**NEW: Pure Water Window Cleaning

Windows have traditionally been cleaned using a squeegee.  Which is needed because water contains small traces of dirt.  If you cleaned a window using tap water and simply let it run off, these traces are left on the glass – in the form of streaks.  A squeegee pulls the water – and therefore also the dirt – off the glass.  Therefore no streaking.

Gutter-Vac Perth is pleased to introduce is a new way – which is far better suited to modern, multi-storey building development.

We clean windows using Pure Water.  Our systems first remove all dirt from water (purifying it – hence the name).  The Pure Water is then pumped through extendable poles which reach up to the windows.  The windows are brushed to remove surface dirt/dust, then rinsed – and because there is no dirt in the water, when we rinse, the water runs off leaving no streaks.

System Benefits

The key thing that differentiates our system from traditional methods is that we don’t need to be physically within ‘squeegee reach’ of the glass. 

We can clean up to 6-storeys high – from the ground.  So buildings up to that height no longer need rope access (dangerous; expensive) nor do we need to hire expensive EWPs.  And there are actually a lot of sites where the roof isn’t suitable for rope access, and/or there’s no access for an EWP.  Meaning without our solution – there is no solution.

Summary benefits:

a. access – we can reach places others cannot

b. cost – remove need for rope access operators or EWP hire

c. safety – by largely removing the need to work from height, we’re a very safe solution

d. we clean ‘more’ – washing all window frames/surrounds as we go 

e. our hoses are 100m long – so we can park up a long way from where we need to clean

f. our pumps are whisper quiet

In addition…

Our bigger system has a boiler – so we have a hot-water option (good for stubborn stains).

We can bring water with us as we have a water tank.

Where we do need to get on a roof – we’re roof-safety trained and highly experienced.

Our systems are low pressure (bit more than tap pressure – but not dissimilar).  But we can pump into a high-pressure cleaner and transform it into a high-pressure system – useful for certain occasions, such as for customers who want us to clean ‘through’ their non-removable security screens (for example). 

We clean both residential and commercial properties.

Please give us a call on 1300 654 253.  We’d love to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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