How gutter cleaning helps the environment

If you have read any of our blogs before, we talk about that what we really need to clean from your gutters is the sludge like mud that will sit in the bottom of your gutters.  Many people believe it is the leaves that we are vacuum cleaning out of your gutters – and we are – but we are also cleaning out this sludge. 

This sludge is a break-down of the leaves, any other matter or dirt that has fallen or blown into your gutters.  With a little rain and then birds and critters leaving droppings in your gutters that can also contain seeds, this sludge because extremely nutrient rich.  Remember also that it will capture anything that has be washed off of your roof and into your gutters.

This highly nutrient rich material can be simply washed – often over time – down through your guttering system and down your downpipes, but many people don’t think about what happens next.

This run off is then put through the storm water system and will eventually end up in our waterways. 

Imagine our waterways being contaminated with this nutrient rich matter, full of pollutions that have been washed off the roof of our homes and into the water system.

This is why gutter cleaning is actually good for the environment because when we vacuum clean your gutters we are removing all of this debris, this nutrient rich sludge so that it is not simply washed into our waterways, polluting the environment.

That’s why when you have your gutters cleaned, you are not only protecting your property from blocked gutters that could lead to disastrous water damage, but you are also helping the environment.  Feels good doesn’t it?

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