Gutter Cleaning at Kettering

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter Cleaning View of Kettering

It is an amazing experience every time we get on a roof to complete a gutter clean and we look out over an exceptional view such as the one above.

This property is in the rural area of Kettering and requires a gutter clean annually. Maintaining an annual schedule will prolong the life of the gutters. We vacuum clean the debris and remove the corrosive sludge.

This property also has quite a number of solar panels. We check to see if a clean is required. When combining a gutter clean and solar panel clean, get a reduced rate per panel for cleaning.

Over time the build-up of grime and dust and other sources creates a film over the panels thus preventing your solar panels from yielding energy at full capacity. It could be as much as a reduction of 40% energy loss.

This inspection will also bring to your attention, cracked or broken panels, even if they don’t require a clean. So maintaining a gutter cleaning schedule will also keep an eye on your solar panels.

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