Are your gutters overflowing?

With the winter rains comes lots of calls from home owners that their gutters are overflowing.  It is pretty clear to everyone that their gutters are now full of debris, blocking the gutters from doing their intended purpose of taking the rainfall landing on the roof of the property and moving it through the gutters away from the property (or into a rainwater tank).

A regular gutter clean would prevent this from happening and depending on the type of property and where the property is located (eg. do you have a lot of trees close by) that might be just once every 6 – 12 months, but just like a good insurance policy, it will protect you.

By the time your gutters are overflowing, it could be too late.  Generally, overflowing water will flow over the BACK of the gutters into your property, before the overflow over the FRONT of the gutters – the type of overflow you are more likely to see. 

Gutters are one of the ‘hidden’ maintenance items that are often overlooked by home owners because unless you are like us – obsessed by gutters – how often do you look up at your gutters?  And even if you are looking up at your gutters, how likely are you to see or know if they have debris in them or not?

Gutter cleaning is an essential property maintenance item and it is so important that it is not left off your list of items to get done.  We know that many customers often “forget” about their gutters so we even have a PMP service (Preventative Maintenance Plan) where by once we have completed your first gutter clean, we will let you know when your gutters would require their next service – depending on the environment surrounding your property and the type of gutters you have – and then we will even give you a notification when they are due.  A year can go by pretty fast and we are sure  you are not thinking every month ‘Do we need the gutters cleaned again?’.  We make it easy for you.

If you have blocked gutters that are overflowing, then don’t delay in giving us a call to clean them out.  With our specialised wet/dry vacuum system, it doesn’t matter how wet and muddy your gutters are, we will get them clean and working again for you and then we can help you out with our Preventative Maintenance Plan so you never have to remember to get your gutters cleaned again…. We do the reminder for you!

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