Gutter Cleaning in Tight Spots at Blackmans Bay

Gutter Cleaning in Blackmans Bay

Pergolas that share the roof guttering can sometimes be near impossible for us to clean.

But it can be done….

With a tiled roof we may be able to pull back the first run of tiles to access the gutter. Where the roof is tin, we are able to undo the first row of screws in the laserlite and lift it slightly.

The above is the amount of debris in the gutter on the other side of the house with the pergola pictured above.

Having the pergola roof run into the house gutter is not an ideal situation for three reasons;

  1. It limits access for gutter cleaning and adds to the cost of the clean due to the amount of time taken to complete the work.
  2. It is a catch point for debris to accumulate and cause blockages.
  3. The house gutter is designed to catch the water from the house roof and divert it away. When you add another roof to it, you are adding another volume of water that has to be diverted away too. While it might be fine in slight rain, it may tend to overflow in the heavy down pours because it can’t cope with the volume of water.

It may seem a great idea to utilize the roof gutter. In the long run creating the fall of the roof away from the house and into another gutter for your pergola would seem more cost effective and cause less issues with blockages and overflows.

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