossy silt found in the gutters. You don’t know it is there until it shows it’s wispy green blades and by then it is causing blockages. Depending on the height of your roof you may never see the grass and know that it is there.

Regular gutter cleaning does not have to mean annually. We have suggested to the property below that they get us back in three to four year to clean the below gutters. We have been to some properties that would be 10 year intervals.  The majority of homes would be annual, especially if you want to prolong the life of your gutters and get your moneys worth.

Gutter cleaning Lindisfarne
Four years worth of moss and dirt accumulated.

Maintenance is always better to keep on top of and cheaper than trying to fix damage after the fact.

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