Gutter Clean in Margate Tasmania

Gutter Clean in Margate

We went to Margate to complete a gutter clean. We were told that there was some grass in the gutters.  I think that was an understatement to what we found.

Usually, there might be a run of gutter that has grass but this house had most of it’s gutters full of debris and grass. We removed a bale bag of grass that we hand cleaned prior to vacuum cleaning the gutters.

The grass had some reeds growing amongst it. As it had been in the gutter for some time, the roots had all matted together and we were able to pull out some quite long lengths.

Gutter Cleaning In Margate

The matted roots hold the moisture in the gutter. Leaving your gutters to grow vegetation to this magnitude will deteriorate them faster. Your gutters will rust and eventually holes occur.

There was a pine tree on the property also. The needles lay in the gutter and if not removed will compact down and decompose into a lovely material that is most agreeable for plants to grow in.

Gutter Cleaning In Margate

We have to hand clean the bulk of the pine needles first, as these have a tenancy for blocking our vacuum hoses. The end result speaks for itself.

Below are photos of the down pipe which had pine needles over the top until we removed them. A build up ha accumulated in the down pipe and the moisture over time has rusted the elbow.

Don’t leave it until it is too late. Gutters are expensive to replace. Maintain them and they will last a lot longer.

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